How to Survive Mr. X in Resident Evil 2 Remake

How to Survive Mr. X in Resident Evil 2 Remake

resident evil 2 (2019) has just been remastered for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S along with the Resident Evil 3 Remake Y Resident Evil 7, so games now look better than ever. As a result, players can experience the horror of Mr. X chasing them through the Raccoon City Police Station in even higher quality.

Mr. X is an imposing foe with more durability than any of the other monsters Leon and Claire will face during resident evil 2. It stalks the player through the RPD and tracks them based on sound, making it a constant presence that will catch the player off guard if they are not careful. If Mr. X finds the player, he will chase after him unless he can temporarily knock him down or evade him until he looks elsewhere.


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Mr. X becomes even scarier on higher difficulties as his speed, damage, and health increase. In extreme mode, Mr. X is almost as fast as Claire and Leon at running speed, meaning that he is never far behind once he sees them. And in the event that players are able to knock him down hard, his recovery time before he gets back up isn’t very long, leaving players with only a few seconds to create some distance.

How to avoid Mr. X

Leon and Claire will first encounter Mr. X after obtaining the Club Key or the Heart Key, respectively. After this, Mr. X will patrol the RPD and attempt to hunt down the player as they continue to navigate the corridors and solve the remaining puzzles. Mr. X has distinctive footsteps that can be heard when he is nearby, and they get louder as he gets closer.. There will also be a musical signal when you see the player and a chase occurs.

When playing in assisted or normal mode, Mr. X is not too difficult to escape as his movement speed is much slower than Claire and Leon’s. Moving between rooms and breaking his line of sight is usually enough to shake him, but on Extreme difficulty, this tactic will be much harder to pull off. In hardcore, Mr. X can move at almost the same speed as the player, making running away much more difficult to pull off. A counter for Mr. X that works on any difficulty level is to hide in a room that he can’t access..

The rooms in the RPD that Mr. X cannot enter are the following:

  • Interrogation/Observation Room (1F)
  • STARS Office (2F)
  • Clock Tower (3F)
  • Dark Room (1F Save Room)
  • Rest Room (Save Room 1F)
  • Boiler Room (Save Room 1F León)
  • Chief Irons Office (2F Claire Save Room)

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Another tip for avoiding Mr. X is to learn his moves and use them against him. Mr. X is huge, but he too has slow preparation before attacking. If the player can move to the side once they see him prepare his punch attack, they will have a few valuable seconds to spend running before he starts moving again.. This will take practice, but it’s a vital trick to learn when attempting an S-Rank run. Another good way to dodge Mr. X is to go through as many doors as possible while being chased while he slows down as you go through them.

How to fight Mr. X

You can’t kill Mr. X, but that doesn’t mean bullets won’t stop him. It is not advisable to start shooting at Mr. X, as he is incredibly durable on higher difficulties and even if the player injects him with enough lead, he won’t stay on the ground for very long. However, the RPD has many narrow corridors and dead ends, so you’re likely to get cornered if a player isn’t familiar with the map layout, and facing Mr. X head-on may be the only option.

Another reason players may want to start shooting Mr. X is to get the “Hats off!” achievement that appears if the player shoots Mr. X’s hat. This isn’t hard and only requires one shot with any weapon, so trophy hunters will want to make sure to pick this one up as it’s easily missed. The best weapons to use against Mr. X are the Lightning Hawk, Grenade Launcher, and Shotgun. but as these are some of the best weapons in resident evil 2players must conserve their ammo and save it for boss fights later in the game.

Mr. X: Super Tyrant Boss Fight

When playing Leon’s campaign, Mr. X is the final boss after he ambushes Leon just as he is about to escape. This boss fight is short but tough compared to many of the others in resident evil 2 due to the lack of space provided for the player.

The battle takes place in an elevator and Mr. X has a move set that will keep players on their toes. The tyrant will hit Leon if he gets too close, or he can jump at Leon for a ranged attack.. These aren’t too hard to avoid as long as players keep their distance while shooting at the Tyrant’s heart, which is visible on the outside of his chest, at every opportunity.

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However, the only attack that is sure to kill players on their first try with this boss is Mr. X’s sweep attack. Approximately every 20 seconds, the tyrant will roar and then charge at Leon with his claw scraping the ground.. If this attack connects with Leon, he will be killed instantly.

One way to counter this move is to keep shooting at Mr. X’s heart before and during his attack, as he will be stunned if the player shoots him enough times before he reaches him. Another way to avoid it is to use the falling debris as cover. As the timer ticks down, debris from the collapsing building will fall onto the elevator and provide some cover for Leon. Mr. X has no problem getting through this debris with his charge attack, but he will stop the maneuver once he makes contact with it, so hiding behind some will quickly stop the action.

After the player has dealt enough damage and enough time has passed on the countdown, one of the other characters in the game will rescue Leon by throwing a rocket launcher at him to finish off the tyrant for good. Once this little cutscene has played out, it’s just a matter of picking up the rocket launcher and shooting Mr. X.

resident evil 2 (2019) is available for PC, PS4, Ps5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

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