Best Resident Evil Games Ranked

Best Resident Evil Games Ranked

Very few game franchises have persisted through the years like demonic resident. Since the first game launched over 25 years ago, the series has gone through multiple genre and perspective shifts, defining and reinventing the concept of survival horror, revolutionizing the third-person shooter, and making one of the biggest comebacks ever. in the history of games. This desire to reinvent itself has kept it fresh for several generations and a series of high-quality titles. So with the recent announcement of the Resident Evil 4 Remake Coming soon in 2023, we thought we’d introduce our top 10 list demonic resident ranked games.

Best Resident Evil Games: Resident Evil Zero (#10)

Resident Evil 0

The starting area of resident evil zero It is one of the strongest areas of the entire franchise, but that makes it a two-stroke game, where the promising beginning does not quite match the rest. Zero is a prequel set shortly before the events of the first game, putting you in the shoes of STARS member Rebecca Chambers and an escaped convict named Billy Coen. While previous games gave you a choice of characters, Zero sees you play as both during the story, switching between them with the press of a button to solve puzzles and manage inventory space.

This gimmick can get quite worn though, as it often leads to backtracking and cumbersome puzzle layouts, but the dynamic between the characters and the bond that forms throughout the game feels well deserved. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Zero it’s the soundtrack and the atmosphere, containing some of the most haunting tracks in the franchise and excellent use of silence for tension.

Best Resident Evil Games: Resident Evil 5 (#9)

resident bad 5

resident bad 5 had the difficult task of following Resident Evil 4, a title that massively shook up the franchise with its shift towards more action and horror that has seen it canonized as one of the best games ever made. It is fair to say that he fell short of his ancestor, taking wrong design lessons from him and following the modern military trend of the time. Beneath all the sand, though, is a proficient co-op shooter who retains enough of Resident Evil core identity to be worth a spot on this list.

saw the return of RE1 protagonist Chris Redfield and the introduction of Sheva Alomar as they were tasked with hunting down a bio-weapons dealer in West Africa, eventually leading them to OG villain Albert Wesker himself. It was specifically designed with co-op in mind, forcing players to prioritize teamwork especially in boss fights, resulting in some of the most unique encounters in the series. If you have a friend to play with, resident bad 5 It can be great, but if you’re looking for solo scares, this isn’t the entry for you.

Best Resident Evil Games: Resident Evil Code Veronica (#8)

Resident Evil Code Veronica

veronica code is an oft-forgotten entry in the franchise, releasing on a faulty console and keeping the old survival-horror format as audience tastes began to change, it didn’t perform the best compared to previous titles, but it got better. in the formula of the first three titles in many ways. While it looks like a spin-off due to the title, veronica code is a main entrance and continues the story after the events in Raccoon City, when Claire and Chris Redfield team up to take down the Umbrella Corporation.

At the time, it felt very different from previous games, and the developers deliberately tried to deviate from the US-focused design that came before it, both from a tone, story, and aesthetic standpoint. It was also the first game to get rid of pre-rendered backgrounds and static camera angles, giving it a more dynamic feel that matched the more movie-like story it wanted to present.

Best Resident Evil Games: Resident Evil Revelations (#7)

Resident Evil Code Veronica

Once numbered titles got out of hand in the early 2010s, Evil Residence Revelations provided gamers with a return to form that brought back the survival horror roots of the series. It took on an episodic format that allowed it to explore some locations and characters, but most of the story revolved around Jill Valentine exploring a ghost ship.

It showed that Capcom still had a scare flare thanks to its tense and moody atmosphere, and slow combat rewarded carefully executed shots. Resource management also bounced back thanks to low ammo and health, making evasion and scouting once again a valid tactic for dodging enemies.

Best Resident Evil Games: Resident Evil 3 Nemesis (#6)

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Despite being numbered as a main entrance, Resident Evil 3 Nemesis was the first spin-off in the franchise and the first title to venture into the more action-packed side of RE. Despite playing much the same as the first two games, it contained features like dodge and quick spin that allowed for greater mobility during enemy encounters. There were also the chosen pieces, where players would be presented with two options that would affect the rest of the game and its ending.

