Call of Duty League Major III Predictions: Betting Tips and Odds

Call of Duty League Major III Predictions: Betting Tips and Odds

It’s been a busy few months for the call of duty league, and sadly, there isn’t much left in the season. However, before the summer is over, we have two more major tournaments and the biggest stage of all: Call of Duty Champs. Today, we’re taking a look at Major IIIthe third and penultimate Major tournament of the 2022 CDL season. It’s a high-octane, high-stakes competition, and it’s only fair that we discuss the best Major III Betting Tips early

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In this tournament, all twelve of the Call of Duty League Teams They will meet live and in person at the Mattamy Athletic Center in Toronto. There is a $500,000 prize pool up for grabs, with the winner taking a massive $200,000 cut. Not only that, but the victor will get a massive amount of CDL points – 65, to be exact. This is a figure that could be the difference between making the cut and going short as we move towards the Call of Duty Championship.

Let’s go straight to Major Predictions III.

CDL Major III – How it all works

major-iii bracket

If you’re new to Call of Duty League betting, you’re in luck. This tournament is remarkably easy to understand, and if you’re participating in any Bets Major III, you won’t have to work hard to figure out which teams are most likely to win. There is a definite and tangible skills gap present in the League this year, and it does make for some betting opportunities.

For the Major III tournament, there are two groups: Winners and Elimination. For teams that start in the winner’s bracket, there is an additional chance to advance to the final, should they ever lose a match. However, for teams that start in the Knockout bracket, it is a single elimination race. It’s a basic concept, proven over many years, and makes for a very exciting tournament.

As always in the Call of Duty League, matches are played best of five, except for the Grand finale, which will be a best-of-nine match. If you’re looking for the best Call of Duty betting experiences, this is your bet: this instant tournament will last just four days, from June 2 to 5.

CDL Major III – Predictions and Odds

Almost all betting sites offer Call of Duty odds. It’s a diverse and dynamic market, and as fans of the game will know, things can change in the space of a single map. Therefore, you will need to enter Major III with some of the best predictions in its class, the kind we do here at EsportsBetting can provide.

Here is a breakdown of the tournament odds (outright winner), provided by Bet365 Esports.

  • texas optician – 3.25
  • atlanta face – 3.75
  • minnesota rokkr – 3.75
  • New York Subliners – 7.00
  • toronto ultra – 8.00
  • seattle surge – 13.00
  • Los Angeles Thieves – 34.00
  • Florida Rioters – 41.00
  • Royal Ravens of London – 81.00
  • boston gap – 81.00
  • L.A. Guerrillas – 150.00
  • Paris Legion – 300.00

Now, let’s discuss those probabilities for a moment. A Major II, LA Guerrillas were by no means a highly rated team – there were low expectations for the team, starting at one of the lowest possible positions. However, the Guerrillas pressed on, beating six teams in a row, including the best team in the League, to secure the grand prize. It was the first Grand Tournament win for the organization and it shocked fans and critics around the world.

While it is a safe bet to back OpTic Texas or Atlanta FaZe, there is great potential in some of the lower ranked teams. If you’re looking to increase your potential earnings, consider endorsing companies like New York Subliners or Toronto Ultra. These are two teams that have been pretty shaky this year, but have stabilized remarkably well in recent weeks.

And of course, if you want that real outside bet, maybe put a dollar or two into Paris Legion to go all the way.

we’ll be done with this Major Predictions III for the four opening elements:

minnesota rokkr against Los Angeles Thieves – Rockkr wins

toronto ultra against atlanta face – Atlanta wins

texas optician against Florida Rioters – OpTic wins

seattle surge against New York Subliners – NYSL wins

Don’t forget to check out Bet365’s esports section for some of the best odds on Major III:

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