Welcome to Raccoon City Monsters Explained

Welcome to Raccoon City Monsters Explained

After a fourteen-year career, the demonic resident The film franchise has grown enough to warrant a reboot. The newest movie, 2021 Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, it acts as a turning point for the game franchise’s film career. While the previous films largely went their own narrative path, occasionally peppering Easter eggs and video game enemies, the reboot tells a much more faithful adaptation of the events in the games. Gone are Alice and the throwaway characters written explicitly for use in the movies, replaced by fan-favorite characters like Claire and Chris Redfield (Kaya Scodelario Y Robbie Amell), Leon Kennedy (Avan Jogia), Jill Valentin (Hannah John Kamen), and William Bikrin (Neal McDonough).

Featuring a more accurate account of the events of the video game, it comes with on-screen representations of legendary characters. demonic resident monsters Instantly recognizable monsters abound, such as classic zombies and zombie dogs, with the inclusion of grander and more sinister figures like the licker who makes an appearance. Since some of these hideous monsters only get a couple of lines of dialogue as an explanation, we’ve compiled a guide to each monster’s backstory, filling in from the demonic resident video game canon where necessary.

Spoilers for the movie below.


zombies are what demonic resident The franchise is primarily known for, with each installment (both film and video game) teeming with hordes of the ravenous undead. In Welcome to Raccoon City, it is explained that the pharmaceutical company Umbrella Corporation has been developing a virus that can turn people into biological weapons. The intent of the t-virus (tyrant) is to forego the need to train a traditional army, and instead create a mass of undead that can be turned into weapons. An additional advantage of the program is that the virus can quickly spread to more hosts after they have been removed, thus creating more “soldiers”.

Throughout the film’s first act, the residents of Raccoon City appear to show signs of T-Virus infection, with the waitress’s eye dripping blood and Chris Redfield’s neighbor, suffering from hair loss, attacking Claire. The potency of the T-Virus and its ability to spread are later demonstrated at the Spencer mansion, where our characters find dozens of undead scientists wandering the halls. It’s here that we get an Easter egg from the games, with our characters finding a zombified scientist feeding and turning to face the camera in an over-the-shoulder shot that harkens back to the source material.


Cerberus (zombie dogs)

Welcome to Raccoon City It begins with Claire Redfield hitchhiking in Raccoon City with a trucker and her doberman partner. Distracted by her burger and the conversation with Claire, the trucker accidentally hits a woman crossing the street. After inspecting her body, she disappears as the two look away, leaving a puddle of human remains that later becomes puppy food for the unsupervised Doberman. The dog’s eyes cloud over and he begins to drool profusely, eventually biting the trucker. The zombified trucker then drives his truck through the gates of the police station, where the zombie dog sneaks in to wreak even more havoc.

appearing in the resident evil 2 video game, the zombie Doberman is a staple in the franchise, being particularly notable as it was not designed through experimentation by the Umbrella Corporation, but rather by an unfortunate accident.

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William Birkin

The film’s main antagonist, Dr. William Birkin is a scientist employed by the Umbrella Corp who formerly ran the Raccoon City orphanage where Claire and Chris Redfield lived. The children of the orphanage served as test subjects for his malicious experiments, including Lisa Trevor. At the beginning of the film, he arrives at Claire’s bunk bed in the middle of the night with several Umbrella employees to take Claire to an experiment, where she eventually escapes from her.

In 1998, when Claire returns to Raccoon City as an adult, Dr. Birkin lives in the city with his wife and young daughter. The parties eventually meet up at Umbrella’s secret underground lab, where Dr. Birkin infects himself with a vial of g-virus. After being shot dead by Wesker (Tom Hopper), Birkin regains consciousness, sporting eyeball-like growths on his body and becoming increasingly belligerent as he hunts down Claire, Chris, and Leon. Growing in size and eventually becoming an unrecognizable monster, he acts as the “final boss” of the film, ripping the roof off the escaping protagonist’s train car and nearly killing Claire and Chris.

Lisa Trevor

The opening sequence of the film focuses on the childhood of Claire and Chris Redfield who live in the Raccoon City orphanage. A little girl with physical mutations sneaks into the shadows to try to befriend Claire. She takes Claire to an arcade and writes her a note saying that she lives below the orphanage. When Claire looks inside the store, she finds that it is empty. Lisa Trevor (Marina Mazepa), the young woman who underwent innumerable experiments by Dr. William Birkin, is the most tragic “monster” of Welcome to Raccoon Cityand perhaps the entire franchise.

Lisa, unlike the other infected in the film, retains her humanity despite undergoing tests at the hands of Dr. Birkin. When Claire returns to Raccoon City, Lisa recognizes her and guides her to Umbrella’s secret underground passageway. In the video games, Lisa Trevor is a frequent test subject for the Umbrella Corporation, as her strong regenerative abilities meant that experiments that often killed other hosts were more easily studied on Lisa.


Easily identifiable by his small stature, long tongue, and exposed brain, the licker stages an attack on Leon Kennedy. Quick and agile, the licker is one of the scariest enemies in the film. In the canon of demonic resident In the franchise, the lickers were T-Virus zombies who re-infected themselves with the virus in a controlled environment.

Conceptually similar to T-virus zombies, lickers were created to be used as living weapons and were initially unstable. Lickers are inhuman in appearance, hunched over and moving on all fours, and capable of leaping incredible distances. Further experimentation meant the loss of their eyes, and as such the monsters are completely blind, navigating solely through sound.

infected crows

Early in the film, a raven flies into a window and writhes on the ground in a heap of mutated agony. Like the trucker’s Doberman pinscher, the Raccoon City crows have mutated into grotesque monsters by consuming meat infected with the T-Virus. In video games, the infected crows differ from other infected animals in that their appearance is almost identical to that of their uninfected counterparts, discernible only by their red eyes. Also, they are often non-confrontational and will only attack if provoked first. However, once provoked, they attack in a pack, swarming over their target.

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