Vanguard – Arms Race Mode Tips

Vanguard – Arms Race Mode Tips

Despite the disappointment Call of Duty: Vanguard has proven to be, there are glimmers of hope in the campaign, multiplayer, and zombies. Although the negative reception of Call of Duty: Vanguard seems to be primarily focused on its Zombies mode, the multiplayer has also received its fair share of criticism.

Obligations over the years it has delivered some of the best years in gaming, but it was inevitable that some entries in the series would fail to impress audiences. However, the Arms Race mode has been received positively, as have Sledgehammer Games’ attempts to introduce new modes and features in multiplayer. For those looking to play the better-reviewed Arms Race mode, here are some key tips.


7 Communicate with the team

Regardless of how many players may choose to play the game, Call of Duty: VanguardArms Race mode is best played with a team communicating with each other. In fact, because many players in public matches don’t communicate or coordinate with their teammates, teams that do will have an instant advantage. Team communication works to improve teams in any multiplayer shooter game.

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Group chat with teammates is often the best option due to increased connection, which strengthens the quality of users’ voice input. Players who aren’t already on a team should look to join Game Voice Chat and hopefully run into a team that wants to chat as well.

6 Take the bike for a quick tour

the Call of Duty: Vanguard The arms race maps are huge, reflecting a recent change in Obligations titles to feature much larger maps, similar to what players would find in Battlefield. Navigating these huge maps in Arms Race mode can be time consuming and a waste of time if players spend a lot of time navigating only to be gunned down by a sniper as soon as they reach the objective.

Fortunately, there are many vehicles around. Players must use the bikes and other types of vehicles they find on the maps to fast travel to an objective and get back into the fight faster. Vanguard It’s hardly going to be considered a genre-changing FPS game anytime soon, but it’s great that it features vehicles that players can use between firefights.

5 Consider the bullet drop

While most of the regular size maps in the Call of Duty: Vanguard Multiplayer is small, players should note that bullet drop exists in the game and is heavily present on Arms Race maps due to its size. Bullet drop and more detailed technical features can be found in all the best tactical shooters, and of Vanguard Bullet drop is consistent and offers a good balance between playability and realism.

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Weapons will have different recoil, bullet drop, and speed stats that will affect firefights, especially in Arms Race mode. Players should spend some time practicing with their weapons, reviewing their stats and comparing them to other weapons of a similar class to assess which loadouts they should use when playing the Arms Race.

4 Attack Bases with Coordination

While there are many ways to attack bases in Call of Duty: Vanguard’In Arms Race mode, it is important for a team to coordinate their attack and attempts to take over different bases tactically. As there are fewer and fewer bases throughout the game, it becomes easier for a team to protect them as all players can commit to the same base. The tactical gameplay present in Arms Race was influenced by VanguardClassified Weapons Update.

Due to the nature of Arms Race mode, the game becomes increasingly difficult for the attacking team as it progresses. That’s why players need to make sure they’re coordinated, which means waiting for teammates to get into position before attacking, and prioritizing the hardest-to-claim bases. Players who prefer to go the lone wolf route can look to distract the enemy team by taking other bases, allowing the rest of the team to continue taking the main base they were after.

3 Use grenades when outside the wrecking crew

Players can purchase demolition equipment such as backpack charges that can be used to blow up targets and enemies along with them. However, since the arms race relies on players buying weapons, ammo, and explosives from stores, some teams may not have enough money to buy satchel loadouts and the like. he is a professional Call of Duty Vanguard Suggestion for players to keep an inventory of all gear and weapons available to them, either in loadouts or on the battlefield.

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In this situation, players should try to use their grenades as they also work to blow up objectives and doors or other barricades that protect the base surrounding the objectives.

two Invest money in stores if losing rounds is unavoidable

Sometimes in the arms race, a team will not be able to avoid a round loss even if they are communicating and doing their best. In these situations, it is important to invest as much money as possible in the Store. This helps ensure that the team can start the next round with as many high-quality teams as possible.

A team will lose money if they lose a round, so it’s important to put that money to good use to give yourself the best chance of success in the next round.

1 Buy Fast Loadouts

While the Call of Duty: Vanguard Arms Race mode can have a slower overall pace than regular modes, it still requires players to act fast and aim to get ahead by being quick with preparation. The fast pace is present in all World War II games, not only Vanguardso players shouldn’t be surprised that they have to be fast to have the best chance of success.

Players should find a few different loadouts that they like to use more of (depending on the situation) and then buy the loadout from the Shop at the start of a new round as quickly as they can. Acting quickly in this way can allow a team to drop the enemy team and have the best chance of success.

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