The best weapons to upgrade ASAP

The best weapons to upgrade ASAP

A popular remake of Capcom’s acclaimed 1998 horror classic., 2019 resident evil 2 made fans of the franchise fall in love with the game all over again. Following the same plot line and setting, RE 2 it introduced new mechanics and thrills for returning players and newcomers to the series.

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As weapons will essentially keep Leon and Claire safe from those bloodthirsty, biomutant zombies, players must find and upgrade the best possible weapons if they want to survive Raccoon City. Both main characters have distinctive campaigns, and this extends to Leon and Claire having an arsenal of weapons that are unique to their story.


W-870 shotgun (Leon)

The W-870 Shotgun is a 4-barrel shotgun that deals high damage to common zombies and various advanced biomutants such as Lictors. Capable of blowing the head off any zombie, the weapon is extremely useful at close range and in close quarters, the shotgun is a must have for any player opting for the Leon game.

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The gun is in a security deposit room on the first floor on the west side of the police station, but requires an access card. The access card (Weapon Locker Card) can be found in the Art room on the second floor more on the east side. The W-870 will be behind a locked grate once players swipe the card and gain access. Players should upgrade the shotgun with the following:

  • Long Barrel – As players progress into the sewers with Ada Wong, this upgrade can be found at Kendo weapons store. The upgrade increases power and increases clip size to 8 rounds.
  • Stock: Located in the upper sewer, Treatment pool room inside a safe. The combination code can be seen on the right side of the safe. The upgrade makes it easier to shoot faster.

Lightning Falcon (Lion)

A 7-round magnum that’s perfect for blasting the undead, the Lightning Hawk is considered one of the most powerful weapons in Leon’s arsenal. The weapon devastates common zombies and is effective against boss enemy types.

To acquire the weapon, players will need to find and examine a STAR badge. It can then be used to get input to the STARS office located on the second floor of the police station. What follows is a back and forth puzzle that ends with the player acquiring the Lightning Hawk from the armory. These upgrades bring out the best in what is already an extraordinary weapon:

  • Long Barrel: Found in the Underground installation. A glass box can be seen under the stairs where players can drop their USB Badge into the box to collect this upgrade. The Long Barrel increases overall damage and reduces recoil.
  • Red dot sight: on the Workroom Located in the upper sewer, players must find the Hideaway film reel. Players can use a T-Bar crank to access the Dark room from the sewers through Underground. Once the movie is revealed, players can go back to the STARS office and check the drawer behind the desk. The red dot allows players to aim very quickly.

JMB HP3 (Claire)

The JMB Hp3 is a 15-shot pistol that is exclusive to Claire’s story. The gun is more reliable than the SLS 60 pistol Claire starts out with. The weapon also comes with a laser sight to let players know it’s time for something serious, especially during an S-Rank run.

The weapon can be found at level B1 of the Parking Garage looking at the worn key found in the box near the Shooting range. Players must then open the trunk of the police car inside the main parking area to access the weapon. The pistol can be upgraded with the following:

  • High Capacity Magazine – Located in a safe inside the waiting room on the second floor of the Police Station, the upgrade expands the magazine size capacity to 26 rounds per magazine.

GM79 grenade launcher (Claire)

Like the shotgun for Leon, the GM79 is effectively Claire’s signature weapon. The blaster can deal three types of damage (explosive, fire, acid), making it a versatile weapon against anything, even Mr.X. However, the ammunition for this weapon can be quite limited.

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The launcher can be located in a very similar way to Leon, so the player must acquire the key from the weapon card found on the Art room on the second floor and then go to the Security Deposit Room. There, the GM79 will be behind a locked grid once players have swiped the card. The weapon comes with the following upgrade:

  • Shoulder Stock: Reside in a locker within the room next to Office of the Iron Chief at level B1. The upgrade can be purchased through the access from the parking lot. The upgrade gives each shot a more stable trajectory.

resident evil 2 It is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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