Twitch Rivals: Creator Series Recap: Fortnite Zero Build Finale

Twitch Rivals: Creator Series Recap: Fortnite Zero Build Finale

The final Fortnite Zero Build event adopted the traditional format, with 32 phenomenal teams competing in six custom matches. Armored battle buses, tanks, helicopters, reconnaissance scanners, and tents were generally prohibited in all games, unless otherwise noted. Each of the creators who participated in the event dictated the format of one of the games:

  • The first game, the Sommerset format, only awarded points for elimination.
  • Game two, Tfue’s format, banned reconnaissance scanners, torches, and tents, and armored battle buses, helicopters, and tanks remained in the game.
  • The third game, the NickEh30 format, banned the match before the first storm surge.
  • The fourth game, the Alixxa format, limited the use of SMGs and grenade launchers.
  • The fifth game, the Pgod format, supported the use of Arena/Competition mode loot only.
  • The sixth game, the last game of the day, was unrestricted, meaning players could go wild with strange and yet undiscovered tactics.

Previously, the winner of each round received 20 points, plus bonus points for each elimination. However, the grand finale of the Creator Series: Fortnite Zero Build featured a comeback mechanic that doubled earnings. The winner of the round received 40 points, a close second with 34 points, third with 30 points, fourth with 28 points, fifth with 26, with each subsequent qualifying trio earning two points less than the previous one.

The total prize of Creator Series: Finale ft. Fortnite was $100,000 with the winner taking home $21,000. On top of that, Creator Series winners won a fully functional microphone trophy. Second place won $15,000, third place $9,000, fourth place $4,800, and fifth place $3,600. As is tradition, the players with the most eliminations received an additional $1,300, distributed among the top 10 players.

The hosts of Creator Series: Finale ft. Fortnite were, as usual, SanchoWest and Javier “MonsterDface” Collazo, along with Caleb “WavePunk” Simmons.

Game 1: Somerset Format

Since the Sommerset format only awarded points for elimination, it completely upset the natural order and gained conditions like privileged positioning and rogue map movement. This format awarded teams three points for each elimination.

From the start, the match was, unsurprisingly, extremely volatile. Many teams, like Nicholas “NickEh30” Amyoony’s team, decided to hunt down enemy players. Although this tactic put Dejsean “Deyy” Hew’s team in the lead, their unbearable aggression was quickly punished. Instead, Cody “Clix” Conrod’s team, which followed in his footsteps, were more calculated and positioned themselves better.

Finally, Team Clix was eliminated, leaving Team vanessuh against Team NickEh30. In a close matchup over open fire, Team vanessuh just barely eliminated Team NickEh30, ending the round with an outstanding 10 eliminations.

Game 2: Tfue Format

Tfue’s format, which banned reconnaissance scanners, torches, and tents, was the only format that did not limit the use of buses, helicopters, and armored battle tanks.

Team Clix once again ran the show with excellent face-paced rotations and prime positioning. However, such extreme dominance drew too much attention and led to an earlier elimination.

Other teams that stood out in this round were those led by Jesús “Jelty” Navarez Espinoza and, of course, Turner “Tfue” Tenney. Unfortunately, they were eliminated due to poor positioning or rotations when the storm brought in Rocky Reels.

This left Marcus “Ranger” Pereira’s team to try and take down Emad “EmadGG” Nasif’s team from their high ground. However, NoahWPlays was attacked and the EmadGG team won the round.

Game 3: NickEh30 Format

NickEh30’s format restricted the match until the first swell. Storm surge, a relatively uncommon mechanic, periodically damages players who did less damage during the game.

Since the contestants had more than enough time at their disposal before the fight began, they concentrated on establishing superior positions. When the action finally began, Team Zemie took the lead. They were naturally focused and quickly eliminated.

This left the teams led by Nicholas “Thiefs” Smorto and Kevin “Tocata” Larrinaga fighting for first place. Team Thiefs managed to stop Team Tocata’s kill streak and won the round.

Game 4: Alixxa Format

Alixxa’s format prevented players from using submachine guns and grenade launchers, as well as banning armored battle buses, tanks, helicopters, reconnaissance scanners, and tents. As a result, the format favored players who were highly skilled with their shots.

The teams that put their words into action in this round were Team Ranger and Team EmadGG. Although Team EmadGG had smart early rotations, they finished the round in second place as, unlike Team Ranger, they couldn’t find any ground in the area.

Game 5: pgod format

Similar to the Alixxa format, the pgod format favored the more rare and knowledgeable players, as the format featured only loot in Arena/Competition mode.

Since the rules drastically reduced the number of vehicles, players needed to have fast and smart rotations. Teams Theifs, Tfue and Jelty dictated the pace of the match with their clever positioning on high ground.

As they fought, Matthew “Mero” Faitel collected an unreasonable amount of health packs and stayed behind in the storm to get location points. Amazingly, he even managed to secure 15 points for his team, which was led by Piero “pgod” Ramirez. Although the end of the match was packed with talent, Team Jelty won the round by staying on the outskirts.

Game 6 – Zero Build Showdown Format

The final game of the day, aside from the usual bans on armored battle buses, tanks, helicopters, reconnaissance scanners, and tents, had no limitations except the player’s imagination.

Early in the game, Team Tfue was clearly outclassing everyone else with incredible positioning that allowed them to secure top-tier rotations. Unfortunately, they were caught off guard and eliminated by Team NickEh30. The game concluded with a game of hide and seek between the Ranger and Tkay teams. Although Team Tkay made an enormous effort to repel Team Ranger’s forces, they fell short.

Overall, the winner of another Twitch Rivals event was Team Tfue. Team pgod took second place, after underperforming during this event, and Team Ranger rightfully took third place.

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