What is the rarest mob skin in Minecraft?

What is the rarest mob skin in Minecraft?

Minecraft has a lot of mobs, many of which have rare and unique combinations. But anytime there’s a chance that something will turn out one way or another, like a pig spawning as an adult or a baby, there’s the ability to increase these chances to make something exponentially rarer. If done right, a zombie can be not only a baby, but also a chicken jockey and a villager.

And since Minecraft has so many potential mobs with possible variations, it begs the question: What is the rarest type of mob in the game?

The rarest mobs Minecraft has to offer

brown mushroom

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The brown mooshroom cannot reproduce naturally. In fact, it can only be generated by player interference, either directly or indirectly.

What this means is that the player must be nearby for a brown mooshroom to spawn. A red mooshroom will turn into a brown mooshroom when struck by lightning. However, if the player is not in or near the Mycelium biome when a thunderstorm occurs, this cannot happen.

Additionally, players can choose to get directly involved in creating a brown mooshroom. This is done by using a channeling trident during said lightning storm to force lightning to hit the piece of the red mushroom, which will force the color to change.

However, when two red mushrooms are bred together, there is also a low chance, one in 1024, that the offspring will be a brown mushroom baby.

Baby shell panda rider

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This combination is a baby shell in fully enchanted diamond armor, holding an enchanted iron sword that is mounted on a brown panda. This combination of extremely rare mobs leads to the rarest mob for the Bedrock edition.

However, this mob cannot appear in Java, as zombie jockeys are limited to chicken only in that edition of Minecraft. The Bedrock edition allows zombie riders to mount a large number of other mobs.

The combination of factors is so unlikely that seeing one spawn naturally is almost unfathomable, with a probability of 3.4 billion. By comparison, this mob is less likely to spawn than a player being struck by lightning in the real world more than 15 times in their lifetime. That should help put how weird this zombie jockey is into perspective.

Enderman snow golem

An example of snow golems (Image via Minecraft)
An example of snow golems (Image via Minecraft)

Did you know that endermen can carry both types of blocks needed to spawn a snow golem? Well, not only can they carry the necessary blocks, but if you place them in the correct orientation that you would normally spawn on a snow golem, a snow golem is created. There are no restrictions on this being a player-exclusive ability.

The chances of this happening are minuscule. This is because the endermen don’t get preferential treatment for any type of block when they pick them up, and they also behave totally randomly when they put them back down. The chance of the snow golem being spawned by an enderman is one in 5 billion.

The weirdest mob in Minecraft

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While there are some extremely rare mobs mentioned so far, there is one that reigns supreme in terms of rarity. A list of different tags and conditions make this mob so rare that it is impossible for it to happen.

The mob is a baby zombie villager jockey who finds himself in an abandoned town spawned on the edge and sprawls out into a jungle biome. Once found, this mob needs to be healed, turned into a weaponsmith, and traded to unlock all trades. The best trades should happen naturally at your lowest price and have the best enchantments. The player must then reconvert them into a zombie.

This is where the real RNG comes in. The newly rezombified villager must be a zombie leader who has max health, max player spot range, has the ability to break doors, pick up blocks, and be left-handed with the best. enchanted iron sword of natural origin possible. The zombie should also spawn in the best enchanted diamond armor possible when he turns.

IF ALL OFSE Conditions Are Met, There is a One In 66000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,

To help put this in perspective, it is estimated that there are a number of atoms in the universe equal to one followed by 82 zeros. This means that you are much more likely to randomly select the correct atom in the universe than to randomly find this mob in Minecraft. Rare is an understatement for this guy.

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