Where does the new Resident Evil series fit into the timeline?

Where does the new Resident Evil series fit into the timeline?

When it comes to long-running franchises, some timelines are kept with the careful, efficient eye one would use to perform surgery. Others, however, build chaos on nonsense until they collapse in on themselves and the franchise is forced back to the drawing board.

demonic resident it falls just below Pokemon when it comes to video game franchises with the most on-screen adaptations. Unfortunately, nearly every attempt to push Capcom’s beloved survival horror franchise out of the gaming space has left something to be desired. Despite that, the franchise continues, as indestructible as its trademark lurching horrors. The latest attempt hits the small screen courtesy of Netflix and has prompted a handful of questions from fans new and old. One of the biggest is exactly where it falls within the established timeline of the story.


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The eight numbered games and countless spin-offs in the demonic resident The franchise tells several long and tortuous stories that often contradict or invalidate each other and regularly add up to complete chaos. Fans have drawn lines between the main titles in groups of three, but they are separated more by gameplay and tone than narrative. The narrative begins with the first relatively straightforward game, in which a group of special agents make their way through an evil residence that hides a classic mad science lab. The evil Umbrella Corporation looms over the franchise as its antagonist, losing bigger, deadlier bio-organic weapons to claim some version of world domination. At the heart of the company is Albert Wesker, originally a double agent who betrays the heroes of the first game and gradually becomes a planetary threat through research and self-experimentation. Wesker’s fate is bleak, but his new appearance in the next demonic resident The Netflix series has raised several questions.

Wesker appears with a new face in the film, played by john wick star Lance Reddick. While this would logically seem to be a case of blind-race casting and an excellent choice for the role, the showrunner has made it clear that it’s more than just an original choice. Wesker dies at the end of resident bad 5, blown up with a rocket launcher and destroyed in a volcano by the game’s heroes. Any fan would assume that the series takes place in an alternate timeline than the games. The seven demonic resident The movies starring Milla Jovovich borrow characters and concepts from the games, but completely ignore their narratives. However, it has been explicitly stated that this new series will canonically follow the games. The games are seen as a backstory to the series, meaning there must be a reason Wesker is alive.

Wesker does not appear in resident Evil 6 either 7; his death is considered canon after the fifth game. Unfortunately, the games make the mistake of naming what year they take place in, which adds more confusion. Albert Wesker “died” in 2009. The Umbrella Corporation has long since declared bankruptcy for punitive damages to the victims of Raccoon City. Four years later, in 2013, the President of the United States was publicly infected by a virus in a Neo-Umbrella terrorist attack. resident Evil 6 sees large parts of the world wiped out by zombie invasions, millions killed or turned, and the replicas of Umbrella resulting in various near-apocalypse scenarios. The solitary sneak peek of the upcoming Netflix series seems to basically ignore every detail of that, and lends strong evidence to the suggestion that its world is completely unrelated to the gaming world.

The series takes place in two time periods, 2022 and 2034. In the current year version of the series, Wesker is still a researcher in the Umbrella Corps, and the Umbrella Corps still exists. Wesker now has two daughters, both of whom will be 14 in 2022. If Wesker did conceive those children after his apparent death, they would be 13 at the latest, so there must be another explanation at play. The best possible explanation for Wesker’s current state is that he somehow survived, or was rescued from his grim fate and was somehow placed in a new body. Lab-created clones are common in the franchise, and consciousness transfer isn’t too far off a concept. It is much more difficult to explain the state of the world in 2022 compared to the world of games.

The series will have a lot of weight on its shoulders when it comes to explaining how Umbrella continues to exist nearly two decades after its demise. His place in the timeline is difficult, placing him after the events of even the most recent game. Clearly, the best possible piece of timeline the series could have inhabited is completely outside of it. the demonic resident the timeline is a tangled mess at best. The best games in the canon are the ones that are set outside of it, separated by decades or continents. Hopefully the demonic resident the series can still be entertaining, regardless of whether or not hardcore fans can keep up with every beat.

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