Things the game needs to improve

Things the game needs to improve

call of duty: war zone is one of the most successful Battle Royale style games of all time. Attracting millions of gamers during its four-year lifespan, war zone offered players a free-to-play Battle Royale with the snappy and responsive controls of Obligations. It was accessible on all major platforms except Nintendo Switch, and the addition of cross-play ensured a wide player base no matter what. war zone he did a lot of things right, and his popularity reflects that.

With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022) on the horizon, players expect more details on war zone 2 A map has already been released for the public to see, and fans are already discussing how good the map will be compared to Verdansk. Many players agree that Verdansk was a pretty mediocre battle royale map. Players are expecting a unique map this time around, and there are plenty of other ways the developers of war zone 2 can take to improve the long-awaited sequel.


10 Improve scaling/vaulting of natural environments

In a game that demands precision, good positioning and a good knowledge of the map to win, Call of Duty Warzone players hate dying to things that are out of their control. A repeat offender was the map itself; rocks and rocky hills were the ends of many players on the verge of a great victory. Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) Y war zone he had excellent movement options with tactical sprints, slides, and clean jumps.

When it seemed like something could be climbed or jumped over, it usually was, thanks to the games’ tight controls. Unfortunately, this rule did not apply to rocks that looked climbable. Instead, players often slid down rocks. A great improvement in quality of life war zone 2 could do would be to make these rocky areas easier to navigate on foot.

9 Console FOV Sliders

war zone generally had good customization options, especially with controller customization. However, one thing that was strangely missing was the FOV slider in the console versions of the game.

Many players think this should have been a default option for all players, but it just wasn’t there for console players. Add FOV sliders and even more accessibility options in war zone 2 it will only improve the experience and allow more players to enjoy the game.

8 Players should always have a gun

This is an improvement that some players are asking for after learning about some new movement options in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022). Various content creators with early access to the game have detailed that players can now “hold” their vault animation and hang from ledges. While in this hanging mode, players can peek around the edges and shoot enemies with a pistol if they have one equipped.

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While this will rarely be applicable in classic 6v6 multiplayer, it could make for some fun or cool clips in war zone 2. Unfortunately, if the weapon systems are like the previous title, players will only be able to carry two weapons at a time. As it is, pistols are barely a meta loadout at Call of Duty Warzone, so it’s safe to assume they won’t be very powerful in the sequel. One possible improvement is allow players to keep their default starting pistol when landing and grabbing new weapons. This would allow players to take full advantage of the new movement options.

7 Ensure vehicle balance

For months before numerous balance patches were released, vehicles in call of duty: war zone they were quite powerful, especially the huge cargo trucks. Often in solo games, the final circle was down to two or three cargo trucks driving around in a boring game of chicken.

The trucks had a lot of health, and a single ground combatant could hardly do anything against them. Hopefully developers can manage to incorporate vehicles in a fun way in war zone 2 while avoiding the final circular truck matches.

6 Change weapon balance

call of duty: war zone it went through many milestones throughout its lifespan. Some of these were more beloved than others, and some were caused by bugged weapons. However, certain weapons remained meta for years, such as the Kar98 marksman rifle. Thanks to strict skill-based matchmaking, players in the high-skill brackets were forced to use the same four weapons, as nothing less could beat other teams.

Many players are expecting big changes to weapon balance. This could mean buffing new weapons more often and nerfing others so that players are forced to use different loadouts over time. It could also mean trying to expand the meta weapons beyond three or four pistols to seven or eight, all with unique features. While war zone 2 avoid targets like the DMR-14/Mac-10 target or the buggy SP-R 208 target, most players will be satisfied.

5 Add new end screens

Almost every war zone the player has seen his character fly in the helicopter at the end of the game. It’s a great feeling, but it certainly got old. Players expect improvements to the end screen of the game. This could include new cinematics or something to show the teams watching the endgame.

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Some players want the final screen display your kills and damage below your name, and some want this information to stand out if it was the best in the 150-player lobby. Any of these changes would make winning even more satisfying.

4 Improve performance

This improvement is constantly requested in almost all types of competitive online games. Obviously, developers will never be able to match the feel of an offline LAN multiplayer game, but there is certainly some work to be done with it. war zone servers and how matchmaking is handled. Thanks to the tests of various content creators, it was discovered that the pairing on war zone it was dictated more by skill level or MMR than by ping.

Essentially, this means that a player in a high skill pool would often be placed on a server with other players with a similar MMR. This highly skilled player could be playing in New Mexico, but the server he is located on is hosted in Florida. This can be frustrating for players on both sides. Many players are hoping for better server health and more ping-focused matchmaking in the future.

3 Always do the Gulag mirror on yourself

A unique look of call of duty: war zone it was the gulag. other games like apex legends and even Fortnite had ways to respawn teammates, but war zone put a clean spin on the concept. Teammates could be “buyed back” at buy stations across the map for $4,000 in-game. However, prior to this, players would have the opportunity to fight another player in the gulag. Whoever won their gulag match could rejoin his team.

The gulag added a ton of hype to the game. Unfortunately, as the game was updated, new versions of the gulag were released. Sometimes these gulags weren’t exact mirrors, meaning one spawn had a noticeable advantage over the other. If the gulag returns (which hopefully it will) it must be ensured that the arena is as balanced as possible for both fighters.

two Easier leveling weapons

war zone it was free-to-play, which made it accessible to many players. Unfortunately, it was difficult for war zone-exclusive players to keep up with all the updates in the meta. As more weapons from different games were added, players who only played war zone fell behind in the competitive meta. Free-to-play players at high skill levels often suffered, because they were using older weapons that had spent countless hours leveling up for the previous meta.

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war zone 2 could offer a huge improvement by giving free players a way to level up weapons. It was usually easier to level weapons in normal 6v6 multiplayer, but this was not an option for free players. To make the environment more competitive, war zone 2 should allow free players to level weapons at the same rate as players with access to multiplayer.

1 Fine tuning optimization

The final but most important improvement war zone 2 can do is improving optimization. war zone It was great fun for friends to team up, but sometimes the game just didn’t work right. It crashed, lagged and froze even on good gaming PCs. This divided the teams.

If the developers of war zone 2 are capable, it would be a huge improvement for the game to actually adjust the optimization. It would allow the opportunity to bring those old teams back together.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 (2022) is scheduled to release on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Steam, and Blizzard.

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