5 Crucial Details From The ‘Shadow Of Rose’ Trailer

5 Crucial Details From The ‘Shadow Of Rose’ Trailer

Resident Evil Village it brought a new perspective on the franchise’s lore and overall narrative, and the game’s ending left things on an interesting cliffhanger. Now that ending will finally be followed by the DLC that Capcom promised at the game’s launch. shades of pink is a new epilogue story focusing on Rose, the daughter of Ethan Winters, set 16 years after the events of the main game. The reveal trailer for shades of pink it’s packed with little details, and there are some interesting clues as to where Rose’s story could go demonic resident. We know roughly when this occurs, but exactly how it fits into the larger timeline of the RE narrative.

Is the megamycete alive?

The Megamycete is essentially a network of shared consciousnesses that creates a “world”.Capcom

the presentation for shades of pink states, “To free herself from the curse of her powers, she enters the consciousness of the Magamycete.” The only problem here, of course, is that the Megamycete was presumably killed by Ethan Winters at the end of Resident Evil Village. So how exactly does Rose enter her consciousness?

Rose was born to Moho-mutated parents and thus has a direct link to the being. Her trailer shows her interacting with canisters holding something, which closely resemble the canisters Ethan collected in the main game. Best bet is that these canisters were collected by Chris or the BSAA and contain remains of the Megamycete. Interestingly, as we learn in RE7 Y RE8, the Megamycete is a network of shared consciousness, and there is a kind of “other world” that creates the being. This other world is where the good parts of the Baker family got trapped when their bodily forms turned into hideous creatures.

The most important detail here is that this world Rose travels to may be inhabited not only by Megamycete itself, but also by other consciousnesses that are trapped within it. This means that Rose could meet a variety of “people” in the world, perhaps even Ethan himself if a part of her consciousness is still there.

the duke returns

It is still unclear who or what The Duke really is.Capcom

One of the most interesting scenes in the trailer features none other than the mysterious merchant known as The Duke. While he was an ally of Ethan’s in Village, it seems that this time he is playing the role of a villain, and is able to summon Moho-like monsters. As present as he was throughout the main game, we still know very little about the character, so it seems only fitting that we learn more about him now.

During the end of Village, Ethan questions the Duke about his true nature, to which the character replies, “Even I can’t answer that.” It’s possible that the merchant is some kind of immortal being created by Megamycete, and while he helped Ethan, it always seemed like the character was following his own agenda, and could end up being the mastermind behind something.

Similarly, another theory is that part of The Duke has been trapped in the shared consciousness of the Megamycete, but because he is “good” in the real world, it is the “evil” part of him that is trapped.

Who is Miguel?

Michael is most likely another consciousness trapped inside the Megamycete.Capcom

the trailer of shades of pink reveals that a mysterious person named Michael will help Rose as she navigates the world of Megamycete. The problem here is that there is really no indication of who this character could be or what he wants him to be. It seems that Michael knows a lot about Megamycete, as he warns Rose to go away, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a friend. Michael could be another person whose consciousness has been trapped in the world, someone we haven’t met yet. Michael could also be the unnamed character featured in the trailer, who apparently helps Rose break into the lab to steal the Megamycete.

Although this seems extremely unlikely, there is a character named Michael in the demonic resident franchise, and that’s Michael Warren, who was the last mayor of Raccoon City. Warren was responsible for the explosive growth the city experienced after he forged the deal with the Umbrella Corporation. When the Raccoon City incident occurred, Warren fled the city and took himself into the custody of the US Army, meaning he could still be alive. Again, it seems unlikely, but perhaps Michael Warren has sought redemption due to his role in Raccoon City and the events that follow?

Who is the other rose?

shades of pink already bears a striking resemblance to the Little lady episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2.Capcom

The last interesting piece of the trailer is the presence of another Rose in the Megamycete world. As we’ve already covered multiple times, this could be a part of Rose’s conscience. It could also be a copy or clone of Rose, as we know the Megamycete absorbs people to make copies of them.

There is an interesting parallel to draw here with the Little lady episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2. Little lady revolves around Natalia, a superhuman born from the t-Phobos Project, who was also used to house Alex Wesker’s consciousness for a time. the whole of itlittle lady takes place in a dreamscape, where Natalia meets a doppelganger in a black dress, just like Rose in the DLC trailer. Eventually, it is revealed that Natalia’s doppelganger is actually Alex Wesker’s conscience trying to trick her.

Even with just a short trailer, there are a lot of similarities between shades of pink Y Little lady, and even if there are no direct story connections, Capcom could be taking thematic clues. With that in mind, it seems likely that Rose’s dark doppelganger is some kind of gimmick, and could very well be the main villain.

What if Rose loses her power?

While we know “Rose” has powers, we haven’t seen them in action yet.Capcom

Resident Evil Village takes place in 2021, and shades of pink It will take place 16 years later. This is by far the furthest we’ve been on the timeline, and we still know very little about what happened in those 16 years. the epilogue of Village makes it clear that Rose is using her powers to help the BSAA combat biohazard threats, and that Chris Redfield has played some sort of caretaker role. Still, it seems like Rose really hates the way Chris and the organization use her, and the trailer for shades of pink suggests that she has been ostracized all her life.

However, things are likely not as simple as “losing” her powers, and it’s possible that if Rose loses them, someone else, like a doppelganger, will gain them. Alternatively, this could be a situation where someone tries to control Rose’s consciousness and thus her powers. This could create a new biohazard threat, or the creation of a new mold colony. We know that Chris is still a big part of Rose’s and the BSAA’s life, so it’s very likely that she will show up in some capacity, albeit much older.

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