Minecraft Frogs 1.19: everything you need to know

Minecraft Frogs 1.19: everything you need to know

With how old Minecraft is, you really end up thinking this game would have been broken by now.

Well, we’re happy to tell you that it finally did. Oh uh, a little. The latest minecraft mob may not croak, but he definitely goes berserk and jumps out of sight to leave you guessing where he went.

In essence, the Minecraft frog comes in three main variants and interacts with two different mobs in Minecraft. They also have their own specific block they drop and their own specific reactions to the biome they are in.

frogs? In minecraft?

Frogs are a passive mob that will be added to Minecraft in the upcoming 1.19 update labeled “The Wild Update.” This makes them one of the three new mobs this update brings to Minecraft.

Frogs fall into the same category as other animals in Minecraft in that they interact with their specific mobs and can be bred to make more of their kind.

They have the ability to jump approximately three blocks high, bringing them up to the height of the player, and can take 10 hits of damage before their five-heart health bar is depleted.

frog variants

Frogs in Minecraft come in a total of three variants.

The first is the orange frog.. This specific species is the most common and usually spawns in mangrove swamps (a new biome added specifically for them). They are also known as temperate frogs, since they spawn in moderate temperatures.

temperate frogs in a swamp

The second (and only other species in the overworld) variation is the Green frog. These are also known as cold frogs and are usually found in snowy or icy biomes.

Cold frogs in the ice spikes biome

The third species of frog is perhaps the most unique that exists. it is whitish in color and it only spawns in the Nether or very close to bedrock. Its natural habitat is usually in abyssal forests or in deep underground caves.

White frogs in the nether

Arch enemy

The frog’s natural enemy in the game is a slime. This also tends to be his (only) favorite food. Frogs found in swamps will generally attack smaller slimes and drop slime balls when eaten.

Smaller slimes that can be eaten by frogs

On the other hand, frogs in the Nether will treat Magma Cubes the same way their overworld counterparts treat Slimes. The key difference here is that when a frog eats a magma cube, it drops a froglight block.

frog light blocks

This block has three variations and the drop depends on what kind of frog eats the Magma Cube.

What do frogs drop?

Frogs, unlike other spawnable mobs, do not drop any type of meat or edible item when killed. The only item they currently drop in the game is the frog light block which serves as the light source.

  1. Yellow Frog Light -> Tempered Frog kills Magma Cube
  2. Green Froglight -> Cold Frog kills Magma Cube
  3. White Froglight -> Nether Frog (Off White) kills Magma Cube.

* As of update 1.19, frog light blocks are the only item dropped by frogs. They do not drop edible meat or other items when killed.

What do frogs eat in Minecraft?

Frogs (rare as they are) really enjoy eating balls of slime. So no matter the frog variation, and no matter where it spawns, they will eat slime balls and be attracted to you if you hold them.

Where can you find slime balls?

As the name almost gives away, slime balls come from slimes. Specifically, they come from killing small slimes. And since slimes only spawn in swamp biomes at night, that’s exactly where you’ll find them.

You can also find them already lying on the ground in the swamp if a frog has attacked and eaten a small slime.

How to breed frogs in Minecraft

Frogs are raised in the same way as any other mob in Minecraft. All you need is two frogs and for them to be near a water source block.

Once these conditions are met, all you have to do is feed the frogs a ball of slime each and put them into love mode (no jazz tunes required). One of the frogs will then go to the water source and lay her frog eggs in the water.

Frog with his frog spawn in a swamp

Where are the tadpoles in Minecraft?

Remember that frog spawn that just put the frog you just put into love mode?

Cool. Go for a walk and then go see where the frog spawn was. There must be little tadpoles in the water.

Tadpoles in Minecraft

What? Are they still frog spawn? Take another walk. It should work now.

Can you make a tadpole farm?

In true Minecraft fashion, whenever a new mob is released in the game, players always try to incorporate it into some kind of farm. But that doesn’t necessarily work with all mafias.

Frogs, and sadly also tadpoles, fall into the category of mobs that cannot be farmed as of snapshot 1.19-pre3. Why? It’s really simple, frogs need to be fed slime balls in order for them to spawn frogs and only the player is able to feed mobs in the game.

When are frogs released in Minecraft?

Frogs are technically already in Minecraft. But not for everyone.

Frogs, along with Allays and Wardens, will be added to Minecraft on June 7 with the 1.19 update. And while Bedrock Edition players now have access to the 1.19-pre3 snapshot (which adds frogs to the game), we’ll just wait for The Wild Update to release so everyone can see what frogs are really all about.

Though if you’re on Bedrock Edition, here’s a nifty guide to downloading the latest snapshots.

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