What happened to the Fortnite ‘Community Choice’ item shop rotations?

What happened to the Fortnite ‘Community Choice’ item shop rotations?

Only OG players remember the Fortnite ‘Community Choice’ feature in the item shop. This 2019 feature allowed players to choose a skin they wanted to appear in the store. Unfortunately, after a few rotations, the feature completely disappeared and hasn’t returned since.

The unique feature was certainly something that a lot of gamers enjoyed. This gave them the power to retrieve a cosmetic of their choice or add a new one to the item shop. First seen in September 2019, this feature was a huge hit with the community before it was dropped for good.

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As we enter a new season, players can really enjoy the Fortnite Community Choice item shop rotations once again. There are many original skins that you would love to see in the item shop.

In addition, every other day there are also demands to recover popular skins. The Community Choice feature can solve a lot of problems for Epic Games.

The Fortnite Community Choice feature should be back soon

For the uninitiated, the Community Choice feature allows players to vote between three skins. Some of these were old skins that players wanted to return to the item shop.

Others had brand new skins they were ready to spend their V-Bucks on. In addition to this, Epic Games also adds an additional skin to the item shop every time.

The winner of the Fortnite Community Choice skins was available in the item shop for one day. In fact, the losers of the vote were also added to the item shop after a few weeks. Clearly, this feature is the perfect way for the community to have some control over the item shop.

The lack of community options and good outfits bothers me, so I created this concept! I choose again! Each week you can choose from 3 outfits that haven’t seen the light of day in a while, and the winner will return to the item shop for 48 hours! I hope Epic can see this!#Fortnite https://t.co/aBQyy1q7AN

Unfortunately, it appears that the Community Choice feature has been superseded by skin polls. Although these surveys offer a wide range of original cosmetics and re-skins, there is no transparency in the system. Players don’t know when the skin of their choice will arrive in the item shop.

Are Fortnite skin polls better than Community Choice?

Obviously, the skin polls have a lot more skins than the three that the Community Choice feature offers. These also include collaboration skins as well as Crew Pack skins. However, the polls are more of a leak, unlike the Community Choice vote.

NEW SURVEY SKINS!! These should be the majority of them – there are LOTS of images, so there might be 1 or 2 missing! (Thanks to @PoketOfficial for sending them to me!) https://t.co/fPQktQIeTc

Both of these features are very different, and given a choice, players will almost certainly go for the Community Choice rotations. The feature that helped players get skins like Bushranger and Riley in the store is definitely something that OGs miss in the game.

Community Choice item shop rotation is something players would definitely want in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. The upcoming season already has a fantastic Battle Pass that includes skins like Darth Vader and Indiana Jones.

However, the addition of the Community Choice feature will make purchasing cosmetics even more fun for players who like to splurge on their V-Bucks.

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