Hide and Seek Codes for Creative Mode

Hide and Seek Codes for Creative Mode

Fortnite’s Creative Mode allows players to create a wide range of stunning maps that feature custom game modes, including Hide-and-Seek.

When Epic Games introduced Fortnite Creative mode back in 2018, it provided players with access to a massive sandbox mode where they could create a variety of creative games like Deathruns, classic gun games, and of course Hidea-and-Seek. .

Hide-and-Seek requires players to navigate the map in search of a hideout, while one player is designated as the seeker and must find and eliminate players who are hiding.

Here are some of the Hide-and-Seek maps and codes available in Fortnite.

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Fortnite: Maps and Hideout Codes

We’re looking for the best hide and seek codes available because there are so many amazing maps that allow for this kind of fun.

Friday the 13th

Code: 4250-7193-5946

Based on the classic horror movie, this map places players in a forest near a lake, where they must locate suitable hiding spots to avoid a killer. This map is well designed to fit the setting of the movie.

Although there are other buildings to choose from, most players will choose to stay in the forest to hide behind the surrounding trees. Hidden players must survive the time restriction to win; otherwise, the seeker can win by eliminating all remaining players.

Ruined Remains 2.0

Code: 5636-1824-2208

Ruined Remains 2.0 focuses on building magnificent landscapes with lots of hiding places, especially for the Hide-and-Seek game. Ruined Remains is a game set in an abandoned environment with a variety of regions such as baronial ruins, abandoned buildings, and access to secret labs.

Due to its size and variety, this huge map is ideal for playing hide-and-seek. This is the map for you if you are looking for a simple map that is appropriate for the game mode.

fishy mansion

Code: 0436-7111-2174

Fishy Mansion is a seaside mansion with a variety of hideout chambers, as well as the nearby beach and trails. Fatal Creations spent numerous hours creating this map, which includes hidden items that can be accessed to stay hidden.

Gathering a group of friends and playing hide and seek in Fishy Mansion, which is available for two to 16 players, is always a good time.

mole infection

Code: 6502-2054-2717

The Call of Duty franchise helped popularize the infection. This variant of the game resembles hide-and-seek in appearance, but the players who are discovered become seekers with the task of finding the remaining hidden players.

Players will be able to hide in the many craters and structures found on the surface of the moon in this moon-based level. They must then be prepared to move as their allies are eliminated, making sure that no player knows their exact location.

game of Thrones

Code: 3442-4810-9284

This map pays homage to HBO’s Game of Thrones by allowing players to hide in some of the show’s most well-known locations. From King’s Landing to Citadel, XFightor has faithfully recreated many of the show’s plots and settings.

While the game mode area is designed for larger groups of players, even small groups can view the map and admire the intricately created structures.


Code: 8996-3387-5636

Rypekk created a swampy terrain complete with a variety of cover structures. As he progresses through dilapidated houses and swampy beds surrounded by trees and plants, the map successfully reflects the concept of him in terms of aesthetics.

The way lighting is used on this map results in some areas providing additional cover with their shadows, while others remain hidden. This is the best hideout map out there, and it’s well worth checking out.

Hide and seek in the modern city

Code: 7477-6379-1293

This map resembles a modern city, with cars lining the streets alongside tall structures. Players will be able to use their parkour and hide-and-seek skills to take advantage of the various stages. With all the new protection possibilities available, players will have plenty of places to hide from seekers in this level.

This is one of the most popular Fortnite creative modes because it involves more than one person and is ideal for a group of players to play together.

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