The Ethan Winters story may not be over

The Ethan Winters story may not be over

SPOILERS AHEADat the end of Resident Evil Villageprotagonist Ethan Winters sacrifices himself to destroy Mother Miranda and the Megamycete, the root cause of the game’s events and its predecessor, Resident Evil 7. Prior to his sacrifice, Capcom reveals that Ethan is a creation of the Mold, through visual interactions with Evelyn and Jack Baker after Mother Miranda rips out his heart. He discovers his regenerative mold powers and heads out to save the day, leaving behind his wife Mia and his daughter Rose.


the credits of Resident Evil Village considered that ‘The Father’s Story is finished’, which seems to suggest that fans have seen the last of Ethan, and the explosion in the unnamed Eastern European village setting of the eighth game seems to confirm this. But the story of Ethan Winters may not be over yet, which could be explored in Resident Evil Village downloadable content or RE9.

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Ethan Winters could return in the next Resident Evil

Though Ethan’s regenerative powers seemed to have weakened before he blew himself up and the European horror village, he’s survived death before: Mother Miranda ripped his heart out of his chest before fans discovered he had a relationship with Mold. . Also, if fan theories and research are to be believed, the body nearing the end of the final scene with Rose Winters could be his own father rather than just Ethan’s character model. The fact that the black van Rose was in seemed to have stopped suddenly apparently supports this.

While it seems highly unlikely that Capcom will bring back Ethan to act as Resident Evil 9The protagonist of, it won’t be surprising if Ethan’s story isn’t really over. Although fans may not find out about a new demonic resident game for a while, fans are more than happy to speculate on what comes next. The most likely candidate for a leading man in Resident Evil 9 it would be Rose Winters or Chris Redfield, but there are a few ways Capcom could approach Ethan’s return.

Resident Evil 9 you should avoid making big mistakes with your return. Perhaps the easiest solution to explain would be that Ethan miraculously survived the explosion and was only able to fully recover his body over a long period of time, which was made aware of the fact that his Moho regeneration powers had been weakened. . By the time she fully regenerates, Rose has become a teenager and is under the protection of some agency. In this timeline, Rose will be the lead, but Ethan can be a sidekick of sorts.

Another way Ethan can reinsert himself into the series is by acting as a guide for Rose. In Resident Evil Village, Evelyn and Jack Baker explain that Megamycete will store the DNA and memories of those it infects, so Ethan’s imprint within the Mold could create a connection through Rose’s Mold-related powers. The figure walking towards the van at the end of his scene in Village it would be the beginning of Rose ‘seeing’ Ethan, and he would act as a guide for Rose, communicating with her in the same way as Evelyn.

But this is demonic resident, and Capcom, on the other hand, could give a dark twist to the story of Ethan, in a situation similar to that of Jill Valentine. The now-evil BSAA might learn who exactly caused the explosion in the Village, and since Mold holds a person’s memories and DNA, the organization might find a piece of wreckage and figure out how to manipulate it to rebuild Ethan. Ethan, who wouldn’t know what Rose is like, acts as the pawn for the BSAA to get to Winters’ powerful daughter, or maybe he could become the new incarnation of Megamycete and be a final boss.

Either way, the Ethan Winters story may not be over. Weather Resident Evil 9 has some mysteries to solve, will most likely also have a different protagonist for players to play as, and there are a few ways Capcom could bring Winters’ father back into the fold.

Resident Evil Village is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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