Top 10 Minecraft 1.19 Xbox Seeds You Must Try

Top 10 Minecraft 1.19 Xbox Seeds You Must Try

There are countless Minecraft seeds for you to explore, we’ll help you narrow down your options to a few of the best minecraft seeds 1.19 xbox one. Now that Minecraft is available on Xbox One Game Pass, there’s no better time to jump in and start playing with all the unique experiences the game has to offer.

Best Minecraft Seeds 1.19 Xbox

1. Mountain Ring Stadium

Seed: 8624896

If you are looking for a Minecraft seed that will give you a kind of natural arena for you and your friends to duke it out with, then this is the one for you.

You’ll find a couple of nearby villages, two raider outposts, and even a ruined portal to boot. The Ringed Mountain Wilderness Area is a perfect little setting for all your Hunger Games and multiplayer fun with friends. Also, those towns and outposts are great for supplies.

2. Stranded Shipwreck

Seed: 1658862529

The best thing about Minecraft is the random wonders and mysterious things you’ll find as you search for diamonds, netherite, and all kinds of materials in the world of blocks. This Xbox One Minecraft seed makes it incredibly easy to find a really cool beached shipwreck.

On top of that, if you venture to coordinates -2711, 62, 2833, you’ll find two ocean monuments right next to each other!

You can get there by visiting -3912, 64, 3744 and marvel at its beauty.

3. Woodland Mansion Inside the Mountain

Seed: 4940937114310567908

Do you know what types of fancy homes are cool? The ones built on the side of a picturesque mountain, surrounded by huge mushrooms, and it just so happens this minecraft xbox one seed can give you exactly that.

Found at coordinates -467, 105, -4837, it is one of the prettiest wooded mansions we have found. There’s also a mine nearby and a nice body of water, making it a perfect place to make a base.

4. Jungle Temple, Jungle Biome, and Lush Cave

Seed: 708126700

To mix things up a bit, here’s a seed that takes you right into the heart of a jungle biome. Conveniently nearby, you’ll find a jungle village and temple that you can follow and explore. Venture a little further and you can find an entrance to a lush cave.

If you’re looking for a Minecraft Xbox One Seed to help you get in touch with nature, few can match this one.

5. Tunnel straight into deep darkness

Seed: 2625094755235955149

If you want to explore the Deep Dark but don’t want to mess around with cheats or spend hours upon hours mining, then this seed it is perfect.

It drops you right at the top of a tunnel that winds its way underground and leads you straight into deep darkness.

6. The best windswept seed

Seed: 1001

If you’re looking for a Minecraft Xbox seed that will take you right into the heart of stunning scenery, then look no further. this seed it has an amazing windswept forest and a mega taiga in the water that is in -1690, -1860, and much more windswept terrain.

That’s not enough? There is also an ice spike village at -1540, -880 and a lush cave with an exposed mine shaft at -96, -576. This is truly a treasure trove of blocky beauty.

7. Wild Woodland Mansion with Nearby Town

Seed: 37021689

A seed Worthy of some sort of Minecraft Seed Hall of Fame! He has a mansion right in the middle of a town, where the roads from the town lead to the mansion itself. A villager even has his own house set up inside the mansion. Oh, and there’s also a wheat farm embedded in the mansion, making it a very convenient food source if you choose to make it your home.

Top that off with a fountain and golem in a hole, a house deep underground, and a dilapidated nether portal and you’ve got yourself a great location.

8. Floating Island

Seed: 8624896

Ever wanted to build yourself a castle in the sky with a cold waterfall of lava pouring out the side? Well, this floating island Minecraft Xbox One seed is definitely worth checking out.

The mass is large enough to form a solid foundation for a castle that floats in the sky. A waterfall of lava can be seen spewing from the side, and there are even several villages near the spawn to boot.

9. Starter Island with the most biomes, lush, stalactite caves, and a large, deep, dark biome

Seed: 5890542

Another excellent find that makes it a really interesting island to start with. East Minecraft Xbox One Seed it drops you on an island that contains most of the biomes in the game, contains all types of wood (minus Mangrove), and is also located on top of the Lush and Dripstone caves for when you want to explore underground.

There are also five towns on the island itself, with several others dotted along the coastline of the surrounding land masses. To top it off, you’ll also find a deep, dark biome that includes an ancient city lurking just below the main starting island too!

10. Huge lake surrounded by mountains and Badland forests

Seed: 11464761745

Rounding out our list of the best Minecraft 1.19 Xbox One seeds is this one. beautifull which features a lake surrounded by badland mountains on one side and a dense forest area on the other. It can be found at these coordinates: 2110, 64, -390

It is a perfect place for those who want to build a bit in a picturesque area, so they can relax and admire the scenery after a long day exploring ancient cities and fortresses.

There you have it guys! Our list for best minecraft xbox one seeds! If you have any you’d like to suggest, please do so below. We want to hear from you Xbox One Minecraft fans about the best experiences you’ve come across. To learn more about Minecraft, check out our latest content.

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