Games Inbox: Is the Xbox Series X stock woes finally over?

Games Inbox: Is the Xbox Series X stock woes finally over?

xbox series x console

Xbox Series X: available now (photo: Microsoft)

Friday’s card page still believes that Fallen Order is better than Obi-Wan Kenobi, as one reader expects Obsidian to make Fallout: New Vegas 2.

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beginning of the end
It could change, but it looks like Xbox Series X stock is now available and has been for weeks. Smyths isn’t available for home delivery, but most of their stores have stock, the one a mile from me has five.

It’s been available on Amazon, Very, Currys, and the Microsoft Store for weeks. Argos has them for pickup at my local store.

Hopefully, we’re not too far away from the PlayStation 5 being around for more than a nanosecond, but in all honesty, with the shortage of semiconductors and the general instability of current times, it seems like dry spells could come at any time. .

CG: It’s still in stock at all of those retailers as we write this, though Very classifies it as ‘low stock, selling fast’.

without holding back
So the Japanese listing for PS Plus looks a lot better, but it’s still not great. Some of the names are unclear, but it doesn’t seem like there are many more PlayStation 2 games than before. I don’t know if there is any technical reason for this, so I’m very confused and disappointed as this was the format I was most looking forward to playing again (there don’t seem to be many PSP games either, but personally I don’t care about that).

I’m not sure this is one of those cases where you don’t want to take a slow but steady approach, you want the game list to be as big and impressive as possible from the start. Add more as you go, sure, but if they’re holding things back on purpose, I think it’s a mistake.

A lot of people will only try it for a month and if that month is too little for me they won’t come back. Plus, they’ll tell all their friends it wasn’t good. We’ll see what the next American band is like, but I’m already prepared to have to put up with PAL versions, which is really an insult. Especially since the UK doesn’t need additional language options anyway.

too many war zones
Am I the only one who feels completely indifferent to Call Of Duty right now? Both the new Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. I don’t really care how many maps the new Warzone will have, I just want to know if they are going to fix the bugs and stop the cheaters. In my experience, that’s all that really matters to fans at the moment, and yet while I’m sure they’ll say they’ll fix all of that, if asked, no one will believe it until they see it.

This isn’t an issue unique to Call Of Duty, it’s basically any game that allows cross-play with PC players, but it works for Call Of Duty because of how popular it is and how it attracts jerks as well as normal gamers. .

Maybe the Modern Warfare 2 reboot is good, but if it’s not going to have a similar story, I’m not sure why they’re reusing the name. I bet they’re kicking themselves for not turning the Russians into bad guys now.

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sequel mania
Count me as one of those people who doesn’t like Sonic Frontiers at all. At least a little money has been spent on it this time around, but for something to feel so derived from another game, especially one that looks nothing like it, at this early stage isn’t exactly encouraging to me.

I would have been much, much happier to hear about Sonic Mania 2. I know it’s probably not as flashy or as big a seller as the 3D games, but the original is literally the only decent Sonic game in the last 20 years. For example, a couple have been good, but none of them have been actively good, and Sonic Mania was really amazing.

I know it was basically a fan thing so maybe they can’t get the team back together but if I were Sega I’d be doing my best to make that happen instead of relying on Sonic Team suddenly becoming competent after all these years.

new creed
I know GC was just going through the names of their biggest franchises, but I really hope it’ll be a long time until we see another Assassin’s Creed or Far Cry. I am way over both series and Ubisoft really needs to find another formula. I have a feeling they know they’ve hit a wall in terms of the quality of their games and public perception, but I don’t know if they’re really going to do anything about it.

It is a pity that Michel Ancel has left because I would have liked to see him have a bigger role. He didn’t have a formula, he just came up with ideas that he liked and he did them. Those are the kind of people that Ubisoft needs the most. And EA and Activision, since all the big companies are just as bad.

shortening the wait
I find it very strange that we won’t get a new Fallout 5 for another five or even ten years by the time Bethesda gets down to business. If they had been left to their own devices, maybe they would have been, but I can’t believe Microsoft wanted the franchise to sit idle for so long. Fallout 4 wasn’t perfect and Fallout 76 was terrible, but I don’t think the brand is that damaged.

I think they must be intending to give it to someone else to do it. They may not call it Fallout 5, but I hope the New Vegas remake rumor is true and will be followed by a new sequel.

That’s what I would do anyway. The only problem is that the obvious candidate to make the games is Obsidian, but they’re pretty busy at the moment. Until they at least finish Avowed, I doubt they’ll have time to even do the remake. So I hope it comes out soon, not because I have any real interest in it, but because I’d rather see them work on Fallout.

everything is fair
I just read the letter from Evil Moomin and his wish to attract the Nazis. You can do that in Sniper Elite 5. I’ve only seen it on yellow alert, not red. I mean it was also possible in the older games, but I’m not sure.

Anyway, two days ago I was shooting at them and I incapacitated one. I couldn’t finish him off because I had to reload. As he was lying there bleeding, another soldier went up to him, picked him up and was knocked down because I had reloaded.
Handsome Dan Wolfshead

Exit stage right, chased by a wampa
I have to agree with the reader yesterday that the Star Wars game has been doing a better job of maintaining the style and tone of the series than the Disney+ shows. They also look very expensive while TV shows look several notches below things like Game of Thrones or other AAA series. My only problem with the plot of Fallen Order, which I didn’t understand even when I was playing it, let alone what I can remember now.

The main thing seemed to be protecting the Force-sensitive children of the Empire, but there was also something about an ancient alien race. I never understood what it was or how the two things were connected.

Solve that and some of the other problems (those ice slides!) and I think the sequel could be a true classic. What also bugs me about the comparison between Fallen Order and Obi-Wan Kenobi is that they’re actually pretty similar stories in a similar time period. Except one is a big budget epic that looks good and is a huge fan and the other… has Ewan McGregor wandering around a landfill and one of the worst edits I’ve ever seen on a major TV show.

Seriously, that part where it runs away to the right of the screen and then suddenly reappears from the right, I thought I was in the same place and just came back. It was like something that had been filmed to be a comedy but it wasn’t. Needless to say, there is none of that in games.

Inbox also ran
Wolfenstein: The New Order is the free mystery game on the Epic Games Store, Epic hasn’t given it away before.
Andrew J.

I was ready for the story about the phallic-looking Pokemon to be silly clickbait but, err… that’s totally on purpose or the person who designed it has some real issues they need to work out from their subconscious. Yes.

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Are there any concepts or licenses that you feel haven’t been done well before and how would you handle them? Which games do things like spaceship combat and futuristic weapons better and which concepts, like zero gravity and alien planets, do you think are still untapped?

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