The 7 most powerful weapons in Minecraft (2022)

The 7 most powerful weapons in Minecraft (2022)

Minecraft is a game that has an almost infinite number of worlds with different and dangerous entities. Some of these entities are based on things in the real world, such as mobs of animals and various plants, flowers, and trees.

Others are from a fantasy point of view, such as skeletons, zombies, vexes, creepers, hoglins, and more. If players intend to survive in worlds containing these terrifying monsters, they must learn to defend themselves with a powerful weapon.

There are a lot of different weapons in the game. Each weapon is made from a different resource, which defines its stats and the situation in which it is best used. The following list will describe the strongest and best weapons in the game.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

Minecraft: updated list of the 7 most powerful weapons in the game

7) TNT

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TNT may not be a handheld or projectile weapon, but it can still be used to deal an incredible amount of damage. The biggest example of this is the disastrous event that took place at the Dream SMP finals when YouTuber and content creator Wilbur Soot blew up the iconic city of L’Manberg (later renamed Manberg).

TNT can and has been used to annoy other players, clear spaces, kill large groups of mobs or hostile players, and more.

6) bow

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Bows are one of the few ranged weapons in the game. It gives an immense advantage over many hostile mobs and helps the player keep a safe distance from them.

Also, both bows and arrows are easy to craft and have good enchantments like Infinity, Punch, and Flame. A fully charged bow deals three hearts of damage, meaning it takes six health from the recipient of the arrow.

5) Crossbow

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Crossbows are another type of ranged weapon like bows in Minecraft. These weapons can also fire arrows, but they have a different set of enchantments. A fully charged crossbow can deal up to 5.5 hearts of 11 health points of damage to other players or hostile entities, respectively.

Aside from the different types of arrows in the game, players can also use firework rockets as ammunition for the crossbow.

Note: While a diamond sword does more damage than a crossbow, the latter’s ranged capabilities outperform the former. The Multishot enchantment allows him to fire three arrows at once.

4) abyssal sword

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While axes are made to chop down blocks of wood in addition to dealing heavy damage, swords are made specifically for combat. The main difference between an ax and a sword is the speed at which the weapon swings. Swords are faster to hit targets than axes.

The netherite sword deals 8 attack damage and takes 4 hearts from the recipient of the attack.

3) diamond ax

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A diamond ax can serve as both a tool and a weapon. With an attack power of 9, he is on par for damage with the trident. Diamond is the second strongest and second most valuable resource in Minecraft.

Players can get the diamond ax early on by taking steps like strip mining. Diamond is also where resource progression stops in the overworld. Weapons like the diamond ax are some of the most efficient in the game, as they focus on both speed and damage.

2) trident

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The trident is a unique weapon in Minecraft as it cannot be obtained by natural methods such as crafting or inside loot chests in various places in the Minecraft world.

Tridents can only be obtained as drops from the drowned mob and can function as both a melee and ranged weapon. The attack damage of tridents is 8. However, its ability to serve as both a ranged weapon and a melee weapon puts it above the diamond axe.

1) Netherite Ax

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If you consider the weapon stats in Minecraft, the netherite ax is the most powerful weapon in the game. With an attack damage value of 10 or 5 hearts, one hit from the netherite ax is enough to stagger, scare, or even kill any player. An ax hit can disable shields, exposing any hostile entity to one hit and a potential 5 heart shortfall.

Weapons in Minecraft are essential for the survival of the player. It allows players to fend off the many dangers they face in the world, and thus allows them to progress through the game’s questline.

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