Cast Revealed for Netflix’s New Animated Series Farzar [EXCLUSIVE]

Cast Revealed for Netflix's New Animated Series Farzar [EXCLUSIVE]

rant on screen couldn’t be more excited to exclusively reveal the voice cast of FarzarNetflix’s upcoming adult sci-fi animated series from Paradise PS creators Roger Black and Waco O’Guin. The outrageous new show has received a 10-episode order for its first season, which follows the egotistical human warrior Renzo, who freed the planet Farzar from the evil alien Bazarack and established a human settlement under a massive dome.

The story picks up years later, with Farzar once again under attack by said evil aliens. Renzo’s well-intentioned but not exactly brilliant son, Prince Token, ventures out with his special team “SHAT” (Special Hostile Assault Team!), made up of a human soldier turned cyborg (Scootie), facing off against twins. united (Val and Mal), a deranged scientist (Barry Barris), a highly incompetent mutant (Billy), and a mischievous little alien known as chaos-zealot. (zobo). As they travel to confront his enemies, Token soon discovers that everything he knows may have been a lie.


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the cast of Farzarwhich rant on screen now you can reveal on behalf of Netflix, it’s made of icons of the silver screen and legends in the voice acting industry. Read on to find out who will be playing in Black and O’Guin’s sci-fi sandbox, as well as what their roles entail:

Lance Reddick (credit: Kevin Sinclair), Dana Snyder, David Kaye (credit: Bo Roberts)

lance reddick (Resident Evil, John Wick, Bosch): Renzo. Renzo is the “chosen” tsar of Farzar. Everyone tends to vote for Renzo because otherwise the voting booth fills with nerve gas. Renzo controls his people through propaganda and keeps them happy with antidepressants in the water supply. He is vain, narcissistic and spends most of the day oiling his pecs before making them dance. Renzo wants nothing more than to kill his nemesis, the “evil” leader of the aliens: Bazarack.

Dana Snyder (The Patrick Star Show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Paradise PD): Tabel, Bazarack and Billy.

Tabel is the only son of Czar Renzo and Queen Flammy. He has never been outside the human city walls, but he is eager to become a great hero and impress his father. The problem is that Tabel has been pampered by his mother and his father considers him a “smoky heap of disappointment.” Tabel says that he is brave but his father says that “being too dumb to be afraid is not the same as being brave”.

Bazarack is the leader of the “evil alien” rebels who live outside the wall and want to overthrow the humans in order to take control of Farzar. He does his best to appear threatening, but he is very insecure and unsure of himself. He believes that perception is more important than reality, so he paints fake blood on his fangs and has a bunch of plastic skulls stacked outside his lair. He has a flair for the dramatic and would make a better drama teacher than leader of the alien forces.

Billy – Barry set out to create a killing machine by mixing the DNA of many different animals. In the process, he learned that less is more, as the product of his experiment was Billy, a highly incapable mutant overwhelmed by a giant lobster claw, a chicken beak, a rhino horn, a skunk tail, and several others. .. parts. Billy is essentially a child in his mind, but he often displays wisdom beyond his years and frequently serves as a voice of reason for our characters, whether they care to listen or not.

david kaye (Eternals, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Ratchet & Clank): Barry Barrys. Barry Barris was Farzar’s greatest scientific mind…until his nervous breakdown. Now all of his inventions are a bit weird and/or make people uncomfortable. That said, one way or another, they always seem to get the job done. His greatest invention was the mutant hybrid, Billy, whom he considers a son.

Cast Farzar 2
Jerry Minor (credit: Stefanie Keenan), Kari Wahlgren (credit: Erica Vincent), Gray Griffin (credit: Julia Dillion), and Carlos Alazraqui (credit: Rob Flate)

jerry minor (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Brickleberry) as Scootie. A former human soldier who lost nearly all of his body in battle. He is now a cyborg who gets offended when someone calls him a robot. Scootie numbs his pain by squishing and sniffing Snuffle Snarts, adorable and innocent aliens whose dust produces a euphoric high.

kari wahlgren (Rick and Morty, Teen Titans Go!, DC Super Hero Girls): Mal and Val.

Mal – A gray-haired soldier. He has seen and enjoys the hell of war. She is attached to her conjoined twin sister Val, who sometimes gets in the way of her violent missions, but they have an arrangement on how to divide the time on her jobs. She has a thousand-yard gaze and a seething intensity.

Val – The antithesis of Mal, Val is a sweet and dedicated preschool teacher in the human city, who cares deeply about the well-being of her students. She is a hard worker with a positive attitude, despite sharing her body with one of the most violent and aggressive people in Farzar: her conjoined twin sister, Mal. Her physical situation often gets in the way of romantic pursuits, and basically everything else, but he still does his best to live his life, including playing his little crush in Tabel.

Co-stars include:

gray faucet (The Loud House, The Simpsons, Robot Chicken): Queen Flammy. The queen of Farzar, mother of Tarjetael and wife of Renzo. She may be old and not fully into him, but she still hasn’t lost her sex drive, much to Renzo’s annoyance. Ella’s spoiling of Ella has made him the softie he is today and her slight senility allows Renzo to run the city without his intervention.

carlos alazraqui (Reno 911, Kamp Koral, Los Casagrandes): Zobo. Zobo is a mischievous little alien known as a chaos-celot, a species of aliens that feed on chaos. Zobo needs to create anarchy in order to survive. Eventually, he works his way into Prince Tokenel’s inner circle, giving him even more opportunities to be an effective agent of chaos.

Given the raunchy, free-spirited nature of the cult hit Paradise PSfans of Black and Waco O’Guin’s work can expect something equally irreverent and no-holds-barred from Farzar. On the other hand, the very different nature of the setting ensures that nothing about the intriguing new series will feel old, and that fact, aside from the stellar cast, certainly makes it worth checking out.

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Farzar Season 1 will soon be coming exclusively to Netflix.

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