7 games with more than one playable character

7 games with more than one playable character

Traditionally, single player games put you in the shoes of a protagonist, give you a few supporting characters, and pit you against at least one antagonist. However, many titles have shown that it is not necessary to stick to that formula. Sometimes the developers will provide you with multiple playable protagonists. In these cases, the game allows you to freely switch between them or forces you to switch at various intervals in the narrative.

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The inclusion of more than one playable character adds some variety to the game, as you don’t play as the same person throughout the adventure. More importantly, though, it can be used for storytelling because it allows you to see a narrative from multiple perspectives. Whatever the reason, the developers of the following titles included at least two playable characters.


7 watchdogs: legion

The third Watch Dogs title takes a unique approach with the lead role. You have a team of characters and control one of them at a time. They are also not established people. You pick a starting operative, then recruit more along the way. You can acquire the services of just about anyone, as you can simply recruit civilians off the street.

They all come with different abilities and equipment, so we encourage you to pick the right one for the right situation. The one thing they all have in common is the ability to hack as you are a hacking group called DedSec. Your goal is to free the people of London from the tyranny of various groups.

6 Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Technically, Assassin’s Creed games always have more than one protagonist. You have the current character and the one whose memories are living on. Syndicate goes a little further by witnessing the memories of two characters.

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They are murderous twins named Jacob and Evie Frye, operating in 19th century London. His goal is to loosen the Templars’ hold on the city. Although they are a team, they usually work individually. And you can switch between them at will. Either character can tackle most of the side content, but both have their own main quests.

5 Evil Residence Revelations

Resident Evil Revelations Jill And Chris

Resident Evil games often contain more than one playable character. However, in the first two innings, you only play as one per game. In understated reveals, you control a few different people throughout the narrative.

Series favorites Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield are the main ones as you switch between their perspectives a lot. Chris tends to have action-packed moments, while Jill deals with a few scares. You also play some sections of the campaign as newcomers Parker and Keith. All of them are involved in a situation full of terror where not everything is what it seems.

4 Borderlands Tales

TellTale’s narrative adventure in the Borderlands universe serves as one of the best episodic games of all time. Much of its greatness comes from its compelling story and highly witty dialogue. As you progress through said story, you will play as Rhys and Fiona.

At the beginning of the story, the two characters live very different lives. Fiona scams the residents of dangerous Pandora while Rhys works for a giant corporation. They are both very likeable and seeing how their relationship develops throughout the story is one of the most fun parts of the game.

3 the last of us part 2

Aside from a small section where you control Joel, you mostly play as Abby and Ellie during the second Last Of Us. The interesting thing is that these two characters are certainly not friends. In fact, they are practically mortal enemies, and the entire narrative revolves around their conflict.

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However, they spend most of the game apart, dealing with their own dramas and trying to survive in the title’s post-apocalyptic world. When they’re together, they’re always fighting, and the game chooses who you control for these matchups. Create an unusual setting where both protagonists are also antagonists at times.

two grand theft auto 5

Michael, Franklin, and Trevor are the three protagonists of Grand Theft Auto 5. Each of them has their own shelters and personal vehicles. Most importantly though, they each have their own set of quests. There is a lot of crossover as the characters regularly come together and are all involved in the overall story. Still, it seems that the three characters are living their own lives.

During missions that include more than one of them, you can often switch between the characters you want to control. You can also do this in the open world, even when the protagonists are on the other side of the map. It’s a cool feature that works very well.

1 Yakuza 0

While Kazuma Kiryu is possibly the face of the Yakuza series, he is not the only protagonist. There is often more than one playable character in games, and in Yakuza 0, he is joined by Goro Majima. Majima serves as Kiryu’s main rival for many of the other entries. However, Yakuza 0 takes place before all of those events.

The game shows you how Kiryu became a legend and how Majima became the mad dog. Both are involved in the war over the extremely valuable Empty Lot. However, each character has their own engaging plot.

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