5 Minecraft Addons You Should Avoid in 2022

5 Minecraft Addons You Should Avoid in 2022

Plugin is an all-encompassing term that describes everything that Minecraft can change. These are not things that generally come from Mojang and are never considered part of standard Minecraft. They can change anything from the appearance of items to their features. Many of these are used on servers to play minigames.

Addons are generally highly regarded by the Minecraft community. Many players use them regularly and probably prefer to play with them. There are a lot of really good plugins out there, but not all of them are desirable.

However, some plugins are best avoided. In fact, all of the ones on this list should not be tampered with, and the player must evade them before even trying them.

Minecraft Addons That Should Be Ignored

5) MS Painted Resource Pack

Resource Pack (Image via Minecraft Resource Packs)
Resource Pack (Image via Minecraft Resource Packs)

The texture pack is certainly very creative and can certainly be fun. However, the wild textures and lack of detail get old quickly. Some images with this resource pack may even be difficult to view. It is nothing like Minecraft. Bright and colorful texture packs are good as a novelty, but they get old quickly.

4) Candy Craft Resource Pack

Candy Craft has the same charm. At first glance, it looks like a fun and brilliant resource pack, which can make Minecraft a little more fun. However, it also ages quite quickly. Adapting to textures and figuring out what blocks are is also very difficult.

Another thing to keep in mind is that things never look the same. Vanilla textures are usually ingrained in the minds of players as they are so familiar, so drastically changing them can make it really difficult.

3) head crumbs

Right now I have the headcrumbs mod activated in minecraft and was looking at the creative menu. It has all the classic Minecraft YouTubers. this is great lol https://t.co/4yOmYEQgAU

In theory, this mod is good to look at. Adds mob heads for all vanilla mobs, as well as those added by the mod. All of these can also be used, which is fun. However, according to Reddit u/aaronhowser1, it does have side effects:

The End is one of the best places in the game and is especially fun to explore, but this mod makes it difficult. That’s a frustrating side effect to what would otherwise be a fun mod.

2) Random Cubes

Chance Cubes is a form of Lucky Block mod, which was very popular for a long time. Minecraft can be a relatively predictable game, so mods that provide a bit of unpredictability are often loved. However, this particular one was not as popular as the others. The description of the mod says:

“Explore your world and open these mystical blocks to get random rewards. Some rewards are useful, while others can be devastating.”

The second part of that description is a key stipulation, and it happens quite often. The rewards are often more devastating than helpful, which is frustrating. If it’s truly random, it can be fun, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it.

1) galactic ship

Galacticraft Mod (Image via Pure APK)
Galacticraft Mod (Image via Pure APK)

Galacticraft is one of the most interesting mods. It is considered one of the most popular space mods and has been considered a real game changer. In principle, the mod is great and can be fun for many players, but it is definitely not for everyone. As Reddit u/Vsdgkk says, there are a lot of issues with the gameplay:

This mod could be so much better. Unfortunately, it’s quite messy and has resulted in something quite frustrating to work with.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinions of the author.

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