How to breathe underwater in Minecraft

How to breathe underwater in Minecraft

Breathing underwater is a useful tool to keep in mind Minecraft. Some of the world’s greatest treasures and deepest caves may be locked underwater beyond the reach of normal breathing.

The ocean presents an excellent exploration opportunity for those who can brave the deepest depths. Before you begin the epic world conquest you’ve planned, you’ll want to be able to brave the water without fear.

However, it’s not as easy as just jumping in and holding your breath. If you want to avoid taking damage or even dying under the surface of the water, you’ll need to increase the time you can stay underwater. Fortunately, there are a few ways enterprising players can better equip themselves to take on the waves.

Method No. 1: Water Breathing Potion

The most obvious way to increase the time you spend underwater is to create and use a water breathing potion. It’s not the easiest method, but it gives the longest uninterrupted extension of breath time underwater. (Note that you will need to have access to the Nether to make water-breathing potions.)

First, make or find a workbench out of planks of wood. From there, combine a Blaze Rod (obtainable in the Nether) and three Cobblestones to create a Brewing Station, another type of brewing block that allows you to craft potions.

Once you’ve set up the brew station, turn another Blaze Rod into Blaze Powder to boost its brew powers. Put a water bottle in any of the three potion slots at the bottom of the mechanism, then put a nether wart in the top box. The resulting concoction should be an awkward potion, which should be left at the brewing station. If you put a puffer fish in the top box and wait for it to brew, the Awkward Potion will transform into a Water Breathing Potion. Players who want to stay underwater as long as possible can add a Redstone to the full potion to extend its duration.

Simply drink the potion before entering the water to avoid taking any breath-related damage while underwater for three minutes (the normal water-breathing potion) or eight minutes (the extended water-breathing potion). However, this does not prevent you from taking damage from mobs or other underwater forces.

Method No. 2: Turtle Shell Helmet

Equipping a helmet called the Turtle Shell allows the player to breathe underwater for 10 seconds longer than the normal duration. The timer can be instantly refreshed by surfacing or breathing air. To craft a tortoise shell, you’ll need five Scutes, a mob material only dropped by baby tortoises when they turn into adult tortoises. Turtles are passive and can be found in beach biomes.

After collecting five shields, place them in the usual helmet formation on a workbench to turn them into a turtle shell. Equipping the tortoise shell as a helmet grants the effect instantly.

Method No. 3: Ducts

A Conduit is a special type of block that grants huge buffs to any player within its radius and attacks nearby hostile mobs. Conduit can only be placed underwater in Conduit Housing, but they give players underwater night vision, increase their underwater mining speed by 16.7 percent, and most importantly, grant unlimited underwater breathing.

Crafting a Conduit requires eight Nautilus Shells and a Heart of the Sea, all of which are found underwater. Drowned can potentially spawn with a Nautilus Shell in hand, which they will drop upon death. Nautilus shells can also be found while fishing or from traveling merchants. Heart of the Sea can only be found in buried treasure, which can be located in ocean ruins or shipwrecks with the help of a treasure map.

Once you’ve gotten eight Nautilus Shells and a Heart of the Sea, simply use a crafting table to place the Heart of the Sea in the center area and surround it with Nautilus Shells. The resulting item will be a conduit, which can then be placed inside the conduit shell and will grant its unlimited underwater breathing buff.

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