Featured Saints and Sinners for PSVR2

Featured Saints and Sinners for PSVR2

During Thursday’s State of Play event, PlayStation gave fans a sneak peek at four games in development for PS VR2, including a VR exclusive, Mountain Horizon Call. Three heavy hitters have been confirmed to get the VR treatment with new gameplay footage, including Resident Evil Village, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Chapter 2: RetributionY no man’s sky. These confirmations come about a week after it was confirmed that the new VR hardware would launch with 20 major titles.

Although it was the last one shown, Mountain Horizon Call It’s arguably the biggest offer given that it received its first official trailer since it was announced with a sneak peek back in January. The new trailer builds on what the trailer showed, only with a much deeper look at the actual gameplay of the title. The game centers on Ryas, a former Shadow Carja warrior who explores the world only to discover a terrible threat to Sundam. As Ryas, players will be able to climb, jump and fight in the world of robotic animals and meet new and old people from around the world. Horizon universe. This first full look at the game is impressive, showcasing the beautiful sights of this world as you climb mountains and zip lines. There will also be plenty of danger, as players will face off against a multitude of robotic threats with a bow in hand.


It’s not a surprise to see Resident Evil Village get a VR version given the massive success of its predecessor in the original PS VR. The trailer showcased a mix of gameplay and cutscenes, particularly highlighting the fan-favorite Lady Dimitrescu and her vampire daughters in VR. With the new hardware, players will step directly into the shoes of Ethan Winters to take on the titanic woman and her deadly offspring along with other threats along the way to save Ella Rose’s daughter from her.

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The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Chapter 2: Retribution was announced in late January as a direct sequel to Skydance Interactive’s hit Louisiana-based VR zombie survival game, though it was not confirmed at the time which platforms it would be available on. the images takes players back to the swamp for more of the same horrific first-person zombie slaying, though this time The Tourist has some new weapons at his disposal, including a chainsaw and sawed-off shotgun. It is said that Chapter 2 will take the Tourist to the Tower to face the survivors hidden inside. in a blog post for the game, Alexander EdenSkydance Interactive’s marketing specialist, it also teases the introduction of new maps and the ability to explore New Orleans at night, albeit at greater risk.

Finally, no man’s sky complete the group, taking the space exploration game into the next generation of virtual reality. The game is a true story of redemption, starting as a flop riddled with excessive promises from the developers at Hello Games and eventually becoming everything that was originally expected and more. Take off in a spaceship, battle robots and aliens on remote planets, and document various species, such as the giant Dune-as worms- during the trips, everything will be possible in virtual reality in the near future, as shown in the official trailer. More details will be released in the future.

No release date was provided for these titles as PS VR2 is still in development. It was expected to be out in late 2022, though supply chain issues may necessitate a 2023 release. Watch the first official trailer Mountain Horizon Call down down.

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