Resident Evil 4 Remake seems to be adopting the style of modern games

Resident Evil 4 Remake seems to be adopting the style of modern games

After a long period of rumors and the apparent direction of the franchise, the Resident Evil 4 The new version has finally been announced and revealed. The tone of the remake’s teaser caught most fans by surprise, as it seemed a far cry from the original, but still retains a lot of the nostalgic imagery that players will remember from its first iteration. Resident Evil 4 experiences.

Because this will be a remake similar to resident evil 2 Y Resident Evil 3, there are a number of features and mechanics that fans can anticipate from Capcom’s latest remake. Some things will be different, or presented from a new perspective, while others will remain respectfully the same. However, the tone of the new version seems much more horror-focused than its original counterpart, which may be an indication that demonic resident as a franchise it is determined to distance itself from the cheesier or more whimsical interpretations of its previous installments.


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Resident Evil 4 Remake is all chills in its reveal trailer

demonic resident is known for its earlier survival horror entries as much as its later action-based entries. The benefit of demonic resident having such a diverse catalog of genres in its franchise there is likely to be a single entry to complement anyone’s preferences, whether they prefer one style of play over another. Resident Evil 4 it didn’t abandon the horror genre entirely, but it certainly departs from it quite significantly.

For example, Resident Evil 4 it’s much more tongue-in-cheek with its dialogue, and its rural European setting sets the stage for some truly bizarre and surreal enemies. Leon S. Kennedy is a witty and good-natured investigator, and almost every interaction with a main antagonist features a corny one-liner. that does not mean Resident Evil 4 it is devoid of horror; some scenes can be particularly unsettling, but are often followed by another raunchy character interaction.

Quite, Resident Evil 4The announcement trailer for the remake is packed with the chilling tone and atmosphere that players should expect from it, which from a visual point of view is already very different from what fans may remember. There may still be cutesy quotes taken from the original that appear in the remake, but based on this sneak peek alone, it sounds like Capcom wants to fully immerse it in survival horror.

His dark, atmospheric shots of Cattle and Zealots in candlelit hallways represent Resident Evil 4 in a much creepier tone than before, and that tonal shift will either be appreciated as an innovation or scorned for how it deviates from the original. Anyway, it’s a remake after all, and such a monumental change certainly earns that definition.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake is a direct continuation of 2 and 3

Further away, Resident Evil 4 it distanced itself somewhat from the traditional survival-horror fans they knew in favor of a more action-oriented arcade atmosphere. Tank controls remain a core part of the game, but players have access to much more military-grade ballistics and have many more combat options to rely on, as well as melee QTEs.

Usually, Resident Evil 4 it’s more melodramatic in a sassy, ​​cheesy sense. Still, players can feel the essence of survival and horror when ammo is low and they are chased through a village as they harass enemies and barricade themselves in tiny houses.

However, this style of gameplay is arguably outdated in terms of contemporary third-person shooter games. Even survival horror has moved from tank controls to modern camera controls. games like Dead space Y the evil inside they deserve credit for that successful and popular segue. Arguably that’s also why the remakes of resident evil 2 Y Resident Evil 3 are third person shooter games with modern camera controls.

It makes sense, then, that a new version of Resident Evil 4 it follows the reimagined efforts of those titles, and that’s made clear only in the trailer. The only thing fans need to see to confirm this is the fact that Leon sounds like he’s being voiced by the same actor and character model. resident evil 2‘s remake is also used. In the announcement teaser for Resident Evil 4remake of Leon is much more thoughtful, as he was in resident evil 2new version of .

By doing this, Capcom is able to create an outstanding narrative thread between resident evil 2 Y Resident Evil 4, through the story and the game. The gameplay of resident evil 2The new version of will probably repeat itself with the same controls, but it will be interesting to see if other mechanics are added.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is more like 2 than 3

It’s no secret that the remake of Resident Evil 3 was unfavorably received, which is disappointing because Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is one of the most iconic titles of demonic resident history. Upon his announcement, fans were elated to see Nemesis after how deeply impactful Mr. X was for the new version of resident evil 2.

However, after learning how much influential content had been removed in the remake iteration, such as the entire clock tower sequence, fans were understandably upset. This remake was compared to DLC for the remake of resident evil 2 and not its own title due to its underwhelming length and scope, while some fans appreciated it for the moments it had against Nemesis and for its modern take on Jill Valentine.

Yet, Resident Evil 4The remake of can’t afford to undermine its content and offer players only half of the game it’s counting on. Almost all sequences Resident Evil 4 it’s memorable for one reason or another, and fans will no doubt feel ripped off if any of their favorite moments are ignored.

The teaser for the remake shows that new sequences will be added, as expected, with a redesigned Ashley Graham. This will help perpetuate its new emphasis on horror, but hopefully new scenes won’t overwrite important sequences unless the sequences they overwrite don’t fit the tone of the new version. Such choices will always have a positive or negative impact on dedicated fans, but it’s more than likely that the remake will take these tonal risks to introduce something new to fans of the original. Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4 launches on March 24, 2023 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.

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