Resident Evil 4 doesn’t need a remake

Resident Evil 4 doesn’t need a remake

Resident Evil 4 is possibly one of the best games ever made. is one of the best sellers demonic resident games, and single-handedly reignited interest in the franchise. Shinji Mikami, the game director, took the series in a bold new direction by introducing a dose of action and dynamic difficulty in Resident Evil 4. At the time, it seemed like a radical idea for the survival horror series, but he created a game that is truly a masterpiece.

Capcom has also not forgotten that it is a masterpiece. The company has spent more than a decade trying to bring back the magic of the game without much luck. Resident Evil 4 is the highest rated game in the series, and seems to be the one Capcom is most proud of due to the number of times it has been ported and re-released. Capcom seems to be constantly chasing how high it went Resident Evil 4, but never realized what made the game such a hit in the first place. This persecution also led to some of the worst demonic resident games ever made.

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Resident Evil 4 was the unique vision of Shinji Mikami, who wanted to experiment with a new style for demonic resident instead of giving players more zombies and hallways. It was a risky decision but it was the right move in hindsight. However, Capcom felt that the success came from the action elements introduced to the game. After that, Capcom introduced more action to the series. Later games focused more on the action than the horror the series was based on.

resident bad 5 it featured a lot of action, but the game was still peppered with moments of survival horror. In fact, it was the best seller. demonic resident game, though some of that success could be attributed to Resident Evil 4the acclamation of . On the other hand, resident Evil 6 essentially became an action game set in the demonic resident universe. It felt more like a Michael Bay movie than a survival horror game. That’s not to say it was a bad game, but it was a bad demonic resident play. Many fans felt that it completely abandoned what the series was known for and why many fans played those games.

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Weather Resident Evil 4 it was not the cause of that downward spiral in quality, it was the precursor to it. Capcom didn’t understand that action was never what it did Resident Evil 4 great. The action served to heighten the horror and give players a bit more power, combining with the dynamic difficulty to consistently give the player a sense of dread no matter how many times they played the game. It featured just the right amount of horror, action, and flair.

the era of resident bad 5 Y 6 it is one of the lowest points the series has experienced. Capcom pretty much had to reboot the series with a new story, character, and gameplay to win back the trust of fans, and it largely worked. Resident Evil 7 Y Resident Evil Village they were almost universally loved by fans and critics alike. They showed that the series still has a place in the survival horror pantheon, and it also seemed like Capcom was finally able to let it go. Resident Evil 4 Let’s go. However, at Sony’s June State of Play, it was announced that Resident Evil 4 would get a remake in the style of resident evil 2 Y RE3.

While the new version will no doubt be entertaining for many gamers, the original has been ported to just about every console imaginable. Even with the success of RE7 Y Villageit’s disheartening to see Capcom resort to the crutch that is Resident Evil 4. At worst, this will be an attempt to once again regain the glory of perhaps their best game. At best, it marks a new obsession Capcom has with remaking all of its classic games, a move that seems largely unnecessary.

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