Minecraft Ice Age DLC takes Manny and friends on an ancient adventure

Minecraft Ice Age DLC takes Manny and friends on an ancient adventure

An Ice Age DLC for Minecraft will take players back to the year 20,000 BC. C. to hunt acorns on a unique frozen map alongside Manny, Sid, Diego and their friends.

An exciting new Minecraft DLC features Ice Age characters like Manny, Diego and Sid in Mojang’s survival sandbox. Blue Sky Studios’ animated film series stars a menagerie of prehistoric animals who get into various mischief while trying to survive the Pleistocene ice age period. While the series has spawned several spin-off video games, including Ice Age: Scrat’s Wacky Adventurea cross with Minecraft will put a new spin on the beloved franchise.

Despite its launch in 2009, Minecraft continues to be supported by Mojang in the form of frequent updates. The game’s creation mechanics and procedurally generated worlds have been improved and expanded over time, giving players new ways to survive and thrive within the block-based title. While Mojang releases free updates to evolve the game, more substantial downloadable content allows players to bring exciting crossover content to life within Minecraft. These packs can add new skins and objectives for players to enjoy while exploring custom maps. For example, the recently announced angry birds downloadable content for Minecraft turns players red and tasks them with rescuing their feathered friends.


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a downloadable Ice Age adventure for Minecraft has been revealed by minecraft market On twitter. The upcoming DLC, created by 4j Studios, will allow players to explore iconic Ice Age places like the skeleton bridge, the lava falls and the mammoth tree. Over 30 new custom skins will allow players to find or become beloved characters like Manny, Sid, Scrat and more. The DLC tasks players with collecting acorns, reflecting the eternal quest for Ice Age icon Scrat, as he recreates iconic scenes from the franchise. The old one Minecraft The expansion is now available in Overworld for free.

While the Ice Age DLC will allow players to embark on an icy journey, the Savage Minecraft Update the release date is also fast approaching. The next expansion will make several additions to the block-based sandbox, adding new biomes and new mobs to populate them. The mangrove swamps will be covered in shallow water, covered in mangroves and populated by adorable frogs. The Deep Dark, meanwhile, is a terrifying underground biome filled with ancient ruins where players can loot and encounter the nearly unstoppable Warden.

Minecraft already has a lot of content to offer its players, but the next Ice Age DLC will add a totally unique new adventure. Players will be able to join Manny, Sid, Diego and their friends as they search for elusive acorns on a frozen map and encounter iconic characters. Fans of Mojang’s survival sandbox and the Ice Age The film franchise can get their hands on the exciting DLC ​​now.

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Minecraft is available on all platforms.

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