The best helmet enchantments in minecraft

The best helmet enchantments in minecraft

Enchantments are one of the most important aspects of improving ease of play in Minecraft. But with so many enchantments available to players, it can be quite difficult to know which ones are really useful and which ones are a waste of those hard-earned levels.

Helmets are one of the armor pieces that have many useful and useless enchantment options. The useful ones are powerful and will make the game very easy, while the useless ones will lead to frustration and wasted levels.

All types of helmets can be enchanted, including leather, chain mail, tortoise shell, gold, iron, diamond, and netherite. If you’re not sure where to start or overwhelmed by the number of enchantments available, here’s a comprehensive list of the best enchantments available for Minecraft helmets

Minecraft classified helmet enchantments

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IV Protection

The most important enchantment for any piece of armor is the highest possible level of Protection. Protection IV is the highest level available in Minecraft and will offer the best protection for players, so they should aim for this level of enchantment on their helmet.

While there are other specific protection enchantments such as fire, projectile, and blast protection, these will conflict with general protection. This means that players should always choose Regular Protection as it reduces all damage taken by the armor and the player rather than just a specific damage type. Players are often confused into thinking they need all versions of Protection, but while Protection from Fire, Projectiles, and Explosions will only protect players from that specific type of damage, the General Protection enchantment protects players from any damage type.

Unbreakable III

Pouring a ton of work and experience levels into making the perfect helmet is useless if it eventually breaks. Therefore, Unbreaking is the second most important enchantment because it helps increase the durability of the armor and prevents it from breaking as fast. The higher the Unbreaking level, the better durability the enchanted item will have, with the highest Unbreaking level being three.

repairing myself

Right next to Unbreaking, players should also look to apply the Mending enchantment to their helmet before they start using it. Repair converts experience into restored durability for the item it is applied to, meaning that as long as players continually perform activities that award experience, such as mining or killing mobs, the helmet they are wearing will always be restored to its maximum durability. Repair only has one level, but that’s all players need to make sure their helmet lasts forever.

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Breath III

Deep beneath the ocean surface lurk ocean ruins, shipwrecks, and ocean monuments filled with valuable loot that is incredibly difficult to gather with regular breathing of water. This is why Breathe is a very important enchantment near the top of the best helmet enchantments.

Breathing has a maximum enchantment level of three and extends the amount of time players can breathe underwater by 15 seconds per enchantment level. With Breathing III, players will be able to breathe underwater for the base 15 seconds plus an additional 45 seconds, bringing the total time to a full minute.

Aqua Affinity I

This enchantment increases the speed players can mine underwater and is very important when navigating the treacherous world that lurks at the bottom of the ocean. Players are generally unable to mine at a regular rate underwater, which can lead to some frustrating and life-threatening situations, making Aqua Affinity a must-have hull enchantment.

Aqua Affinity I is the highest level of enchantment available and allows players to mine underwater at normal speed instead of five times slower as is the case without the enchantment.

Thorns III

As long as you plan to wear your armor continuously during experience-granting activities and have applied both Recovery and Repair, Thorns is a very powerful enchantment that all players should apply to their helmets. Any enemy that hits a player equipped with Thorns will immediately take damage against them.

But the reason it’s essential to have Unbreaking and Mending alongside Thorns is that Thorns break armor much faster. Every time Thorns deals damage, the durability of the armor piece it’s equipped to decreases. While this may seem daunting, players who equip Thorns on their helmets along with Unbreaking and Mending will be fine as long as they regularly engage in activities that allow them to lose experience.

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In addition to your powerful new helmet, you will need powerful weapons and tools that are also equipped with the best enchantments available in Minecraft to ensure your overall success.

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