How to make and activate a conduit in Minecraft

How to make and activate a conduit in Minecraft

Conduits in Minecraft are made from Nautilus shells and a sea heart. They are then activated using special blocks found in Ocean Monuments.

The Conduit is an underwater device in Minecraft which works similarly to Beacon, providing beneficial status effects to any player within its accessible vicinity. More specifically, Conduit grants nearby swimmers Conduit Power, a combo benefit that gives players water breathing, night vision, and haste. These effects allow fans to perform a variety of activities underwater. For example, players can place a Conduit at an Ocean Monument in Minecraft, allowing them to attack it without running out of oxygen. Additionally, players can harvest coral reefs or build aquatic bases with ease, thanks to the effect of Conduit Power.


To make a conduit Minecraft, players will need a Heart of the Sea and eight Nautilus Shells. The Heart of the Sea is a rare item that can only be found in buried treasure chests. To find these chests, players must uncover a treasure map buried within a shipwreck or underwater ruins. Fortunately, Hearts of the Sea has a guaranteed chance to appear in Buried Treasure. On the other hand, the Nautilus Shells are a bit more difficult to get.

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Nautilus Shells can be acquired through three methods. The first and easiest way to get them is by doing business with a random Wandering Trader, who will occasionally have five for sale for five Emeralds each. Another method is to farm Drowned, the zombie variants in Minecraft They spawn in rivers and oceans. These hostile mobs have a 3% chance to java edition and an 8% chance in Base to drop a Nautilus Shell. The third technique is fishing, whereby nautilus shells can be caught depending on the level of luck in the sea.

Crafting and Using a Conduit in Minecraft

How to make and activate a conduit in Minecraft

One time Minecraft If fans have acquired enough Nautilus Shells and the Heart of the Sea, they can craft a Conduit by placing the Heart in the center of the crafting grid, surrounded by the eight shells. However, this is only the first step in activating the Conduit. Next, players must find a random ocean monument or underwater ruins and harvest 32 Prismarine-type blocks. These blocks include:

  • prismarine
  • dark prismarine
  • Prismarine bricks
  • Sea lantern blocks

Next, to activate the Conduit, the Prismarine blocks Minecraft it must be placed around the device in a specific way. First, lay out nine blocks in a horizontal “plus sign” shape. Next, stack four blocks at the end of each side and form a cage-like figure by placing blocks at an angle around the center. Finally, cover the top and place the Conduit in the center of the structure to activate it. This form allows Conduit Power’s effect to reach a maximum radius of 96 blocks. However, it is possible to remove the 3D sides and just use a square to feed the conduit, but this shape will reduce the scope of the benefit.

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Minecraft is available for PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.

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