The main reason why RE3 is still fondly remembered is due to the main enemy: Nemesis. In the story, Nemesis was an Umbrella bioweapon that was sent to Raccoon City to kill the remaining members of STARS, thus they could not expose Umbrella’s involvement with the T-Virus. Throughout most of the game, Nemesis would follow you around, often surprising you out of nowhere and putting the player into a fight or flight mode that increased the tension of each second.

Best Resident Evil Games: Resident Evil Village (#5)

Resident Evil Village

After Resident Evil 7 return to pure survival horror, Village he came to boost the action side of the franchise again, but this time he didn’t go too far, putting him in our midpoint of the best demonic resident games. Village took the first-person perspective and puzzle design of the previous title, while also harking back to the action-horror of Resident Evil 4effectively balancing the best of both worlds.

He saw Ethan’s return while exploring a gothic castle and village in rural Romania for his daughter, eventually leading him on a quest to defeat the four local lords of the region. Enemy-wise, it’s one of the most varied in franchise history, with werewolves, vampires, and robotic mutants, and bosses like Lady Dimitrescu and Heisenberg having already become fan favorites in no time.

Best Resident Evil Games: Resident Evil 7 Biohazard (#4)

Resident Evil 7

Earlier, we mentioned that demonic resident had the best comeback in gaming history, and that’s all thanks to this title. After the disaster that was resident Evil 6, Capcom knew they needed to go back to the drawing board and reimagine the series while also returning to its survival horror roots. They settled on a first-person perspective and a modern interpretation of the classic puzzle and exploration design of the early games. To say that it worked would be an understatement.

The first hours of Resident Evil 7 may have the best moments of the entire series thanks to the focus on pure horror and the cast of terrifying characters you’ll come across. The game follows a new protagonist, Ethan, as he tries to track down his wife on a dilapidated plantation near the Louisiana swamp, but soon finds himself in the nightmare of the Baker family, driven insane by toxic mold. The patriarch of the family, Jack Baker, spends a good chunk of the early game looking for you around the house, making for an experience you’ll probably never forget.

Best Resident Evil Games: Resident Evil 4 (#3)

Resident Evil 4

Despite being one of the best action-horror games of all time, Resident Evil 4 It was in many ways the beginning of RE drop. It saw a sharp change in direction from previous games, ditching fixed camera angles and exploration and puzzle gameplay in favor of a third-person perspective and more focus on the action. Nevertheless, RE4 it still managed to retain that survival-horror identity in a few key ways, making it one of the most ambitious games in the franchise.

Combat and movement once again included tank controls and restricted player movement when aiming, forcing you to think quickly about positioning and shooting as you take on waves of intelligent Ganado enemies. The game’s story is also wild at points, with its cheesy humor and cheesy dialogue, but it still never detracts from the tension of the experience, which is best summed up in the opening village section.

Best Resident Evil Games: Resident Evil 2 Remake (#2)

Resident Evil 2 Remake

the Resident Evil 2 Remake was a huge surprise to all of us at the time of its announcement, and questions about how Capcom would retain the spirit of the original while modernizing it were justified. However, they just went and knocked it out of the park, producing a masterpiece of modern survival horror.

RE2 new version jumped back into the franchise’s third-person perspective and slowed things down, emphasizing exploration and puzzles. One of the smartest decisions in the game was to make killing zombies inconsistent, as they could require anywhere from one to ten bullets to the head, forcing you to think about when to conserve ammo and evade, and when it’s best to clear the area. It’s a wonderful recreation of a classic, and the police station is one of the strongest areas in the entire franchise.

Best Resident Evil Games: Resident Evil 1 Remake (#1)

Resident Evil 1

There was only one option to grace the number one spot on our list of the best demonic resident games, and it’s the remake of the one that started it all. Resident Evil Remake was released in 2002, and the difference six years of evolution made to the game was staggering. It perfected that old-school survival horror format, with curated, cinematic set camera angles, tanky controls, and incredible level design that constantly challenged you.

The developers took the opportunity to reimagine the original. demonic resident just as they initially envisioned it, ramping up the horror in every way, expanding the game with new stories and areas, and improving the controls. He also brought the Spencer mansion to life in vivid detail to amp up the spook factor, while contrasting its opulence with the horrors that surrounded it.

Very few games can boast of creating an atmosphere as gripping and terrifying as Resident Evil Remake, and set the standard for what a new version could be. It’s a game whose influence can be seen in every survival horror that followed, and to this day very few horror experiences can live up to its quality.

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