7 Video Game Characters Ranked According To Their Likelihood Of Committing Tax Fraud

7 Video Game Characters Ranked According To Their Likelihood Of Committing Tax Fraud

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Beyond the criminally underrated Turnip Boy commits tax evasionThere aren’t too many games that involve tax fraud as a plot point.

There’s a good reason for that: there’s not likely to be a happy ending, as fraudsters face massive fines and some serious consequences when (not if) they’re discovered. That’s not exactly a fun thing to play in a game, let alone in real life.

While it is easier than you think to make mistakes on your statement and unintentionally commit fraud in the process, especially since your crypto exchanges are under the watchful eye of the ATO, some people, on the other hand, are just scammers.

Taking inspiration from Turnip Boy, we’ve ranked seven beloved (and hated) video game characters based on how likely they are to be con artists committing tax fraud, from least to most likely.

kimkitsuragi, elysee nightclub

The oil-painted world of Elysium may be full of criminals, dangerous syndicate gangs, and techno-drug addicts, but the only bright light of morality is our hero’s crime-solving partner, Lt. Kim Kitsurag. Committed to justice and doing what is right in the world, Kim would never commit tax fraud. Be like Kim.

main boss, aura

If you don’t do your taxes in space, can someone hit you with evasion? A person who probably doesn’t know the answer to that question is aura hero Master Chief John-117. Possibly more likely to commit tax fraud than Kim Kitsuragi, if only because he might miss the deadline while fighting the Deluge, though this king puts time on his calendar at the end of each fiscal year to make sure he’s dotted the i’s and crossed . the t of the taxes of him.

ashley Graham, Resident Evil 4

If there’s one thing we learned Resident Evil 4, is that the daughter of the US president is desperate. Absolutely desperate, which makes me think there’s no way she’s doing her taxes correctly and correctly calculating your crypto earnings. Even with the help of the Oval Office, you’ll owe a lot of money. Of course, she’ll be fine, since there’s always a Leon S. Kennedy to bail her out of jail.

melina, elden ring

Each Tarnished has a handmaiden to aid them in their quest to become the Elden Lord, and Melina is indispensable to their journey. The Lands Between is a bit far for someone to care about taxes, which makes me think that Melina, if she were transported to our reality by some strange fate, would adopt some kind of “delusional girl character” to the Lena Dunham, where she lives in Northcote, and spends most of her time posing in a Maroske Peech cape on Instagram for her 40,000 followers. She doesn’t really work but she loves crypto that she doesn’t report to the government because “it doesn’t matter” because “it’s not real”.

Red, Among us

Well, now we are entering the territory of the most infamous scammers. Red would absolutely commit tax fraud on purpose and fight his way through the courts. And why not another color? Well, Red is clearly the most immoral of them all. Among us astronauts You either make it or you don’t! I rest my case.

Tom Corner, animal crossing

A businessman who lures people to an isolated island and then gives them a ridiculous mortgage without a contract or attorney present? A creature that only cares about money? He just knows that he’s taking some shady tax breaks, whether it’s offshore accounts, cash payments, or a bogus charity. Don’t trust this man!!!

waluigi, mario series

There is no greater evil than Waluigi. Born a copy of a copy, rendered only so that Wario would have someone to play doubles tennis with, Waluigi has little purpose or direction in life. He makes sense, then, that he leans on the meaninglessness of his own existence, acquiring coins and living without law.

He is a man who lives on the edge: I have no doubt that he owns 52 NFTs and has them displayed on loop in an art gallery inside his mansion, in the wing he never visits. Without a social security number or birth certificate, and presumably having burned his own fingerprints, Waluigi spends his life evading the government in all its guises, which is why he’s never had his own solo game. This guy lives by fraud and one day we’ll catch him. Justice will be done. We’ll be free.

Honestly, don’t be like them. If you have problems with taxes or have certain investments that rhyme with schmypto, press specialized services like Koinly during tax season to avoid a full-blown Turnip Boy situation and incur the wrath of the ATO.

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