Video game villains who pass the silhouette test

Video game villains who pass the silhouette test

A common characteristic among popular characters in games, comics, anime, and many other forms of visual media is that they are recognizable only by their silhouette. This is no accident, since the silhouette test is commonly referred to when designing characters as a way to make them stand out and be memorable to the audience. Popular examples include The Simpsons Y Pokemon, the latter of which often asked its audience to guess a silhouette in the “Who’s That Pok√©mon” section of the anime.

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It is not just the heroes and protagonists who can stand out from a silhouetted crowd, as many iconic game villains they also have distinctive outlines.


7 Bowser

Bowser’s silhouette is easy to spot in a crowd thanks to his massive size, spiked shell and tail, among other unique features. It also helps that Bowser is one of the most recognizable video game characters in the world, as many people who have never touched a game controller would be able to identify King Koopa’s silhouette.

Bowser made his first appearance as a villain in 1985. Super Mario Bros. and has been the villain in almost every other Mario game since King Koopa also appears in the many Mario sports and kart racing games, which has helped the character reach a huge audience around the world.


GLaDOS’s robotic appearance makes her silhouette ridiculously easy to pick out in a crowd, to the point where she probably wouldn’t be included in an actual silhouette test due to how painfully obvious it would be to those familiar with the Portal games.

GLaDOS first appeared as the main antagonist in 2007. Portal, where she quickly became one of the most beloved video game villains that gamers loved to hate. The popularity of her character saw her make a big comeback in Gate 2where his dry humor shot through the roof to the delight of many.

5 mrs dimitrescu

Lady Dimitrescu is by far the most recently created character to make the cut for this article, having first appeared in the 2021 release. Resident Evil: Village.

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The villain’s unique character model instantly made her a major talking point among the gaming community, particularly due to her height, believed to be 9 feet 6 inches. Along with her height, Lady Dimitrescu also stands out with her comically large hat, terrifying claws, and long cigarette holder that she often carries herself. All of these features combine to create a design that can’t be mistaken for anyone else but the Resident Evil Village villain.

4 Big potato

Big Daddies are strong enemies that were incredibly intimidating to players when the first bioshock was released in 2007, particularly due to its tremendous size, strength, and, in some cases, speed.

Big Daddies come in a handful of different shapes and sizes, though anyone who has played the bioshock The series will be able to instantly recognize one of his silhouettes, especially one that is equipped with his terrifying drills. Technically, these iconic figures also qualify as protagonists since bioshock 2 it is played from the perspective of a Big Daddy.

3 dr neo cortex

Dr. Neo Cortex is the main antagonist of the crash bandicoot Serie. The evil scientist is first seen experimenting on Crash at the beginning of the original. crash bandicoot before the platform hero manages to break free. The pair have been at odds ever since, with Cortex often appearing as the final boss in Crash’s many platforming adventures.

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However, Cortex isn’t always just a punching bag for Crash, as he was a playable character in the cult classic. twin shockthe newly released Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Timeand the many racing and party games in the franchise.

two Pyramid Head

It’s not hard to see why the aptly named Pyramid Head is on this list. Along with his head which, believe it or not, looks like a pyramid, he also wields a ridiculously large sword that makes his silhouette easy to pick out in a crowd.

The villain first appeared in silent hill 2 as a tough recurring enemy and manifestation of the protagonist’s guilt. It will be news to some that, like the aforementioned Cortex, Pyramid Head has been a playable character before. However, Pyramid Head’s playable appearances do not enter. Silent Hill games, but in a variety of other games as a guest character, including dead by daylight and for some reason super bomberman r.

1 doctor eggman

Doctor Eggman (also known as Doctor Robotnik) is the main antagonist in the Sonic the Hedgehog Serie. He first appeared in the original. Sonic the Hedgehog game and has become the main enemy in a large number of other games in the franchise. The villain stands out with his long, skinny legs, round body, and comically oversized bushy mustache.

To the surprise of many, the 2020 film Sonic the Hedgehog it was a huge success, with its sequel also doing big numbers. Much of the film’s success can be attributed to the character of Doctor Eggman, who is brilliantly played by comedy film legend Jim Carrey. The movies give Doctor Eggman a regular human appearance, although the character retains his trademark mustache.

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