Hidden mechanics added in the Vibin’ update

Hidden mechanics added in the Vibin’ update

Fortnite It looks incredibly simple to people who aren’t familiar with it, but once you dive in, you see how mechanically dense this game is. Take a look, Fortnite It seems like it’s a game about getting weapons and shooting other players to win, as simple as that. But when he actually plays Fortnitepeople discover that the game has much more to offer.

Features of this game include an intricate hunting and fishing system, destructible terrain, tons of vehicles, collectibles around the map, NPCs, and thousands of other nifty systems. Vibin’s recent update has only added more features. In fact, there is some new content that players might have missed, like the features below.


7 Slurp Bouncer Mushrooms heal when they bounce

Among all the colorful things added in this update, the Fortnite Map appears to be dealing with a fungus infection of some kind: Slurp Mushrooms, to be precise. They are everywhere in Greasy Grove, as well as in Reality Falls (near the Reality Tree). Players can climb on them, find chests on them, and use them as cover.

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Additionally, there are also smaller “bouncing” mushrooms throughout the map. Most players just use them as a way to quickly get on top of nearby structures, but because they have Slurp on them, they also heal a bit if players bounce off of them while they’re “on.” Players can tell when they are ready to be used by the bright blue glow seen on the crown of the mushroom.

6 Keep reality suckers in Legendary

The Reality Sapling Fruit system has changed the meta a bit in Fortnite, as players drop into their Saplings and start each game with epic to legendary level guns every time. Actually, there is a level above Legendary called “Mythic”, but this level only produces one fruit, and if it’s not a weapon, it’s a waste. Additionally, once the Mythic Fruit has been harvested, the tree resets to Uncommon and players must rebuild it again.

But if players don’t weed their tree while it’s on Legendary, it won’t upgrade to Mythic, meaning they can still harvest the legendary fruits. Of course, this doesn’t stop other players from weeding your tree as well, so it’s not a safe method.

5 How to use weeds to get twice the fruit

Once a Sapling is ready to move from one rarity level to the next (for example, from Uncommon to Rare), it must be “Weeded” to move up. While it may seem like common sense to weed Sapling before picking the fruit to get them to the next level, unexpectedly it’s better to weed after harvest.

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With this method, the player gets all the equipment from the lower tier and then, once the weeds have been collected, the fruit of the next rarity instantly grows on the tree. This allows them to pick six fruits from a sapling instead of three, which is also great for grinding XP.

4 Regrowing Fruit with Chug Splash and Protection Sprinklers

The last tip related to the new Reality Saplings, players can use Chug Splashes to regrow their fruit. Not many people seem to know about this yet, but it makes sense. Any container that has the lightning blue Slurp Juice (including jumping mushrooms) heals players for whatever they need most, health or shield.

Maybe the fact that Chug Splashes re-grows Reality Fruits has to do with it, maybe it’s a cheeky nod to the movie Idiocracy and the fact that they use sports drinks to water their plants, or maybe it’s just a pure coincidence. Either way, it takes around four Chug Splashes to regrow a full Sapling, so a Shield Sprinkler would be a much more efficient option.

3 Yoshi jumping on boars or wolf mounts

Fans have been requesting mounts for a long time and they are finally here. Players can now find wolves and boars around the map that, when vaulted, can be ridden. It’s the most efficient way for a lone player who dropped in Reality Falls to traverse the map (apart from maybe a Whiplash). The AI ​​of the animals is not bad either.

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There’s also a nifty little trick that some players have been grabbing mounts for exclusively, and that’s the Dismount feature. Players can launch from his Mount into the air, similar to how Mario launches Yoshi in any of the Super Mario games. When this is done, the player gains a good amount of height, making it a great tool for chasing down enemy players that are on nearby rooftops, etc.

two Loot sharks eat items

Technically, Loot Sharks are not something new added in the Season 3 Chapter 3 update. Rather, they were added in Chapter 2 Season 3 before being removed in patch 16.00. That said, they are now back, as are the geysers, and there is one aspect of these creatures that many players may not be aware of.

Looting in Battle Royale games is an integral part of the core gameplay loop and the speed at which players fall, enter a building, and loot is very important. Most of the time, players tend to grab what they need and leave a lot behind, which can actually end up giving gear to opponents following them. There is no direct way to destroy items in Fortnite, but if a player is near a body of water and can see a Loot Shark, it might be worth throwing the items they don’t want into the water. Loot Sharks like to eat items near them, and rarely die due to their huge HP pool. This makes them an effective way to dispose of unused items.

1 Storm sickness and how it works

Storm Sickness is a new mechanic added in Chapter 3 of Season 3 that has one main purpose: to stop Storm Campers. Storm Camping is a pretty big problem in Fortnite. A lot of people just ride out the storm, constantly healing themselves until almost everyone in the circle kills each other, and then they come back to try and win. It’s a legitimate strategy, but it’s a bit cowardly. Storm Sickness is supposed to discourage this. This debuff activates on players who stay in the Storm too long and constantly depletes their health by 15 until they die.

Storm Sickness is too lenient in its current state. Warnings take five to seven minutes to appear, and then an additional minute or two for the debuff to actually apply. Fortunately, it appears that the countdown to Storm Sickness continues even when a player leaves the storm, turning back on if they return to the purple zone. Once someone has the storm disease, they can’t get rid of it until the game is over.

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