The 10 best seasons so far, according to Reddit

The 10 best seasons so far, according to Reddit

Episode 3 Season 2 of Fortnite it brought many old players back to the game by offering a no-build mode. Previously, Fortnite it was considered a sweaty game and difficult for new players to enjoy due to the advanced construction aspect. Epic Games made many changes to make the game fun for new players, including adding bots to the game to lower the difficulty.

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While this new season has brought many new and old players back to Fortnite, some past seasons are incredibly nostalgic and had some amazing elements in the game that are no longer present. From the double bomb strategy to the classic battle pass skins, fans on Reddit became very stubborn when it came to deciding Fortnitethe best season of


Season 4

Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass Skins

redditor CrazyBrosCael commented, “this was the season that really started it all. It introduced all seven of us. Shopping carts were added, which would eventually lead to cars. Playground mode was added this season, which would lead to people getting better at the game in no time. Hop rocks, they were amazing for their time. We also got apples, mushrooms, jetpacks and drum guns.”

season 4 was Fortnite‘s first season of superheroes, but also the first season to give players unique skins that differed significantly from the default skins. This was a big problem for Fortniteas he originally created his own heroes for the game that were imitations of real Marvel and DC heroes.

Season 5

Fortnite characters surrounding Kevin the Cube

reddit user rmf12 commented: “Chapter 1 Season 5 will probably never be topped. It was literally the golden age and it fell right in the middle of summer, which made it better. Everything from the battle pass to the map and loot, rotations, etc. were right on point.”

season 5 of Fortnite it was the summer season that brought many new aspects to the game, such as the vikings, the desert and the first vehicle in Fortnite, the ATK. Season 5 also introduced throwable balls to the game, such as basketballs, golf balls, and soccer balls, and even made those games playable on the map.

Season 6

Desert Calamity surrounded by other Fortnite characters on a farm

reddit user Riley6445 he commented, “Season 6 had a balanced shotgun meta, ARs weren’t completely broken, lots of content, lots of different ways to move (shadow cubes, boosts, rifts, etc.), and Kevin the same cube.” reddit user RoseHaddock2871 he agreed, “not to mention a bunch of fun limited-time modes like disco domination and food fight.”

As many Reddit fans mentioned, Season 6 had some of the best limited-time events ever. Fortnite. This season also introduced more skin effects, such as Calamity’s smoky look. season 6 was FortniteThe first Halloween themed season with lots of spooky elements in the battle pass which made it memorable.

Season 7

Fortnite season 7 battle pass skins in a plane piloted by Santa Claus

reddit user darkxlops He mentioned, “This season had the biggest map change in Fortnite history and had the best theme for the time of year and the battle pass had a perfect theme. They were all ice/Christmas themed and had good content.” Many other users commented on how much they loved airplanes and how it was some of the most fun they’ve had on Fortnite.

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just staunch Fortnite fans know that the game used to have dedicated season passes in the past. There were summer, Halloween, and even winter-themed battle passes in Season 7. Recently, Fortnite has strayed from these themes and now releases seasonal skins in the store.

Season 9

Fortnite season 9 characters looking at the futuristic map

redditor survivor1999_xd stated, “I loved the map, the mobility felt balanced AND fun, I loved the summery vibes of the season, the event was really cool, and the loot was diverse and balanced for the most part.” reddit user SoA_President agreed: “I loved the metagame so much that season, and I thought that season’s theme was awesome. Plus, the event is still my favorite.”

While the most recent season is very mobile, many Fortnite fans hate tanks in this new season because of how overpowered they are. Season 9 had wind turbines that could carry players all over the map. It was fast, fun, and efficient without being overpowered.

Season X

Fortnite Season X Battle Pass skins standing in front of an illuminated X

reddit user FullOJelly stated: “Season X. Because I never got to play seasons 1-3 and didn’t get a battle pass until season 6 and I liked the remastered old skins plus all the map changes they did that season. All the different weapons And the items they had put up from seasons past were amazing. There was always something new.”

Season X was the final season of Chapter 1 and paid homage to popular skins from past seasons. Each skin in the battle pass was an upgraded version of previous skins that can no longer be obtained. This was also the season with one of the biggest events in Fortnitewhich sent the map into a black hole and left fans waiting days to finally see chapter 2.

Episode 2 Season 2

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 characters spring into action

reddit user threatening commented, “There’s something about that season that makes me really giddy inside that no other season has given me yet. I think they had the best item shop skins of any season, they certainly had the most unique locations, the music really hits strong and had more fun during season 2 than any other season.

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The game is known for the constant map changes, but many fans praised Chapter 2 Season 2 for having some of the best locations in Fortnite. This season had an interesting espionage theme and also one of the most unique battle passes to go along with it. Players had the option to choose between styles for each skin, with the other style being permanently locked afterward.

Episode 2 Season 3

Chapter 2 Season 3 Characters Resting Together on a Boat

redditor domesticated duck commented, “We had some big map changes at the start of the season. As the water level dropped throughout the season, playing in half-flooded locations was fun.” Other Username commented, “I thought it was brave of them to basically remove a bunch of locations for a few weeks and I think it paid off in my opinion.”

Chapter 2 Season 3 is known as the season that covered the map with water. Thus, swimming was introduced to the game, along with sharks. They also added water vehicles, which are all items that are still in Fortnite.

Episode 2 Season 4

Wolverine, Storm, Groot, Iron Man, Doctor Doom, Mystique and She-Hulk in Fortnite

A User Deleted he mentioned, “C2S4 had one of the best loot pools in this chapter so far (in my opinion) and also had some great mythos to play with. The big Marvel collaboration didn’t bother me either.” Realistic_Analyst_26 “The Marvel Season was the most unique season in this chapter, in my opinion. So many new mythos and abilities we’ve never seen, fun LTMs, cool skins even if they’re not original, and skin tournaments every week. The event was a on par with the monster vs robot event as well.

Chapter 2 Season 4 introduced players to some of the best Marvel character skins in Fortnite. So far, this is the first and only Fortnite Season to have only licensed cosmetics. The mythical weapons of each hero could also be used, which made the game more exciting. While many fans debate whether this season was any good, it is certainly one of the most memorable seasons.

Episode 2 Season 7

Agent Sloane surrounded by floating vehicles and characters

redditor legendwolfA commented, “My favorite was definitely c2s7. Balanced XP system, cool items, and lots of fun story missions.” reddit user angry moose125 he agreed, “the balance of items in Chapter 2 Season 7 was literally perfect.”

Chapter 2 Season 7 certainly felt like the season where the Fortnite the story was finally starting to come together. In past seasons, it seemed like each season had a random storyline that didn’t connect to the past. In this season, they brought references to Kevin the cube and other important events that affected the island.

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