Top 10 Netflix Original Movies and TV Shows Coming This Summer

Top 10 Netflix Original Movies and TV Shows Coming This Summer

At the beginning of this year, Netflix showcased its big original movie lineup for 2022 and some of those movies have already caused quite a stir. Director shawn levy Y Ryan Reynoldssci-fi action comedy The Adam Project was one of Netflix’s biggest releases in March and the rebel wilson-directed comedy Last year It came into service last month. On the television front, Netflix’s biggest series, including Russian doll, BridgertonY love, death and robotsreturned for new seasons and Strange things has just returned with the first half of its highly anticipated fourth season.

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Now that June has finally arrived, Netflix is ​​ready to try and dominate the summer with its very strong slate of upcoming movies and TV shows. From some star-studded original movies to great returning fan-favorite series, Netflix’s summer release is sure to please subscribers.

Hustle (Releases June 8)

Netflix is ​​kicking off its summer with a new sports drama starring Adam Sandler and a bunch of NBA stars called Hustle.

In the film, Sandler plays a former scout who discovers a talented international player (Juancho Hernangomez) while abroad and trying to get him into the NBA. Sandler has had a nice dramatic turn in his career lately and with all the NBA talent set to appear in the movie andLebron James producing alongside Sandler, Hustle could be a real watch just in time for the NBA Finals.


Halftime (Releases June 14)

Netflix’s next great original documentary, Halftimeshe is a director amanda-michellethe intimate look of Jennifer LopezEvolution of the career of .

The documentary gives fans of J-Lo an insight into the personal struggles she faces with how she’s portrayed in the media and the ups and downs of her career thus far, while also delving into her perspective on the upcoming It was from his career. It is without a doubt the music documentary of the year and one that fans will not want to miss.

spider head (Releases June 17)

Top Gun: Maverick is not the only film that comes from the director joseph kosinski this year as it is ready to debut spider heada trippy mystery thriller, on Netflix in a couple of weeks.

The film takes place in a state-of-the-art penitentiary where a visionary scientist (Chris Hemsworth) conducts mind-altering experiments on prisoners and finds a new challenge when two prisoners (mile counter, Jurnee Smollett) form a connection.spider head it looks like a wild ride with the psychological thrills and drug-induced chills it seems to provide and could show off a great villainous performance from Hemsworth.

the umbrella academy: Season 3 (Releases June 22)

The Hargreeves’ comeback is just around the corner, as the umbrella academy is scheduled to return for the third season at the end of June and its titular clan will face off against a rival academy.

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One of the biggest reveals at the end of the last season was not only that the group would face off against Sparrow Academy, a superpowered clan in an alternate timeline, but also that Ben (justin hmin) is alive here. Questions will finally be answered when the third season finally releases on June 22.

the man from toronto (Releases June 24)

Netflix recently released the first trailer for the upcoming action/comedy. the man from toronto, and it could be a huge comedy hit on the platform.

the movie sees kevin hart plays a man forced to work with a brutal killer, played by Woody Harrelson, after the two mix with each other. With a comedy duo like Hart and Harrelson at the helm and a director like patrick hughes (Hitman’s bodyguard) rudder, the man from toronto it could be a surprise hit.

the sea beast (Releases July 8)

While not much has been shown about Netflix’s big animated summer movie, the sea beastits first teaser a while ago introduced viewers to a stunningly animated world full of epic adventures.

Directed by big hero 6director and vaiana co-directorChris Williams, the sea beast sees the latest adventure of a legendary hunter altered by a young woman who befriends the monster she’s hunting. The film certainly has an epic. Disney quality and could be a fun family summer adventure on Netflix.

demonic resident (Releases July 14)

The expected Netflix demonic resident The series will finally launch next month, and its latest trailer promised a scientific family drama and blood-fed carnage.

The series is divided into two timelines, one of which follows the efforts of Umbrella scientist Albert Wesker (lance reddick) and his daughters, while the other timeline takes viewers into a horror-filled zombie apocalypse. Will it be enough to please? demonic resident fans who have already suffered from failed adaptations in the past? With a drastic departure from the lore of the game, who knows.

the gray man (Releases July 22)

The biggest blockbuster of the summer to hit Netflix is, without a doubt, the russian brothers‘next movie the gray man.

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The star-studded action epic follows a skilled hitman on the run (ryan gosling) after uncovering some dark government secrets that sparked a worldwide manhunt to claim the bounty on his head. the gray man looks to be another must-see action flick from the Russo brothers and this Gosling cast, Chris Evans, Anne of Arms, Page Rege-Jean, and more looks amazing. The Gray Man will be Netflix’s biggest movie of the summer, possibly of the year.

Day shift (Releases August 12)

stunt veteran j j perry will make his directorial debut in August with the Jamie Foxx-Directed vampire action comedy Day shift.

Day Shift sees Foxx play a vampire hunter looking to rid the San Fernando Valley of bloodthirsty vampires. Not much has been shown for Day Shift so far as we eagerly await a trailer, but given Perry’s past with stunt work and Foxx’s involvement, an unexpected hit could be on our hands.

Personal time (Releases August 26)

Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg get together for buddy comedy, Personal timethat sees them loose for a wild weekend together.

The film follows a father who finally has some free time and ends up reuniting with an old friend for a wild weekend together. We’re still waiting for a real first look at the movie, but the pairing of Hart and Wahlberg is incredibly promising.

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