Resident Evil 2 (2019): All Weapons, Ranked

Resident Evil 2 (2019): All Weapons, Ranked

resident evil 2The remake of has a large arsenal of weapons for the two protagonists Leon and Claire. Some weapons are unique to each character and can only be obtained and used within that character’s specific story. resident evil 2 it doesn’t skimp on fun, as the weapons the player can find have some utility.

Whatever weapon the player has found, it should be useful against zombies, lickers, or the ever lurking tyrant of Mister X. They are sure to be a threat depending on how the player uses them and what they prioritize upgrading. Leon and Claire can go from hunted to hunters.

13 chemical flamethrower

The chemical flamethrower can be obtained during Leon’s campaign by solving the queen/king puzzle found in the sewers. What makes the chemical flamethrower such a valuable tool is that it can permanently kill Ivy-type enemies.

The chemical flamethrower is not as good against other enemies as normal zombies, but it can quickly finish off stronger enemies. However, because the flamethrower takes up two inventory slots and requires a large amount of gunpowder as ammo, it is not the highest ranked weapon.

12 Matilda pistol

As Leon’s default weapon, the Matilda holds 12 pistol bullets. Although the weapon can be upgraded, its potential never reaches the heights of other weapons.

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The Matilda is known as a relatively weak weapon, but as a starting pistol, it gets the job done. It can help stagger zombies or rip off limbs with a few shots. Ammo is easy to come by and has a range that shotguns would negate. However, players should not rely on this weapon for the late game.

eleven spark shot

The flintlock is a stun gun that can be described as Claire’s campaign version of Leon’s shotgun. It can be found on a wall in the supply storage room in the lower sewers after the player finds the King Plug.

This weapon needs to charge every shot. However, it can beef up a large amount of damage to enemies and slow them down. The weapon can be used to attack enemies and stun them so the player can ignore them and run past. Unfortunately, ammo is quite scarce, as the player will need needle cartridges, which are only found in select locations.

10 Quickdraw Army Pistol

Fans of westerns would be itching to get their hands on this pistol. Unfortunately, it can only be obtained after completing Claire’s campaign. Players will need to embark on the second stage, which is more challenging. Claire can locate him in the guard room.

This six-round revolver can fire rapid shots, with little recoil. The moderate damage dealt with each shot makes it an effective tool against hordes of zombies. However, each round must be unloaded and reloaded individually, which makes for a tiresome reload time.

9 M19 pistol

Once players complete Leon’s campaign, they can decide to embark on the terrifying adventure again, with a few differences along the way. One of those differences is the inclusion of the M19 pistol, which acts as a replacement for the Matilda pistol. It can be found in the Guardroom in Leon’s second stage.

This counterpart to Claire’s Quickdraw Army Handgun has its advantages and disadvantages. Each shot has some power, but since the weapon cannot be upgraded, it has to be reloaded over and over due to its 7-round capacity. However, it harbors a better headshot chance than Claire’s gun.

8 SLS 60 pistol

This stubby revolver can be found in Claire’s inventory at the start of her campaign. It is a 5-round revolver and has a moderately high chance to kill zombies with a single headshot due to its power. The weapon itself has a fairly slow reload time, which can be perfect for zombies that move slowly at first.

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Fortunately, the SLS can be upgraded to beef up and speed up reload time, as well as fire high powered rounds. It can become quite a deadly weapon, especially since it’s one of the first weapons available to Claire.

7 Submachine gun “MQ11”

As Claire, when the player obtains the USB Dongle, they can unlock this weapon at the Armory. With a 24-round magazine size, it can hold a large amount of ammunition. However, for new players, this SMG can be difficult to handle as it has quite a bit of recoil due to the high rate of fire.

Through upgrades, the weapon can become a killing machine, holding 50 bullets in a magazine. It’s the gun of the pros, and with the silencers attached, zombies and especially clickers won’t notice.

6 “GM79” grenade launcher

The player has two chances to get the GM79. The first is in the weapons locker at the back of the safe deposit room, after acquiring the weapon locker key card. The second chance is in the NEST Security Room. This mighty grenade launcher only has one magazine size, but it’s a lot of fun.

The GM79 can use different types of ammunition, such as flame and acid. It’s a great weapon for dealing with a group of zombies and can even hold off the terrifying Tyrant and other bosses with ease. Unfortunately, its low capacity and slow reload speed can be a burden.

5 Rocket launcher “Anti-tank rocket”

This character exclusive weapon is only available to Leon when fighting the Super Tyrant. It is a gift from Ada during one of the game’s final confrontations. It’s a shame players couldn’t get their hands on this weapon sooner, as it’s a powerhouse.

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The anti-tank rocket launcher houses four rockets, but no ammunition can be found in the game. It’s a tragedy to restrict such a powerful weapon to a boss fight, but it certainly makes fighting the Super Tyrant that much easier.

4 Machine gun

In a small room next to the record player, Claire can find the gigantic Minigun. With a 400 mag and already maxed out, the Minigun is a powerful ally against hordes of zombies. A perfect weapon to protect Sherry Birkin.

Ammo for the Minigun cannot be found in the game, which is a sad disadvantage for the weapon. However, he is an unstoppable killing machine that takes down enemies and bosses quickly.

3 Shotgun “W-870”

With Leon making his way through the RCPD, you can find the shotgun in the back of the safe deposit room. Although it requires the weapon locker key card, it is not something that players who will be exploring can miss. Alternatively, it can be found in the Security Room in NEST later in the game.

The shotgun has great power behind every shot. Upgrading the shotgun will give the weapon a lower spread, a higher amount of ammo, and a higher rate of fire and reload speed. It is a great weapon that can be used for most of Leon’s career.

two Magnum “lightning hawk”

When Leon uses the USB Dongle in the Armory, he can get the Lightning Hawk. This 7-round capacity pistol provides maximum power and accuracy, at the cost of .50 caliber ammo.

As a semi-automatic magnum pistol, the pistol is suitable for those who are always on the go. Its main downside is high recoil, but its high base damage and high critical strike chance make it one of the best weapons in the game and a great choice for battle. resident evil 2The scary villain.

1 JMB Hp3 pistol

When Claire obtains the car key, which is found in a tin storage box at the shooting range, she is able to open the trunk of a police car found in the parking garage. Here, the player can get their hands on the JMB, a 13-shot 9mm pistol.

This weapon is a marvel of firepower, especially considering the number of rounds it packs. Equipped with a laser sight and high-capacity magazine, this weapon can be a warrior. Those infected with the T-Virus or G-Virus don’t stand a chance. Similar to the SLS60, it completely dwarfs it due to its increased focus, magazine count, and fast reloads.

resident evil 2 (2019) is available for PC, PS4, Ps5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

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