Will Nintendo remove female drivers from Mario Kart?

Will Nintendo remove female drivers from Mario Kart?

One of the most popular driving games is Mario Kart. It’s not the most realistic, most exciting, or biggest world. But it is loved by virtual drivers of all ages. I’ll sit and play Mario Kart anytime, anywhere, just give me a controller. But, there is a crazy story about whether Nintendo will ban female characters in video games, specifically Mario Kart 8. Will kart enthusiasts miss out on some of Nintendo’s best female characters?

Will Nintendo kill off its female characters after an investment in Saudi Arabia?

A trio of Mario Kart enthusiasts play in Mario and Luigi costumes at Comic Con 2018.

Playing Mario Kart at Comic-Con | Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Nintendo

This question has spread across the internet like wildfire in recent weeks. Fans of the games have been in an uproar over the potential elimination of favorite female drivers like Princess Peace, Dixie Kong, and Toadette.

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