What Happened in the Fortnite Event: Chapter 3 Season 2 Final Recap

What Happened in the Fortnite Event: Chapter 3 Season 2 Final Recap

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 has just ended after another explosive ending. The Fortnite event put players in control of The Seven’s reborn Doggus mech suit in a battle for the island. Major story implications have emerged from today’s event, so in case you missed it, here’s everything that happened and how to make sense of another explosive story event in Fortnite.

What happened at the Fortnite event?

The event kicked off with players and up to three friends loading some kind of ship onto the apparent base of operations of The Seven, the moon that orbits the Fortnite island. As The Origin, The Foundation, and Jonesy worked to make sure the final pieces of their plan were in place, players could shoot asteroids in a minigame, one that would soon prove to be more of a tutorial. Comically, Jonesy tried to work his way up to becoming an official member of The Seven. he even gave himself a name: The Legend. The Foundation wasn’t really on board, but that didn’t stop Jonesy from trying to make the name stick as the event went on.

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When it came time for The Seven’s all-out assault, The Origin turned to the looper team via Holgram and reintroduced the long-absent Paradigm. That’s right, she’s back! The team’s top driver took the driver’s seat in the vehicle, which turned out to be Doggus himself, the huge, newly reborn robot last seen (in one piece) in Chapter 1 Season 9. It looks like The Origin now he trusts The Paradigm enough to give him the keys to the entire operation. She did not disappoint.

As the group proceeded towards the island homeworld, the players took their gunner’s seats once more to clear the path of asteroids and other debris; we even saw a piece of one of the alien spaceships from The Last Reality. Finally, the robot landed triumphantly and immediately went on the offensive. As Paradigm charged from the cockpit, players attended as his gunners, blowing up IO tanks, airships, and other air and ground units. The number of IOs was huge, but Doggus kept going.

After facing a large barrage of missiles, the robot was badly damaged and barely functional. Just then, fresh from his weeks of driving lessons, Peely burst onto the battlefield in a large truck loaded with Slurp Juice. Doggus drank the healing waters and found himself ready for round two.

Inching closer to the Collider, Paradigm and his squad continued to clear the air and ground of the IO baddies, as Paradigm unsheathed an impressive new energy sword and began slicing IO airships like avocados. Slicing and dicing, the ‘Mech inched closer to the Collider, hell-bent on destroying him before he could destroy all life on the island as intended.

However, another massive barrage of explosive rounds proved to be too much for the robot, and the ground beneath the robot and the Collider began to give way. The players and The Paradigm barely escaped the shipwreck, and were greeted by Jonesy and The Foundation, who led the group through a spiral interior surrounding Point Zero, where the Collider once stood. As the group made their way up the ramp, glimpses of Ground Zero peeked into other realities, including a quick look at a Durrr Burger (the map from Chapter 1?) and a clear-as-day look at a lightsaber battle. between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader! This seems to have confirmed that the villain will be in the Season 3 battle pass.

Zero Point peered into another universe... and shows us a sign of things to come, perhaps.
Zero Point peered into another universe… and shows us a sign of things to come, perhaps.

As the players sent in more IO forces, Doctor Slone and her tank jeered from above. Having reached the villain, Jonesy tried to reason with her, asking her to lay down her arms. But it wouldn’t matter. Paradigm was able to operate the mechanism enough to slam Doggus’s huge fist down on Slone, presumably pulverizing her and her tank, though it should be noted that we didn’t exactly see her die.

Zero Point then began to focus on Geno, the presumed true leader of the IO; We’ve heard his name often, but this is the first time we’ve gotten a good, if still grim, look at the mysterious figure. Jonesy and Foundation jumped into Ground Zero destined for places unknown. They were last seen fist bumping in a free fall. His mission will likely remain an ongoing story in Season 3.

Back at the Collider, Paradigm’s loop team fired the device’s energy crystals; actually, they looked like giant batteries. Once all four were destroyed, the Collider collapsed and Point Zero seemed to fall back into Loot Lake, safe and sound, or so we hope.

With that, the game returned to idle time. Now only a continue screen awaits players loading into the game. There’s no word yet on when Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 officially kicks off, but we can guess based on past seasons that signing up sometime tomorrow morning might be a good bet. See you in season 3, looper!

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