How to find bees and get honey, honeycomb, hives

How to find bees and get honey, honeycomb, hives

How do you find bees in Minecraft?? How do you get honey in Minecraft? And what about honeycombs and hives? In this guide, we have everything you need to know about yellow and black things, so you can make them work for you in Minecraft.

Where to find bees in Minecraft

Bees in Minecraft can be found in the meadow biome and are guaranteed to spawn here. They will be found in or around hives, attached to the side of birch or oak trees.

minecraft bees

Bees also have a chance to spawn in plains, sunflower plains, flower groves, woods, birch groves, and in birch trees.

Any of these will contain oak and birch trees that have a 5% chance of having a bee nest during the world generation. The best place to find bees in Minecraft is the Forest of Flowers as there are tons of trees and plants.

This is important because a lot of trees means a lot of spawn opportunities, while plants will help minecraft bees produce honey quickly.

Another easy way to find minecraft bees is to simply follow a house if you are about to explore the world and see one buzzing around. Bees will not do this at night, or if it is raining or snowing. It has to be a suitable climate for a bee, after all.

After a while, a bee will slowly return to its nest or hive. Just follow him and now you can get all the honey or honeycomb you are looking for.

How to raise minecraft bees

Pick up any flower and hold it by selecting it from your inventory bar. This will cause a nearby bee to follow you.

Give the flower to the bee by pressing L2/ LT/ RMB and love hearts will appear around it. Do this with another bee and now both of you will be in love mode and create a baby bee.

Bee Brood has a five-minute cooldown, so in the meantime, look to harvest some honey, find more flowers, or chop up a honeycomb while you wait.

How to get honey in Minecraft

To get honey in Minecraft, you will need to collect it from a beehive or a bee nest. These will only be ready for you to harvest once enough bees have returned to the nest with pollen.

Each hive houses three bees. Each bee will come out one at a time during the day, flying around and pollinating different flowers. When they have done this, their appearance will change and they will soon return to their hive.

Once this has happened five times, you will notice that the hive looks a bit different. It will be literally dripping with honey.

two hives on a tree in minecraft

When this happens, walk over to the hive and use a glass bottle. This will give you a bottle of honey.

What is honey used for in Minecraft?

Honey can be used to restore 6 hunger and 2.4 saturation. It even has antidote properties, meaning it will remove any Poison status effects you may have picked up on your travels.

Simply select the bottle of honey and use it to drink it.

How to get honeycomb in Minecraft

To get honeycomb in Minecraft you will need to use scissors on a honeycomb or hive. Both will drop between one and three pieces of honeycomb depending on how much honey is in the nest/hive.

It’s worth noting that using scissors on the nest or hive will make the minecraft bees hostile towards you. To prevent this from happening, use scissors with the ‘Silk Touch’ enchantment or place a fire under the nest/hive. This will keep the bees inside the hive in “cold mode” so they don’t attack you and die.

What is honeycomb used for?

Four pieces of honeycomb can be combined in Minecraft to make a honeycomb block. This is simply a decorative block that you can use to spruce up your house or even your outside environment.

However, the main use of the honeycomb in Minecraft comes in the form of making yourself another hive.

How to create a hive in Minecraft

A hive is made by combining six planks of wood with three pieces of honeycomb in the middle row of the 3×3 grid.

Then you’ll have a beehive that you can place in a tree near your house, so you never have to venture far for honey again.

That’s all you need to know about minecraft bees, how to get honey in Minecraft, and much, much more. Check out more of our guides below.

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