What happened to the DLC?

What happened to the DLC?

Posted a little over a year ago Resident Evil Village was one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful video games of 2021, selling over six million units worldwide, and winning or being nominated for many year-end game awards. A month after its release, Capcom announced that the downloadable content for Resident Evil Village it was already in development, promising more detailed information at a later date.

However, outside of that initial announcement and some cryptic potential clues, there has been no concrete news on Resident Evil VillageDLC of . While the little information that has been released has provided clues as to what the DLC might be about, many other demonic resident Projects that Capcom is developing at the moment may have played a role in its apparent delay.

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The first announcement about Resident Evil VillageCapcom’s DLC arrived in June 2021 during Capcom’s presentation at E3 2021. Along with new information about the release of Monster Hunter: Ascend Y the great ace lawyerCapcom announced that the development of DLC for Resident Evil Village had started “by popular demand.” Considering how soon the DLC stops Resident Evil Villagethe ancestor of , Resident Evil 7: Biohazardwas released, many demonic resident fans assumed they would at least get more information before the end of the year.

After this initial announcement, however, news of Resident Evil VillageThe DLC for has been sparse at best. The next time the DLC was mentioned was in Capcom’s Integrated Report, which reported that the DLC for Resident Evil Village was in development and that at least part of it would be released for free. Apart from a brief reference in a Famitsu article, 2021 would pass without concrete news about the DLC supposedly in development.

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Then, on March 9, 2022, a mysterious tweet appeared on Capcom’s Twitter page showing an image of Lady Dimitrescu with the caption “a rat cannot run from the clutches of the dragon!” Capcom has used Twitter and other social media platforms in the past to tease upcoming releases, so this cryptic tweet could be a clue as to what Resident Evil VillageThe DLC for , will be discussed, as well as an indication that it will be released soon.

While the DLC’s delay has been frustrating for many fans, many factors could explain why its release has stalled. At the moment, Capcom is preparing to release several high-profile games, including HD remaster ports of both. resident evil 2 Y Resident Evil 3. Even if these releases are released on time, the time and resources invested in making them would almost certainly impact the production of Resident Evil VillageDLC of . Even then, many of these releases have been delayed by production issues, such as the online-only release. Resident Evil Re:Versecausing even more tension in the development of the DLC.

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It’s also possible that the delays are a result of the DLC’s scope expansion. The story of Resident Evil Village it left several loose ends open, leaving a lot of material for potential storylines that could be explored in the DLC. These could explore Chris Redfield following the revelation that the soldiers the BSAA sent to the village were biological weapons, or perhaps it could expand the history of the village, Mother Miranda, and the Four Lords into a story set in the past. As it shows Hollow Knight: SilksongDLC may turn out to be something bigger than the developer intended, and Capcom may simply be taking the time it needs to produce a quality experience.

Due to circumstances both within and outside of the developer’s control, the production of certain video games can slow down, and recent events at Capcom seem to imply that this is what is happening with the DLC for Resident Evil Village. While it’s been a longer wait than many demonic resident fans hoped so, Capcom has earned a well-deserved reputation for offering quality DLC, and the wait, intended or not, could buy the developer more time to make Resident Evil Village‘s downloadable content is just as memorable as its predecessor.

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What happened to Hollow Knight: Silksong?

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