Call of Duty levels as controversial as any Russian

Call of Duty levels as controversial as any Russian

the Obligations The franchise has grown over time to become one of the most coveted first-person shooter IPs ever created. During their long tenure, the titles have explored many different conflicts, both real and fictional.

In the name of keeping the buzz and excitement going, the Obligations Games have historically been no stranger to controversy, with modern warfare 2s The “No Russian” mission serves as the clearest example. While “No Russian” is probably the first thing that comes to mind for long-term fans when talking about controversial missions, there are several missions that have been featured over the years that come close to being as controversial, if not more.


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Modern Warfare 2: No Russian

Considering that “No Russian” is a common reference point for controversy within Obligations, I’d be remiss not to first outline the core details of the mission, especially when comparing it to other controversial levels. As mentioned above, “No Russian” appeared during the original modern warfare 2 campaign, and has dominated the discourse surrounding the game’s story for some time, for many reasons.

In the mission, players take control of Joseph Allen, a member of the CIA and Task Force 141 who works undercover among a cell of Russian ultra-nationalist terrorists under the assumed name of Alexei Borodin. The cell is headed by a great antagonist of the original. Modern war trilogy, Vladimir Makarov.

As part of his cover, Allen is actively involved in a cell-led terrorist attack on the fictional Zakhaev International Airport in Russia. The player controls Allen as the group sweeps through the airport, indiscriminately slaughtering civilians and the resulting response forces. With Makarov being fully aware of Allen’s true identity the entire time, he shoots Allen and leaves him for dead before the group escapes, leading the Russian authorities to find the American’s body and thus, causes World War III.

While some argue that such a disturbing event was necessary to justify a large-scale conflict within the story, many believe that taking control of such an attack is too graphic. This discourse has been ongoing since the game’s release in 2009, leading No Russian to be considered the most controversial level in Cod history.

Modern Warfare 3: Family Vacation in Davis

Another mission that almost rivals “No Russian” in terms of controversy also falls within the original Modern war trilogy, that is, in MW3 Mission “Davis family vacation”. The eighth mission Modern Warfare 3 campaign, “Davis Family Vacation” is a short but largely cinematic mission showing camera footage of a family’s vacation in London.

The mission quickly takes a dark turn when a van pulls up behind the family, and Russian forces flee the van shortly before the van detonates and kills the family, also releasing deadly chemical gas. In the story, this marks the beginning of a series of chemical attacks perpetrated across Europe as part of the ongoing World War III. Like no Russian, this Obligations Players can optionally skip the mission, which lends credence to the scope of its controversial nature.

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Modern Warfare (2019): Highway of Death

The controversy is also present in the first title of the recent Modern war reboot of the series, in the 2019 campaign Modern war. The eighth mission of this campaign is called “Highway of Death”, and it takes place in the fictional Middle Eastern country of Urzikstan.

In the game, the “Road of Death” in question is a large stretch of decimated highway that is littered with the charred remains of hundreds of vehicles. It is explained during the level that the bombings were perpetrated by Russian forces in an attempt to eliminate large swathes of people escaping. The controversy surrounding this mission is mainly due to the fact that the Highway of Death is the actual name of a very similar event that occurred during the Persian Gulf War.

The real-world Highway of Death came in 1991, when Coalition forces bombed thousands of Iraqi vehicles fleeing Kuwait for Iraq. With the road in the game clearly drawing massive inspiration from this real-life conflict, even in its name, it seemed controversial to many that the blame for the incident was placed on Russia within the title, even though Russia was not directly involved in the incident. real world inspiration for the game mission.

Covert operations: USDD

walking away from the Modern war A portion of Obligationsthere are comparable amounts of controversy to be found within the covert operations game series. Arguably, most of the controversy is found during the first covert operations title, which was released in 2010.

Set in the midst of the Cold War era, a major element of covert operations The hallucinatory story concerns the brainwashing of protagonist Alex Mason, effectively turning him into a sleeper agent programmed to kill certain high-value targets. During the “USDD” level, Mason visits the US Pentagon for a top secret meeting with President John F. Kennedy.

During the mission, Mason begins to hallucinate as part of his earlier brainwashing, part of which shows him holding a gun to Kennedy’s head. Throughout the game, it is strongly hinted that Mason has been programmed to assassinate the President, with the game’s final cutscene showing video of Mason overlaid on real-life footage of the crowd during the JFK assassination, implying that Mason did, in fact, assassinate the president. President.

Since this is a murder that actually happened in the real world, many have raised concerns about how this element of covert operationsThe story is problematic and in poor taste. while many Obligations The missions survive without lingering controversy, it must be said that there have been many instances over the years that have put the franchise in a bind.

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