Minecraft Wild Update Frogs Initially Ate Whole Goats

Minecraft Wild Update Frogs Initially Ate Whole Goats

The Minecraft Wild Update added frogs to the survival sandbox title, and at one point a glitch allowed the little critters to eat whole goats.

According to developer Mojang, frogs added to Minecraft in the wild update once he was able to eat a whole goat. The most recent expansion to the procedurally generated survival sandbox introduced a multitude of new features, including mangroves and the terrifying Deep Dark. the Savage Minecraft Update Frogs were also added as a new lovable mob, but at one point in development, the amphibious creatures had much more voracious appetites.

Despite its launch in 2009, Minecraft continue to enjoy regular updates from Mojang. The most recent expansion of the title, the wild update, focused on fleshing out the title’s block-based worlds by adding two robust new biomes. The new mangroves in the game are lush biomes filled with shallow water and covered in massive mangroves. A built-in chest boat helps navigate this new Minecraft biome, while the frogs give it personality and life. Meanwhile, the wild update It also added a new underground region that players can explore at their own risk. These Deep Dark cities turn Minecraft in a tense horror game, with players able to find some valuable loot if they can avoid the near-unstoppable Warden mob.

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Diary of a Mojang developer, posted on YouTube by Minecraftreveals that the frogs in the wild update once he was able to eat goats. Art director Jasper Boerstra and 3D artist Chi Wong explain that while frogs eat small slimes and magma cubes in the game, a development snapshot had a weird bug that allowed amphibious mobs to eat goats. This is an extremely amusing sight, considering the fact that frogs are much smaller than Minecraft block goats. While Boerstra points out that the frog’s huge mouth could reasonably fit on a goat, the insect was nonetheless eliminated before the wild update official release.

While the recent expansion was fairly robust, it removed features from the Savage Minecraft Update It sparked a backlash when it was released on June 7. Deep Dark and mangroves were successfully delivered, but the update did not add other promised features, such as fireflies and improved birch forest biomes. Even features that made the cut were criticized, with some Minecraft fans claim the mangroves are too empty and Deep Dark offers underwhelming rewards. The backlash has even led some gamers to call it the minor update instead.

Frogs are an adorable addition to Minecraft that help make swamps and other biomes more atmospheric. Although they currently eat slime and magma cubes, at one point the frogs were so hungry they could eat an entire goat. The bug was eventually fixed, but fans will always remember the infamous goat-eating. Minecraft old time frogs

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