How to breed pandas in Minecraft

How to breed pandas in Minecraft

To breed pandas in Minecraft, players must ensure that a specific condition is met regarding the blocks surrounding a pair of pandas.

The Panda is a rare neutral mob in Minecraft They can vary in both appearance and personality. For example, playful pandas enjoy carelessly rolling around on the ground and can even somersault from an elevated area. However, there are also lazy pandas that prefer to lie on their backs, so it is quite difficult to relocate them. Similar to real world biology, Pandas in Minecraft They possess a dominant and hidden gene, and the dominant one is visually present in the appearance and behavior of the mob. If two pandas of a different type are bred, their offspring have a chance of inheriting all four genes, with the two dominant alleles being the most likely to emerge.


Minecraft Pandas breed exclusively in the jungle, a temperate biome in the overworld characterized by dense vegetation and high humidity. While jungles can spawn next to any temperate biome, players are more likely to find a jungle next to a forest-type biome. The jungle has three variations that can spawn within or separate from the default jungle: normal, sparse, and bamboo. Pandas can spawn in any of these biome variants, but have the highest chance of spawning in the rare bamboo jungle in Minecraft.

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Once players have discovered a panda habitat within the jungle, they can raise two of the adorable creatures by feeding them bamboo. However, a necessary condition must be met before Panda playback can occur. Eight bamboo blocks must be present within a 5 block radius of the two pandas for them to spawn.

Panda Breeding in Minecraft

Panda Breeding in Minecraft

These bamboo blocks can be a vertical stem of 8 blocks or eight bamboo shoots planted in the ground. Alternatively, it can be several shorter stalks of bamboo scattered around the area. The main point is that there must be eight blocks of planted or naturally growing Bamboo in this 5 block radius; otherwise the two pandas will not create a baby in Minecraft.

Since appearance and behavior are two important aspects to consider when breeding pandas, here is a short list of the seven types of pandas in Minecraft:

  • Normal: Panda Default Appearance and Behavior
  • Aggressive: angry and bushy eyebrows | Behavior: Will become indefinitely hostile if attacked
  • Lazy: wears a smile | Behavior: Lies on his back most of the time.
  • Playful: tongue hangs out of her mouth | Behavior: loves to roll
  • Weak: watery eyes and a nostril dripping mucus | Behavior: Has less HP than normal pandas and sneezes frequently
  • Brown: rare light brown skin tint | Behavior: same as normal pandas
  • Concerned: sad eyes like a dog | Behavior: Avoids the player, refuses to eat alone, and hides during thunderstorms in Minecraft

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Minecraft is available for PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

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