5 of the best minigames in the Minecraft Championships (MCC)

5 of the best minigames in the Minecraft Championships (MCC)

The nine minigames are the bread and butter of the Minecraft Championships. They are unique, challenging and as much fun for fans to watch as they are for competitors to play.

The Minecraft Championships (also known as “MCC”) are a series of monthly, invitation-only events organized and coordinated by The Noxcrew and Scott “Smajor” Major. The latter is primarily known for bringing together each of the ten four-player teams that make up each MCC.

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The event consists of nine minigames that have larger amounts of coins (the point measurement system) up for grabs as each minigame is played. The minigames are designed to test a variety of skills within Minecraft.

These skills can range from anything as talent-oriented as player-versus-player combat or parkour, to general skills like teamwork and memorizing crafting recipes/building formations.

The event currently has twelve minigames that coordinators choose from, but there have been several minigames that have been retired and some that are specific to certain non-canon events.

In this article, we will count down the five most beloved minigames that are currently in the second season of Minecraft Championships.

5 of the most beloved minigames of all time in Minecraft Championships Season 2

5) HIT

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HITW (“Hole In The Wall”) is a movement-based minigame that was introduced as one of the original eight minigames in the first Minecraft Championship.

The objective of the minigame is to jump through the holes in the oncoming slime block walls and be the last team standing. The walls will increase in speed over time and hit competitors from all directions, keeping them on their toes.

HITW has remained in the minigame list since the debut event for a reason. It’s a fun, competitive minigame that doesn’t require any pre-existing skills, unlike player-vs-player combat. The movement-based minigame gives teams that are not doing so well in the event a chance to catch up if they excel at movement and quick thinking.

4) Sands of time

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Sands of Time (“SOT”) is a team-based minigame that was introduced in MCC 5 on May 16, 2020. The object of the game is for teams to unlock as many dungeons as they can, collect the coins and loot inside. . and deposit your coins before the time runs out.

There are many technical aspects of SOT. If a competitor dies in the dungeon, their teammates must sacrifice coins and loot to revive them. Once teams leave the dungeon and deposit their coins, they cannot return.

The game’s timer can be refilled with sand, which can be found in limited quantities on the minigame map. If time runs out before each teammate can deposit their coins and exit the dungeon, all of their coins will be lost.

SOT is an incredibly high stakes minigame, especially during the later parts of the event. It requires a lot of communication, teamwork and parkour/kill mob skills. It has the potential to earn a lot of coins for lower ranked teams, but it can also bog down higher ranked teams if they can’t coordinate their efforts.

3) Dodge bolt

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Dodgebolt is the final activity in the Minecraft Championships. After all nine minigames have been played, the top two teams will face each other in a best-of-five bow duel.

This final minigame is the deciding factor for which team wins that particular Minecraft Championship. Naturally, it’s a high-stakes minigame that gives both teams a level playing field for a chance to win.

There have been several amazing moments over the years as competitors played Dodgebolt. Most recently, Jordan “CaptainSparklez” Maron broke his third-place curse by taking the final shot at Dodgebolt to win MCC 22.

2) air battle

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Sky Battle is a player-versus-player combat-oriented minigame that indefinitely replaced Skyblockle as of Minecraft Championship 9 on September 12, 2020.

All competitors start on a spawning island where they must collect resources and build towards the central island as the border closes in around them, killing as many as they can along the way.

Sky Battle is a minigame that is known for having more than its fair share of high tension moments. It’s a game where those who excel in player-versus-player combat will do very well, but it also has the potential to draw attention to competitors who are quick and come up with game-changing strategies at the last minute. .

For example, Tommy “TommyInnit” Simons, who isn’t particularly known for his player-versus-player combat skills, pulled off a strategy that blew up most of a team by planting vines in his tunnel in MCC 14.

1) Survival games

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Survival Games is another combat-oriented minigame that has been on the minigame list since the very first Minecraft Championship. This minigame is a timeless classic as it pits all ten teams against each other in a mad race for resources, loot, and kills.

This minigame is another one that is infamous for its many jaw-clenching, high-tension moments. Competitors who excel in player versus player combat will naturally do well in many of the head-to-head fights.

That said, there is plenty of room for players who are quick and good at strategizing to excel in survival games.

Disclaimer: This list reflects the views of the author. It’s up to the reader to decide which minigames they would personally put on this list.

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