Summer Game Fest 2022: what to expect

Summer Game Fest 2022: what to expect

Summer Game Fest 2022 returns for the third year in a row without E3 competition; this is what you can expect from him.

Summer Games Festival is on the horizon with big questions about what to expect regarding E3’s replacement for 2022. With several companies opting in this year, the showcase seems like the place to be for gaming news for the year without Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show. and the prizes of the game. With that in mind, there’s good reason to speculate that this showing will hold its own above initial offerings from this year’s fledgling exhibits.

Geoff Keighley kicked off Summer Game Fest in 2020, downplaying the pomp and circumstance of the publisher’s E3 showcase in favor of a remote option. This digital event gives companies the opportunity to highlight individual titles and focus less on chatting and courting developers and media outlets. However, the event itself didn’t feel like a genuine replacement for E3 despite 2021’s insignificant digital showing. With E3 2022 cancelled, many rushed to Keighley to spread the word and get more visibility at a arena with a growing viewer base. The knowledge that many publishers have decided not to hold their conferences this year means the showcase is projected to attract even more attention in 2022.


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According to Keighley (in a Twitter Spaces conversation reported by video game chronicle), viewers should expect fewer events this year, as many publishers agreed to showcase their work during the three-hour event on June 9, and others spread out among the other big conferences. Complementary to Summer Game Fest, Sony will run PlayStation State of Play on June 2, with Xbox and Bethesda showcase three days after Summer Game Fest on June 12. It is safe to expect that various announcements at these conferences will overlap depending on the deals made. with our own and third-party studios. Still, major Sony and Xbox titles will likely remain mostly in their standalone releases. What is likely, however, are some updates on highly anticipated titles. Some companies have major titles that are expected to be revealed due to the flood of rumors and leaks in the last two years.

Capcom is one to watch at Summer Game Fest 2022

Capcom Fighting Collection

Although Capcom will be skipping a one-on-one press conference, all signs point to the inevitability that the Japanese publishing giant will be primed and ready to tackle this year with some big announcements. The rumor mill has been churning for the past half year, around notable titles like the highly anticipated Resident Evil 4 Remake and the previously announced Resident Evil: Town DLC that has not yet been detailed. Additionally, Capcom has the Monster Hunter Rise: Dawn expansion for PC and Nintendo Switch on the horizon, so the catalog of releases is a bit thin; slimmer still are future titles on the record. By 2022, Capcom’s full roster consists of Capcom Fighting Collection, break the sunand a new game stadium entrance, with Pragmatics Y exoprimal due next year.

It is more likely that the demonic resident The reveals will happen during the PlayStation State of Play event if recent rumors are to be believed, leaving Summer Game Fest in charge of more details on these titles and updates on exoprimal Y Pragmatics. What capcom pretend to have”several major titles“Planned for release in March 2023, this may also be the year Mega Man gets a 35th anniversary game alongside the mainstays of the other series. It’s also very likely to be when street fighter 6 he finally gets a full reveal. Many believe that the title is scheduled for later this year now that street fighter 5 development is finally complete.

Square Enix will probably participate in the Summer Game Fest

Square Enix allows you to work from home

Whatever the capacity, Square Enix will most likely have a presence at this year’s Summer Game Fest. Square is gearing up for the launch of a cult classic revival of live alive for the Nintendo Switch, a title that initially launched on the SNES and never made it to the west. Although this game is likely to get some exposure during one of the events, what you’re even more likely to see during this time period is more information about Final Fantasyanniversaries of . This year marks the 35th anniversary of the Final Fantasy franchise and, even more interesting, the 25th anniversary of final fantasy 7. New information about the beloved series will be revealed in early June, lining up with reveal season. However, as the PlayStation event is only 30 minutes long and will be devoting a portion to PSVR 2, it is more likely that the reveal of this title will be transferred to Summer Game Fest.

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As for the strongest candidates for revelation, abandoned Y final fantasy 16 he will likely make subsequent appearances during the Keighley event. final fantasy 16in particular, it is a game that many have been waiting for some update, and the producer of final fantasy 16 has promised a trailer soon, and that the title is almost finished. Although it may seem more prudent to put a more significant focus on abandoned, these fanbases don’t entirely intersect, and the hype for the new IP and the classic franchise won’t cannibalize each other. It’s also safe to assume that another remaster will appear for another classic Square RPG franchise, possibly one like Saga series title. A more hopeful dream would be the recent Final Fantasy pixel remasters released on modern consoles.

Although Square Enix and Capcom will be the biggest to watch this year due to the higher profile announcements anticipated by them, Western developers are not far behind either. While Xbox and Bethesda will no doubt be showcasing most Western titles at their conference, some titles like the indie cyberpunk title replaced may finally resurface at Summer Game Fest. games like star field they’re less likely to surface due to the recent delay, but it’s safe to expect a flood of independent reveals from developers around the world. With most game companies going silent for the past few years, all eyes are focused squarely on Keighley’s attempt to supplant E3. While it’s usually best to tell players to manage expectations, this year may be the year to keep an eye out for what’s to come in the future and expect great things from Summer Games Festival 2022.

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