Minecraft Player Megabuild Fortress Looks Like Dark Souls

Minecraft Player Megabuild Fortress Looks Like Dark Souls

A dedicated and skilled Minecraft player has built an impressive mega fortress build that wouldn’t look out of place in a Dark Souls game.

A Minecraft impressive mega-build of the player’s fortress wouldn’t look out of place in a Dark souls game, and it goes to show what’s possible when it comes to building on the success of Mojang. The number of tributes made by fans throughout MinecraftThe life cycle of has practically eclipsed the history of the game, and thanks to the constant Minecraft updates and new content, your creative possibilities are endless.

Since its full official launch in 2011, Minecraft has dominated the sandbox survival genre thanks to its gameplay and ease of use. Weather Minecraft offers various game modes, the core of its gameplay revolves around players creating whatever they are capable of and defending their creations from hostile creatures and players. Its unprecedented success has spawned merchandise, several clones, its convention, its own South Park episode, and even educational software. For more than 20 years, Minecraft it has hosted millions of would-be artisans and an equal number of user-generated creations. Of Castlevania a Skyrima Super Marioa Five nights at Freddy’s Minecraft recreations, if they ever existed, were most likely made in the Minecraft world.


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reddit user Parking_Price6980 showed the progress of a new Minecraft mega build that looks like it came straight out of a FromSoftware game. The build features a huge, intricately crafted dark gothic cathedral that immediately drew praise from players. Other Reddit users were quick to marvel at the majesty of the cathedral, but also compared it to the architecture seen in the Dark souls games. Specifically Anor Londo, one of dark souls 3‘s most famous locations and home to one of its most infamous boss fights. Comparisons have also been made with various locations in Yharnam since blood borne, another game in the Soulsborne series. Those interested in receiving updates from the Minecraft the content creator can follow them on Twitter under the handle _potomy_.

Minecraft fortress looks like Dark Souls

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There is no shortage of awesome Minecraft builds and creations seen throughout the game’s dedicated community, and the next wild update should help bolster user builds and designs. Due for release in June, the update will introduce a host of new content, including two new biomes known as Deep Dark and Mangrove Swamp. The Deep Dark seems to offer horror content with the tough new enemy Warden, which could do Minecraft plus Dark souls-like never before.

Dark souls is just one of many franchises recreated by dedicated fans within Minecraft about his 20-year legacy. It is a true testament to both the architecture of Soulsborne and the passion of fan creativity that these gothic structures look so beautiful in Minecraft as they do at their source. With fans like Parking_Price6980 continuing to create amazing works with passion, and with no sign of MinecraftUpdates are ending soon, players will be churning out several more franchise-based masterpieces for many years to come.

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Font: Parking_price6980/Reddit, _potomy_/Twitter

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