Where to find Allay in Minecraft 1.19 (2022 Guide)

Where to find Allay in Minecraft 1.19 (2022 Guide)

Are you looking for a new friend in Minecraft? Or do you want to automate your Minecraft farms? Whatever the case may be, if you know where to find Allay in Minecraft, you can solve most of these problems. This multifunctional mob is a giveaway from the Minecraft 1.19 update and can serve you in various ways while being cute. Fortunately, unlike most good things in the game, Allay isn’t that easy to find. That is as long as you know where to look. So, let’s skip the small talk and learn where to find and get Allay in Minecraft right away!

Locate Allay in Minecraft (2022)

We are covering unique methods to find an Allay after covering their spawn locations. If you’re just looking for the different methods to get Allay, use the table below to jump right in.

Where does Allay appear in Minecraft 1.19?

In Minecraft, the Allay mob only appears in two looting structures. These are:

  • looting posts
  • forest mansions

Both structures are home to hostile raiding mobs. So, make sure to bring the best minecraft potions for extra protection.

looting posts

Outposts are tall wooden structures that are inhabited by raiders. In some locations, outposts spawn wooden cages around them. Some of the cages are empty, while others have iron golems. But, sometimes, these cages can also generate Alloys trapped inside.

Allay near Pillager Outpost

You can easily break the wooden cages to release the Allay. The process is simple as most looters may not notice it. Even if they do, they are much easier to defeat compared to the hostile mobs in the forest mansions. You can find up to three Allays in each cage from a looting post.

forest mansions

As the name suggests, Forest Mansions are looting structures that look like full-fledged mansions and have unique rooms in them. Some of these rooms have hostile mobs in them, while others are simply there for aesthetic reasons. But the most interesting thing is that almost all the mansions in the forest generate a cage room with multiple Allay cages. You can get up to 12 Allays in each room of the cage.

Allay Cage Rooms in Woodland Mansions - Where to find Allay in Minecraft

You have to enter the mansion, avoid the hostile mobs and free the Allays. Although it is not as simple as it seems. Unlike a raider outpost, raider mobs in mansions are more diverse. Therefore, you should avoid challenging them to a fight.

In which biome does the spawn dispel?

Since Allay’s spawn depends on the hostile structures mentioned above, biomes do not affect her spawn. But you can search for some specific biomes to find the structures that might have Allays in them.

Biomes with looting posts

You can find the looting posts in the following biomes:

  • plains
  • Desert
  • Sheet
  • Taiga
  • snowy tundra
  • Snow Taiga‌*
  • Sunflower Plains‌*
  • Meadow
  • Grove
  • snowy slopes
  • jagged spikes
  • icy spikes
  • stony peaks

*only source rock

Note that raiding posts never spawn in or near villages in the Java edition. But such conditions do not apply to the Bedrock Edition.

Biomes with Woodland Mansion

Forest mansions only appear in the dark forest biome. They are rarer than looting outposts and much harder to spot as well.

Minecraft commands to find Allay

If roaming and browsing don’t work, you can also enable cheats in your world to skip the search process. Then you just have to use the following commands in your game to find the structures that spawn with Allay on them.

For Minecraft Java Edition, you can use the following commands to find Allay:

/locate structure Minecraft:Mansion


/locate structure minecraft:pillager_outpost

For Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you can use this command to find Allay:

/locate mansion


/locate looting station

To use any of these commands, you must type them in the chat section. So the game Will show you the coordinates of the nearest structure. You can travel to those coordinates or teleport in Minecraft to immediately reach the place where you can get Allay in Minecraft.

Locations to get Allay in Minecraft

And so, now you know where to find Allay in Minecraft. Be it the biome or the main structure, you can now locate Allays in Minecraft with ease. But if you feel that you are not prepared to encounter this mob, you should first head over to our Allay in Minecraft guide. He will help you understand Allay’s mechanics, behaviors, and uses. Not forgetting this isn’t the only cute new mob in the Minecraft Wild update. You can also come across frogs in Minecraft 1.19 to bring more variety to your house builds. We have a tutorial explaining how to tame and breed frogs in Minecraft. You can read the linked guide to make sure you never run out of cute and goofy frogs. Having said that, what other mob are you having a hard time finding? Tell us in the comments below!

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