Zero Point history made easy

Zero Point history made easy

When Fortnite was released, the game seemed to be a simple yet exciting new take on the battle royale genre. The map looked normal, the gameplay easy, and the player skins fun enough to spend a few bucks on. This slowly started to change as new locations were added and the end-of-season events got completely ridiculous. Yes, we are thinking of you, Mecha vs Devourer event.

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Clearly, something is up with the world of Fortnite, and as each season passes, players get new glimpses into the intricate story that Epic Games has created. These are the main plot points you need to know about the Fortnite story.


7 What is the zero point?

Everything begins and ends with the Zero Point. Basically, the Zero Point is a sentient orb of power that acts as the center of all reality.

in fortnite Chapter 1, The End event of Season X, players saw that the destruction of Point Zero meant the destruction of the Fortnite reality (aptly named Reality Zero) entirely. Similarly, two days later, players were also able to see that Zero Point has the power to recreate reality, leading to Chapter 2.

6 What is the loop?

It is clear, then, that the Zero Point is a very powerful object and, as such, needs protection from the outside world. Therefore, Zero Point created the island and the storm to protect itself, closing in on and killing players who are trapped within it. When players die on the island, they are reanimated and are forced to fight to the death on the island for eternity.

This is what key characters in the game have come to call “The Loop”, which is why all players are known and referred to as “Loopers”. This is basically what creates the battle royale aspect of the game, and it’s actually quite an interesting explanation.

5 Who are the Imagined Order?

What would an almighty orb be without a malevolent force trying to control it? For Fortnite, that malevolent force is the Imagined Order. Obsessed with power, this ancient organization has maintained external control of The Loop for thousands of years with the goal of studying and eventually controlling Ground Zero.

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At the head of the IO is the infamous Doctor Slone, who canonically has made deals with even DC’s Lex Luthor and The Batman Who Laughs, which is a chilling thought. Also, in the Operation: Sky Fire event, Slone even goes so far as to change players’ lives to prevent the Cubes from returning. Essentially, Slone is a terrible person, and you should expect to see more evil deeds from her in the future.

Therefore, the IO is willing to do whatever it takes to maintain power over The Loop and eventually gain control of Zero Point entirely. To ensure their protection, the IO often kidnaps people from other realities, turning them into a kind of mercenary forced to stay inside The Loop. This is the main explanation for how crossover skins exist in Fortnite.

4 How does Fortnite explain all the crossovers?

As the IO agents jump from one reality to another, they slide characters like the Master Chief from Halo, Ryu and Chun Li from Street Fighter, or Daryll and Michonne from The Walking Dead.

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Players saw the heyday of this concept in 2020 right after the battle against Galactus, where the IO was left in a bind, causing Agent Jones to start traveling through realities to find the best “Hunters”, such as they are called. In short, this is Agent Jones harnessing the power of Point Zero.

3 Who are the seven?

The antithesis of the Imagined Order is the Seven, a team of vigilantes whose goal is to stop the Loop in order to free those imprisoned within it. Similarly, they also want to do away with IO altogether. The Seven also wear specialized airtight suits that prevent them from being subjected to the effects of The Loop. That is why, for an unknown amount of time, the Foundation was trapped in The Loop after the Batman Who Laughs smashed his helmet.

As the name implies, there are seven members of this group: The Scientist, The Visitor, The Paradigm, The Imagined, The Order, The Origin, and The Foundation (revealed at the end of Chapter 2 to be played by none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson). The Seven were first introduced to players, though we still don’t know the name of their group, in March 2018, when The Visitor crashed into the Island on a meteor. It turns out that each member of The Seven travels on small interdimensional meteorites, as seen in other instances, such as the surprise appearance of The Foundation at the end of Chapter 2: Season 6.

two What is the purpose of the seven?

At the end of the day, The Seven exists to protect Ground Zero at all costs. Sometimes they succeed, and sometimes they fail. Season X’s The End event, for example, showed the Seven (their existence still relatively unknown to us at the time) appearing on rockets created by The Scientists to create cracks around the meteor in order to use it to stabilize the Point. Zero.

This attempt was strange because although Point Zero was eventually destroyed, it rebuilt itself. Sometimes these attempts to protect Point Zero don’t go so well, such as when The Paradigm opened the vault with the Mecha Team Leader at the end of Season 9, leading to her being exiled from The Seven. Therefore, The Seven seem to be in a constant state of internal conflict.

1 What’s next for Fortnite history?

Although The Paradigm has returned and has gained the trust of The Scientist and The Imagined, she is still not trusted by other members and is especially despised by the Foundation. Meanwhile, two members, The Sisters, made up of The Order and The Imagined, have had a relatively minor role in the story so far, having just burst onto the scene with The Origin.

Now that every member of The Seven is on The Island, there’s a strong chance that players could learn more about how the group works, and maybe even get a clearer explanation of Jonesy’s suggestions that they might not be that great. as we believe are. All things considered, The Seven is bound to continue to live up to the theme of lore, and we’re excited to see what happens next.

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