How to get fireflies in Minecraft (June 2022)

How to get fireflies in Minecraft (June 2022)

Minecraft 1.19 update is here and the community is excited about it. Bring the Guardian, cute Allays and more exciting features to the game. But unfortunately, the list of features does not include fireflies. The developers canceled the firefly mob for the Minecraft 1.19 Wild update, and there’s no confirmation if we’ll see them again. Fortunately, all hope is not lost yet. We are here to cover how to add fireflies in minecraft to get these shunned mobs back into the game. And our method also has some additional benefits. So, let’s not beat around the bush and find out how to get fireflies in Minecraft right now!

Add Fireflies to Minecraft Easily (June 2022)

We are going to use mods to add fireflies to Minecraft, but only you will be able to see them. So if you want something official and visible to other players, using the best Minecraft skins is a better option.

Why were fireflies removed in Minecraft 1.19?

Fireflies in Minecraft
Fireflies teased in Minecraft Live 2021

Initially, the developers had planned to add fireflies as part of the new mobs for the Minecraft 1.19 update. But they were canceled when the community pointed out that some species of fireflies can be poisonous to frogs that they were supposed to eat them to produce the frog’s light. Use our linked guide to find out if and when fireflies are officially coming to Minecraft.

How to Get Fireflies in Minecraft Bedrock

Although Minecraft Bedrock Edition has some major mod restrictions, some addons still allow you to add certain features to the game. One of them is the “Forgotten Fireflies Addon”, which was released in 2022 and adds swarms of fireflies to the game. The mob looks exactly like the mocked fireflies.

Forgotten Fireflies Addon
official screenshot

They naturally breed in forest and swamp biomes and are only visible at night. You can even trap it in glass bottles, but to do so, you need to interact with the center of the swarm rather than an individual firefly. You can then use that bottle to craft a firefly lantern in-game.

Install Bedrock Firefly Minecraft Addon

Follow the steps below to get fireflies in your Minecraft world in Bedrock edition:

1. This plugin only works on iOS, Android and Windows devices. So make sure you download it directly to your device from MCpedl. You may need to tackle some ads to get to the download page.

Download plugin for Fireflies

2. When you download the plugin, you will get a file with the “.mcaddon” extension. To install it, you need to open it with Minecraft. On your Windows PC, you can double-click the file to do so. In the meantime, you can use your file browser on Android, and using the Notes app on iOS to share it with Minecraft works best.

Activate the Firefly plugin in Bedrock

3. Then, to activate the fireflies, you have to create a new world in Minecraft. You can find the “Create New” option in the main section of your game.

Create new world in MC Beta

4. By making a new world, make sure you activate the plugin both in the behavior packs and in the texture packs area. They are found in the add-ons section under the multiplayer option.

Get fireflies in Minecraft Bedrock

5. Finally, make sure to turn on the “vanilla experiments” toggle in game settings. Then create the world. You can also set the game mode to creative to easily add and experience fireflies.

Experimental Bedrock Features

6. When the world loads, go to the jungle either swamp biome to find the fireflies at night. Or, if you’re in creative mode, you can use your inventory to fill a bottle of them.

Fireflies in Minecraft Bedrock

How to Get Fireflies in Minecraft Java

There are dozens of mods to add fireflies in Minecraft Java. we selected the mod “Illuminations” for this guide as it has a variety of unique mechanics. Not only do you get fireflies, but you also get fireflies as little particle creatures for various biomes. Each biome and even each dimension has its own solution for the low light area.

Illuminations Mod in Java
official screenshot

So, as if that wasn’t enough, this mod also adds a new aura mob in that game that follows you. This is a glowing mob, so you can drop your torches forever. But if you don’t want something to follow you, the mob also allows you to use glowing items for a similar effect.

Install Fireflies (Illuminations) in Minecraft Java

Follow these steps to add Fireflies to Minecraft Java on Windows, Linux, and macOS:

1. First, you need to install Forge in Minecraft to run mods. You can use our linked guide to do the same.

Minecraft Forge Installer

2. Then download the “Illuminations” mod from Forge. The downloaded file would be a “.jar” file. If prompted by your browser, be sure to click the “Hold” option to save the file. We have tested it ourselves and it does not contain any malware.

Save the jar file

3. Then copy and paste the downloaded jar files into the “mod” folder inside your minecraft directory. On Windows, it is usually present in the following location: %AppData%.minecraft\mods.

Alternatively, you can skip these steps using the CurseForge app (Free) to install it in a simplified way.

Mods folder in Minecraft

4. Finally, launch Minecraft with Forge from your launcher and open your existing world or create a new world.

launch minecraft forge

5. Finally, you must wait for the night for the fireflies to appear. Alternatively, you can use your creative inventory to spawn them directly.

Animated Fireflies in Java

Improve the aesthetics of the Minecraft world with fireflies

The sad days are over now. You can now add fireflies to Minecraft, and with that, you no longer need to wait for the Minecraft 1.20 update to find them. But if these shiny little mobs aren’t enough to satisfy you, the best Minecraft mods can add more mobs to the game. You can even use the best Minecraft modpacks to install many of these mobs at once. As for firefly fans, you can’t fully enjoy these new glowing mobs without the best lighting in the game. So get the best minecraft shaders to really appreciate fireflies in minecraft. With that being said, what other mob do you want to see in the game? Tell us in the comments below!

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