Minecraft streamer Tubbo hilariously opened up about his first experience getting drunk

Minecraft streamer Tubbo hilariously opened up about his first experience getting drunk

Tubbo recently went live with JackManifoldTV to talk about his first experience getting drunk at a friend of a friend’s 18th birthday party. A few days earlier, Tubbo had posted a drunken tweet from the first night he got drunk, so fans had been eagerly awaiting the whole story ever since.

It’s been a trend lately for these young content creators from across the pond to celebrate their 18th birthday and then share the experience/stories of drinking for the first time with their fans afterwards.

Tubbo shares the story of his first time getting drunk

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After a donation asks about the drunken blackout story, Tubbo is hesitant to tell it at first because he finds it “embarrassing”. Jack reassures him and urges him to tell, stating that it’s not weird/embarrassing to have gone out and drunk for a friend’s eighteenth birthday, regardless of what happened.

Finally, Tubbo begins to tell the story, telling the chat that he didn’t even want to drink at first.

“I had one to start with because, to start with, I was like, ‘I don’t want any.’ You know, I’m fine. I feel self-conscious because there are people around, but it’s okay. I’ll get over it. And then everyone was drinking, and I was like, afraid of missing out, I want one. !”

Tubbo tells the chat that he started with a plain cider but didn’t like it because of how fizzy the drink was. Since he didn’t like how it tasted, he decided to gulp it down as fast as possible so the drink would go down faster. But curiously, after that drink was finished, he thirsted for another.

“By the time I finished it really quickly, I was like, ‘Why do I want another one?'”

Tubbo and Ph1LzA (Image via TubboLive/Twitter)
Tubbo and Ph1LzA (Image via TubboLive/Twitter)

After finishing his second drink, Tubbo was starting to feel the effects. He points out that his hands seemed to move more slowly and that he kept trying to put his fingers together and failing.

“It made my hands very slow, and I was tapping my fingers like this, and I was like, ‘Wow…why are my hands so slow?’ It was so weird. I was like, I can’t put my fingers together right now.”

Tubbo claims he was at that point of being drunk where the most random things become the things you laugh the most about.

“He made the whole thing really, really funny. I spent about 20 minutes laughing at the bluebells. Because I was like, ‘Oh my God, the bumblebees, they go into you, tra-la-la-la.'” I was just laughing at them.”

He added to the chat that it gradually “got worse and worse” from then on. This is mainly because she was being started on injections, which she didn’t know were alcoholic and made her nauseous very quickly.

“And then people started giving me these little cups. And I was like, ‘Wow, that’s a little cup!’ And then I was like, oof, stomach.”

The Minecraft star hilariously recalls how the first shot he took wasn’t actually ingested, as he threw it over his shoulder and all over his shirt as his coordination was off, saying:

“Certainly, the first time I tried to make a drink, I just did, and it went over my shoulder because it didn’t touch my mouth. I spilled it over my shoulder and was like, ‘No! I just got this shirt. . from Tesco for seven pounds!'”

Tubbo continues about the night, talking about how he ended up on the ground after a failed hug, laughed at various garden items, sang the wrong words to songs, and almost drunk posted on his Instagram.

He talks more about his close call with the drunk post on his social media, saying:

“I opened Instagram and almost accidentally posted on Instagram. I had my phone open and I clicked on my little picture because I wanted to go to my face, but I accidentally hit the ‘create story’ button and it took a picture of me looking at my phone. And I’m like, ‘oh no, this can never see the light of day’, and then I’m like, ‘oh wait, it’s a story!’ So, I threw my phone, or so I thought, very, very far. I threw my phone as far as I could go. I thought, ‘No! I can’t do a story, this is not good!’ “

Tubbo and Ranboo (Image via Misfits)
Tubbo and Ranboo (Image via Misfits)

He talks about his adventure to find his phone again after he allegedly tossed it into a bush. After having no luck finding his phone in the bushes, he returned to where he had thrown it and found it lying where he had been standing.

Tubbo claims that he “didn’t actually throw it away” and that he had actually just dropped his phone and gone hunting for the wild goose only to find it in a bush.

The Briton describes the hellish journey to find a ride home after finding his phone, including calling dozens of wrong taxi numbers and eventually deciding to have his parents pick him and his friend up.

“Before my parents took me home, I was like, ‘I’m with my friend and I don’t want to embarrass my friend in front of my parents, so I’m going to take a taxi.'” So I struggled to call eight different taxis. I managed to get through to one, and they said, ‘yes, we have a car on the way!’ And it turns out it wasn’t even a taxi. I just called a random guy.”

Tubbo continues to tell the story, picking up where his parents have come to pick him and his friend up. He remembers struggling to sit in the back seat, bursting into hysterics and gushing about his sister.

“It wasn’t really a fight. It was more like we didn’t know who should get in first. So, I got in and sat in the middle seat. And I really enjoyed the seat belt for a minute. And then we started driving, and I just burst into hysterics. I distinctly remember the car ride being like a roller coaster. And I was like, ‘This is a roller coaster. I’m on a roller coaster right now!’ I’m laughing, and my friend next to me is laughing, and they’re [his parents] not laugh And then they mention something they’re doing with my sister, and I’m like, “Lani! I love Lani!”

Tubbo concludes the story soon after, describing how he and his friend came home, embarrassed themselves in front of their siblings, and braced themselves for the hangovers they were sure to have the next day.

Fans react to Tubbo’s drunken story

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Numerous fans and content creators reacted to the binge story. Several took to the responses below the image of Tubbo lying drunk in a field on his Twitter.

Fans mocked the young content creator for his drunken mishaps, perhaps even chiding him a bit for getting so drunk on his first outing.

@TubboTWO this is a photo of my friend Tbbo. He used to be a happy and popular boy until one night he sniffed alcohol. he died instantly. Please, he don’t drink alcohol. Please don’t end up like tubbo. https://t.co/bB3tmjMmcR

@TubboTWO you’re the type of person who would tweet “tw //alcoholguyshsjd im so drunkkajdhh”

@TubboTWO For all those surprised by this tweet, remember that it is British. Being jerked off in a field is our soul

@TubboTWO oh yes, making a shit face in a field, a British tradition 🇬🇧

The binge story was a riot to hear for everyone involved, and since then, several clips have been made condensing the broadcast that was told only to the binge story. These content creators are only getting older, so there will almost certainly be more drunken stories in the future.

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