Resident Evil remakes could bring the franchise full circle

Resident Evil remakes could bring the franchise full circle

Capcom seems to be on quite a roll these days as another remake of their infamous demonic resident The franchise was officially confirmed at this year’s State of Play. One of the most beloved entries in the series, Resident Evil 4 will receive the same special treatment its predecessors received and is expected to launch in early 2023. It was arguably Capcom’s biggest announcement alongside other reveals of a Resident Evil Village Port VR to special editions.


The announcement was not so much a surprise as it was a long-overdue expectation among fans, as rumors and details surrounding a Resident Evil 4 remake had been making the rounds online for years before this latest confirmation. However, it does pose a new challenge for Capcom regarding the prospect of future remakes, as there is a dwindling supply of outdated games that could use a fresh coat of paint that fans would want to see. Although there may not be an immediate problem, the studio risks turning in on itself and coming full circle with its latest entries, which include Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Y Resident Evil Village.

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Just so many Resident Evil

While there may be a variety of spin-offs and tie-in games within the demonic resident franchise, not to mention its weird relationship to the TV shows and movies, the main series actually only has 10 games. Several of these were recently released, so there is sadly no justification for a new version, like the likes of resident Evil 6 which was ported to Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One and is only a decade old since its initial release. resident bad 5 might be viable after the latest remake has hit consoles, but it was at that point in the series where critics started commenting on the diversion from traditional survival horror to a more marketable action-based game, so if a remake were to be made, it might need a complete overhaul.

Capcom may need to refocus on some of its spin-offs to demonic resident if you want to hit the brakes and give yourself a break before tackling the main series. However, one of the immediate challenges here is finding which games might warrant remaking, since while a Resident Evil Outbreak remake might work, Capcom might have a harder time selling a remake of resident evil gaiden. Another problem would be that a decent portion of some of Resident Evil The spin-offs are actually a variety of “light gun” shooters, meaning at the time they were ideal, especially when the Wii and other motion controls were the new rage, but today, it would be another hard sell. While this, of course, doesn’t rule out the potential for VR remakes for some of these titles, it once again limits gamers you can sell to considering the cost and availability of VR peripherals.

Resident Evil Endgame

So it’s unclear what Capcom plans to do after the release of its Resident Evil 4 Redo. Some assume that Capcom is actually embarking on an effort to tidy up their timeline of games to come. Resident Evil 9 Whichever form it takes, it will be able to push the franchise forward with a solid foundation to work from as part of its end game. The difficulty at this point is that the “original” demonic resident all games centered around some kind of mutating virus and undead monsters that hunted the player, but with the advent of Resident Evil 7 Y Village Capcom took a departure and instead conjured up a mutative cast idea. Current speculation points to the Resident Evil 4 redo and Resident Evil Village it will share some sort of connection, supporting the suggested convergence of both sides in a singular story.

However, Capcom may still be planning to move on and will set its sights on a resident bad 5 remake next, even despite the difficulties it could face, from deciding whether to cut Chris’ bizarre bouldering QTE hit to addressing and resolving the racial criticism it received on its initial release. Fortunately, in the meantime, he has nothing but time on his side, since Resident Evil 4 The new version won’t be out until early 2023, with more content planned alongside this ranging from Resident Evil Village DLC to more spin-offs. Still, there’s a clock ticking that Capcom will have to reconcile sooner or later, and the sooner it does, the sooner its fans can stop worrying about the cycle it’s headed for.

Resident Evil 4 Remake It will be released on March 24, 2023 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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