Minecraft Symbol Evolution

Minecraft Symbol Evolution

How confident are you in your knowledge of the history of the Minecraft logo? You might recognize the Minecraft logo at a glance today, but do you know what the original Minecraft logo was or how the symbol started and evolved?

Minecraft is currently one of the most popular games in the world, gaining 140 million active players since the original release in 2011. What started as a simple sandbox game quickly became an immersive world for gaming enthusiasts, constantly updated and evolving over the years.

Today, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Minecraft logo and how the image has evolved to suit a modern audience.

minecraft logo

Minecraft Logo Meaning – Understanding Minecraft Symbols

When it comes to hidden depth, the meaning of Minecraft symbols is relatively basic. The Minecraft logo has always tried to represent the nature of the game.

Blocky fonts and the use of various in-game textures throughout the history of the Minecraft logo help convey the experience users can expect.

The current Minecraft game logo is relatively simple, using gray as the main color, with a thick black-shaded font describing the name.

Notably, the Minecraft logo used today also has an “alternate” version that includes a bit more texture than the main image. This is meant to further represent the type of visuals you’ll see within the game.

The textured version of the logo appears frequently in international marketing, and also on certain “editions” of Minecraft, such as the “Console Edition”.

Minecraft also has the “Story Mode” logo, which is based on the actual Minecraft symbol in use today, with a secondary title placed in an almost 3D format below the game’s name.

minecraft logo

The “Story Mode” logo design creates an experience similar to seeing building blocks stacked on top of each other.

History of the Minecraft Logo: The Evolution of the Minecraft Logo

Minecraft logos have evolved several times over the years to adapt to the changing market and reflect the capabilities of the digital age. Today, the new Minecraft logo is clean, sleek, and beautifully well rendered. The old Minecraft logo may seem a bit basic by comparison.

Let’s take a look at some of the Minecraft logos over the years…

minecraft logo


The “original” Minecraft logo, designed by Hayden Scott-Baron, was never used by the brand. The design featured a curvy sans-serif wordmark with dynamic, bouncing letters all connected to each other.

The letters featured green for the land and white/blue for the sky and clouds within the font.

minecraft logo

The official Minecraft game logo was a world away from Hayden Scott-Baron’s design, with a blocky gray logo, designed with the game’s “cobblestone” texture. The geometric outlines highlighted the cuboid nature of the game.

minecraft logo


In 2011, Minecraft updated the logo a bit, refining the pattern significantly, with thicker, thicker, cleaner text. Gray and black were still the primary colors of the logo, but the overall image was much more professional.

This logo helped inspire the future Minecraft symbols that came to define the company today.

minecraft logo


Minecraft emblems since 2011 have only changed slightly, featuring more refinement and a bit more texture over time. Gradient tones appeared in the message, and the “vine face” within the “A” of the logo became more defined.

The new version of the Minecraft logo is much more elegant and there is also a version without “cracks” in the wordmark, as shown above.

minecraft logo

Minecraft icon and emblem

The Minecraft logo today is an instantly recognizable emblem for many gaming fans.

Minecraft, one of the most popular games in the world, has successfully crossed over from PC to various consoles, allowing for smooth and simple gameplay, without the standard issues that many new players would struggle with in the digital world.

Minecraft was designed by Markus Persson (Notch), in the Java programming language, and belongs to the Swedish Mojang studios. The first public version of the game appeared in 2009 before it officially hit the market in 2011.

The 3D blocky world is one of the most endearing parts of Minecraft, which is why the company chose to use this in their logo design.

Minecraft has been critically acclaimed over the years, winning a number of impressive awards and earning a position as one of the greatest video games of all time.

Minecon parodies, adaptations, social media, merchandise, and conventions have helped increase the game’s popularity and recognition of the Minecraft symbol.

minecraft logo

even the icon accompanying the Minecraft logo for the game application has a “block” image. The app used to feature a simple three-dimensional block, but has since been updated to feature a version of the Minecraft logo on the game’s textured “dirt” background.

Here are some great resources for the Minecraft logo:

Minecraft logo font: What font does the Minecraft logo use?

The Minecraft logo font was created from scratch by the company Madpixel Designs. You may be able to find some generators that produce similar fonts for entertainment purposes, but there are actually no similar fonts online for public use.

The unique typeface is called “Minecrafter” and uses a combination of geometric angles and textures to convey the Minecraft gaming experience. There is an obvious face shape within the “A” in Minecraft, which represents the face of one of the most well-known creatures in the game.

The Minecraft logo features lots of sharp angles, sans serifs, and three-dimensional appeal, helping to bring out the nature of the game. This wordmark appears to be designed to look more like an image than a standard logo.

There is also a specific font type within the game called Stgotic which was designed for low resolution screen devices and enables the chat feature today. This source is also the one used to provide information and alerts to players.

Minecraft game logo color

The Minecraft logo features various shades of gray throughout the surface of the wordmark, giving it a sense of depth and dimension. The gray color has always been the central tone of the Minecraft emblem, even in its original form.

If you’ve heard people talk about the blue Minecraft logo or the green Minecraft logo in the past, they may have been referring to the original logo created by Hayden Scott-Baron. However, this version of the Minecraft emblem was never officially implemented by the brand.

Outside of the core gray of the Minecraft logo, the image’s other primary color is black. It’s also possible to find a black and white version of the Minecraft logo if you need it for articles or press releases.

In most cases, it’s best to refer to the brand’s guidelines.

Celebrating the Minecraft logo

The Minecraft emblem today stands as an absolute champion of the gaming world. It’s hard to find someone interested in computer games who isn’t familiar with the simple yet effective blocky design of the Minecraft brand.

Although the first versions of this logo may have seemed a bit basic, they quickly gave way to a very refined and attractive design. The current Minecraft logo is a wonderfully stylized brand, available in two versions depending on your needs.

The most common version of the Minecraft logo is sleek and clean, while the secondary option features cracks in the 3D lettering.

The Minecraft logo as we know it today is also present on a number of other games created by the company, including the console version of the title and the Story Mode game.

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